Yamaha Kodiak 450 Reviews 2024 (All The Good & Bad)

Many jumped for joy when the Yamaha Kodiak 450 was revived in 2018, coming out of hibernation to take the place of the recently discontinued Yamaha Grizzly 450. It has its similarities to the old Grizzly, but a comparison of Kodiak vs Grizzly shows the two have distinct differences as … Read more

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With the youth ATV market continuing to grow each year, it’s no surprise that Yamaha recently announced the newest model to their ATV lineup as the youth-focused Raptor 110. This model will take the place of the Yamaha Raptor 90, which was phased out for 2024. But one look at … Read more

Yamaha Kodiak 700 Review 2024 (All The Good AND Bad)

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6 Common Yamaha Kodiak 700 Problems & How To Overcome

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As Yamaha’s recreational side-by-sides, the RMAX 1000 (Wolverine) models offer one of the better blends of utility and recreation across the industry. These models are some of the most well-rounded Yamaha models since the criminally underrated Yamaha Rhino 660 made its debut many years ago. And like the Rhino 660 … Read more

Yamaha Raptor 1000 Top Speed & Full Rundown

For most, the Yamaha Raptor 1000 is simply a fantasy as Yamaha has never seemed to have the desire to make a 1000cc sport ATV. But as you may well know, most outdoor and off-road enthusiasts like to take things to the extreme. Hence, while there are no “official” Yamaha-built … Read more

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Since replacing the Grizzly 660 in 2007, the Yamaha Grizzly 700 has been regarded as one of the most powerful utility ATVs available. While the Grizzly 700 has undergone a series of upgrades through the years, its reachable speed has remained constant. And for a utility ATV, the Grizzly 700 … Read more