Empire Exhaust (A Buyer’s Guide)

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For owners looking to enhance the sound and performance of their ATV, UTV, or dirt bike, an upgraded exhaust system should be high atop the list of modifications to consider.  

Specializing in high performance four stroke exhaust systems that add a unique style and sound, Empire Industries and their highly regarded Empire exhaust systems are one of the go-to’s in the aftermarket powersports industry for those looking to upgrade their exhaust system.

This buyer’s guide will review the four main Empire exhaust options, their cost ranges, and the different makes and models they’re compatible with.  

We’ll also compare Empire exhaust to its top competitors, highlight some popular accessories, list the main pros and cons, and use owner feedback to answer questions around the sound output and which tunes to consider when upgrading your exhaust system.

Table of Contents

I. Empire Exhaust Options
– Slip-On Exhaust
– Dual Slip-On Exhaust
– Full Single-Exhaust
– Full Dual-Exhaust
II. Models Supported
III. Cost
IV. Noise
V. Pros & Cons
VI. Fuel Controller/Tuner
VII. Competition
VIII. Accessories
IX. Final Thoughts

Empire Exhaust Options

Across their many products, Empire Industries offers four main exhaust options.  These are a single slip-on exhaust, a dual slip-on exhaust, a single full exhaust system, and a dual full exhaust system.

Empire Single Slip-On Exhaust

The slip-on exhaust is made up of a single exhaust canister and pipe, and billet end caps.  The exhaust canister is made of lightweight aluminum.

In this set-up, the mid-pipe and header pipe remain stock, with the slip-on exhaust attaching directly to the stock header pipe.

A fuel controller or tune is not needed with most slip-on exhausts, but is recommended for best performance.


  • Weighs less than stock exhaust making vehicle a lighter
  • Adds 2-5 horsepower
  • Easy install

Empire Dual Slip-On Exhaust

The dual slip-on exhaust is made up of two exhaust canisters with either a single or double pipe connector, and billet end caps.  The exhaust canisters are made of lightweight aluminum.

WIth this set-up, both the mid-pipe and header pipe remain stock with the dual slip-on exhaust attaching directly to the stock header pipe.

A fuel controller or tune is not needed when adding most dual slip-on exhausts, but is recommended for top performance.


  • Weighs less than stock exhaust making vehicle lighter
  • Adds 4-6 horsepower
  • Not as loud as single exhaust
  • Easy install

Empire Full Single-Exhaust System

The full single exhaust system includes a new mid-pipe, header pipe, exhaust canister and billet end caps.  The pipes are made of stainless steel and the canister of lightweight aluminum.

Adding a full exhaust system means fully replacing the stock mid-pipe and header pipes.  When replacing these pipes with an upgraded full Empire exhaust system, owners will also need to add a fuel controller.


  • Much lighter than stock exhaust system, greatly decreasing vehicle weight
  • Can add 6-10 horsepower
  • Bigger increase in overall performance

Empire Full Dual-Exhaust System

Included with the full dual exhaust system are a mid-pipe, header pipe, two exhaust canisters and billet end caps.  The piping is stainless steel and the canister is lightweight aluminum.

The full dual exhaust system from Empire means fully replacing the stock mid-pipe and header pipes.  It also requires the addition of a fuel controller for the vehicle.


  • Not as loud as single exhaust
  • Much lighter than stock exhaust system, greatly decreasing vehicle weight
  • Can add 10-12 horsepower
  • Bigger increase in overall performance

Models Supported

Empire offers various exhaust systems for many different ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes.  From sporty vehicles like the Yamaha Raptor 700 and the Honda 400EX to utility vehicles such as the Can-Am Defender, an Empire exhaust can assist with increased performance.

The table below shows the most popular makes and models supported.

YZ 450FBrute Force 650RZR 170
WR 450Brute Force 750RZR 570
BansheeKFX 400RS1
Raptor 700KFX 450RRZR XP
Grizzly 700KFX 700Turbo R
Raptor 250KRX 1000General
YFZ 450TeryxRanger 1000
YFZ 450 R/XZ 125 ProSportsman 570
R-MAXKX 450 FSportsman 850
YXZ 1000Sportsman 1000
HondaCan AmSuzuki
ATC 200 XOutlanderDRZ 400
CRF 450RenegadeLTR 450
ATC 350XDefenderLTZ 400
TRX90Maverick 1000
TRX300EXMaverick X3

Empire also supports KTM, Husqvarna, Arctic Cat Wildcat and Wildcat 750, and Textron Wildcat XX.

Empire Exhaust Cost

Empire exhaust systems are looked at as some of the best quality in the industry.  And owners get what they pay for, as Empire’s exhaust offerings are among the more expensive you’ll find.

The cost for an Empire exhaust system varies a good bit by make and model, but the table below will give an idea of the general cost ranges of these exhausts by ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes.

