Who Actually Makes Axis UTV? (The Truth)

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Axis UTVs have grown quite popular in recent years, looked at solid all-around vehicles that can be transformed into real game-changers with the addition of a few of the best Axis UTV accessories.

Even so, as some of the newest UTV models available, their unfamiliarity among consumers naturally drives many questions. 

One of the most common questions is who makes Axis UTV?

Axis UTVs are made by HISUN Motors, who manufacture all of their products in Chongqing, China. 

While HISUN Motors manufactures the engine and all other parts for Axis UTVs in their 7.1 million square foot facility in China, the UTVs are not assembled there. 

The engines, frames, and other parts are then shipped to HISUN Motors Corp., USA where some are assembled in their 300,000 square foot facility in McKinney, Texas. 

The vehicles or their parts/components are then shipped to various Lowe’s locations across the United States and Canada for final assembly and sale.

About HISUN Motors

HISUN Motors was established in 1988 in China, first manufacturing parts for motorcycles and then expanding into supplying parts and components for some of the more well-known UTV models around the industry at the time. 

HISUN continued to gain momentum in the UTV industry over the years, eventually producing their own engines in 1996 and then expanding into manufacturing their own line of UTVs around 2014.  

HISUN Motors owns two subsidiaries – HISUN Motors Corp., USA located in McKinney, Texas, and Hisun Motors Mexico located in Coahuila, Mexico. 

HISUN has over 250 authorized dealers located around the USA along with hundreds of retail outlets who offer their UTVs for sale.

Almost Made in the USA

Being made in China, many consumers and members of the offroading community look at HISUN UTV models with a degree of skepticism. 

HISUN does its best to offset this by ensuring that their UTVs are fully assembled and then tested at their USA headquarters in Texas, which makes them “almost made in the USA”. 

Ironically, one of the biggest complaints among owners of HISUN-manufactured vehicles is around their assembly. 

Owners of these models report commonly finding new vehicles with loose bolts and wiring, along with some parts even installed incorrectly.

Appeal of HISUN UTVs

Axis UTVs, along with other UTVs manufactured by HISUN, have become increasingly more popular over recent years for a few different reasons. 

First is their price point, which is on the cheaper side of most new UTV models. 

Second is the fact that they come fully loaded with accessories, many of which are only included as extras with other models.  

And third, they offer much of the same ability that many of the more well-known and expensive models offer. 

This combination makes these utility vehicles some of the best values on the market in the eyes of many consumers.


Axis UTVs are not the only HISUN-manufactured utility vehicles around today as HISUN’s utility vehicles are offered under a number of different brands and models. 

HISUN themselves directly offer the line of HISUN Sector and HISUN Strike models, along with the HISUN Tactic ATV model. 

Additionally, the line of Coleman and Bennche UTVs are also manufactured by HISUN. 

Massimo models were also all HISUN-manufactured until that partnership ended in 2018.


Though assembled in the USA, the engines, parts, and components of Axis UTVs are made in China by HISUN Motors. 

Though they may not be as high quality as some of their counterparts on the UTV scene, the tradeoff for a lower price and more accessories is worth it for many consumers as Axis UTVs continue to grow in popularity.