The 5 Most Head-Turning Kawasaki Mules For 2024 (With Photos & Upgrades)

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I love a Kawasaki Mule, but let’s be honest…they’re a little closer to “boring” than they are “appealing” when it comes to their build styles.

And while new Mule models have become more and more visually appealing in recent years, they still leave a little to be desired in that regard.

But by making some upgrades and adding any number of the most popular Kawasaki Mule accessories, you can transform your Mule into a stunning, off-road beast.

And that’s exactly what the owners of the following 5 best upgraded Kawasaki Mules have done to theirs.

Here’s a look at all five of them with photos and the different upgrades/accessories they’ve added.

#1 – 2024 Upgraded Mule Pro FXT 1000

The brand Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT 1000 not only looks amazing, but it’s also the fastest Kawasaki Mule ever.

This 2024 Mule Pro FXT, owned by Devon Hatem of Ohio, is about as sick as you’ll find among these new Mules.

Upgrades & Accessories Include:

  • Ranch Armor Front Bumper
  • Ranch Armor Rear Bumper
  • Ranch Armor Side Steps
  • Ranch Armor Extended Roof w/ Wet Sounds
  • Fortress Windshield
  • Super ATV Rear Windshield
  • Side Mirrors
  • 1.5 Inch Wheel Spacers
  • Hester Stage 1 Elka Shocks
  • 28-inch Tusk Tires/Rims

#2 – 2020 Custom-Built Mule Pro FXT (Standard)

This 2020 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT, owned by Josh Coen, has been made to look amazing by way of a number of upgrades.

As you’ll see from Josh’s photos, you’ll be pretty cozy riding in the coldest temps thanks to the almost fully enclosed cab.

Upgrades To This Mule Include:

  • See-Through Super ATV Full Doors
  • See-Through Super ATV Roof
  • Rear Windshield
  • EPI Clutch Kit
  • 814 Coilover Shocks
  • HD Springs
  • 30-Inch Tires
  • Grill Mounted Front Light Bar
  • Side Mirrors
  • Green Underbody Lights
  • Sound Bar
  • 10-inch Underseat Subwoofer

#3 – 2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT (Standard)

This 2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT, owned by Anthony Caldwell, really stands out thanks to the striking custom camouflage on the outer plastics.

Anthony crafted and applied all of this himself, as he did with some other custom upgrades as well.

Upgrades & Accessories Include:

  • Custom Camo Vinyl Wrap
  • Rear Dust Screen (Custom Painted Camo)
  • Camo Seat Covers
  • Stage 1 Elka Shocks
  • See-Through Roof
  • EcoXGear Speakers
  • Front Light Bar

#4 – 2020 Mule Pro FXT Ranch Edition

This 2020 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Ranch Edition was upgraded by then owner Jeff Puckett, though it was recently sold.

This one features a number of unique upgrades that make it about as visually appealing as you’ll see.

Upgrades & Accessories Include:

  • FrontLight Bar
  • Ranch Armor Front Bumper
  • Ranch Armor Front Basket
  • Ranch Armor Rear Cup Holder
  • Fortress Flip Out Windshield
  • Sedona Rip Saw Tires
  • Extended Trailer Hitch

 #5 – 2009 Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans (Diesel)

It’s hard to believe there’s a 2009 Mule 4010 on this list, or that this is a 2009 model at all.

But this Kawasaki Mule 4010 Trans Diesel, owned by Robert Suthers, is so good-looking and unique that it felt un-American not to include it.

Not only has Robert upgraded this to a Military Mule, but he’s proven he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty with a some unique upgrades he made himself.

Most notable among these are the two racing-style bucket seats he installed, and a military style custom bed box in the rear.

Notable Upgrades/Accessories:

  • 27-Inch tires
  • Racing Bucket Seats (Reclining)
  • Military Style Custom Bed Box
  • Front Winch
  • Roof
  • Front LED Lighting
  • Rear Bed Lights