ATV Exhaust TypeCost
Slip-On$500 – $700
Dual Slip-On$750 – $1,000
Full Exhaust$650 – $1,100
UTV Exhaust Type
Slip-On$550 – $1,000
Dual Slip-On$750 – $1,000
Full Exhaust$1,000 – $1,300
Dirt Bike Exhaust Type
Full Exhaust$650 – $1,300


Most stock exhaust systems in ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes put out a sound level of around 88 to 92 decibels.  Empire’s website claims that most of its exhaust systems will raise the decibel level to 5 to 6 decibels over that of stock.

So an empire exhaust system will be a good deal noisier than stock exhaust.  In fact, owner feedback suggests Empire exhaust systems are some of the loudest in the industry.

But the sound they emit is deep and smooth, making for an excellent output so long as your ears can take it.

While there is plenty of owner feedback on the noise level and sound from Empire exhaust systems, the overwhelming majority of it is positive.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.

Pros & Cons


  • Can provide a small boost in power for your vehicle, with an increase of somewhere between two and twelve horsepower depending on the exhaust system.
  • Provides a more well-rounded and deeper tone than stock exhaust.
  • Impressive build style offers a sportier, more attractive look for any vehicle.


  • Loud enough that it bothers some owners’ ears, especially during longer rides.
  • Don’t come fitted with heat shields, so the exhaust can be pretty hot on the rider’s right leg unless adding a heat shield as an accessory.
  • Some of the priciest exhaust systems in the industry.

Fuel Controller/Tuner

Empire Industries offers a couple different options for those who need or want the addition of a fuel controller with their exhaust upgrade.  

For some Can-Am models, The Bomb Racing fuel controller from Bom Racing is available for purchase.  Empire also offers a Dynojet Power Vision 3 fuel tuner that can be purchased separately or as part of a package for many other makes and models.

While the PV3 does offer an Empire tune for most makes and models, there are some specific years that may yet require a custom tune as there is not a downloadable tune for Empire. 

Either way, these non-custom tunes from the Dynojet site have been said to make the vehicles run a little rich in some cases, so a custom tune is recommended.

There are a number of folks who provide custom tunes for Empire exhaust systems.  RVS Performance’s custom tune seems to be the most popular and is highly recommended for those looking to increase horsepower and speed.

HMF Racing, Bom Racing, Wholesale ATV, and EVO Powersports also provide custom tunes for Empire exhaust systems and come highly recommended.


There is a good bit of competition in the aftermarket exhaust systems industry.  While many of the differences come down to personal preference, this section will offer a brief comparison between Empire exhaust systems and some of their main competitors.

Barker’s Exhaust vs. Empire Exhaust

  • Empire will emit a deeper toned sound than Barker’s
  • Empire will be louder than Barker’s
  • Barker’s is a bit cheaper than Empire
  • Barker’s comes standard with heat shields, Empire does not

HMF Exhaust vs Empire Exhaust

  • HMF is much louder than Empire
  • HMF offers more of a choppy, growling sound
  • Empire sounds smoother
  • Empire should provide slightly better performance
  • Generally around the same price

RJWC Exhaust vs Empire Exhaust

  • Most RJWC options louder than Empire
  • Both emit deep tones
  • Performance gains very similar
  • Pricing very similar

SLG Exhaust vs Empire Exhaust

  • SLG more of a choppy sound like a Harley motorcycle
  • SLG louder overall
  • SLG gives slightly better boost in performance
  • Empire has deeper, smoother sound
  • Empire easier on the ears for long rides

Yoshimura Exhaust vs Empire Exhaust

  • Yoshi one of quietest exhausts
  • Yoshi the cheaper option
  • Empire is louder all around
  • Empire build looks slightly better


Empire Industries offer a number of different accessories that can be added along with their exhaust systems.  Two of them, the spark arrestor and the quiet core, are very commonly added on as they can affect the noise level of the exhaust.

Empire Industries Spark Arrestor

The Empire spark arrestor is an insert that fits most Empire exhaust systems with billet end caps.  It costs $20 on the website.

The spark arrestor works to trap any glowing hot carbon deposits or particles that may break free from the engine or exhaust before they can exit the tailpipe and cause a fire hazard.  It also serves to muffle the noise from the exhaust to a small degree.

Empire Industries Quiet Core

The Empire quiet core is an insert that clips to the billet caps.  It can be purchased by itself ($30) or as a spark arrestor and quiet core package ($40) on the website.

The sole purpose of the quiet core insert is to reduce the sound level of the exhaust system.  The website claims it should reduce the noise by around 3 to 5 decibels.  

Owner feedback suggests that while it does reduce the exhaust noise, it is not by very much.

Final Thoughts

With an appealing build style and offering a deeper, smoother sound than many other exhaust options available today, Empire exhaust should surely be in consideration if looking to upgrade your exhaust system.