8 Owner Complaints With The Kawasaki Mule Pro MX in 2024

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Kawasaki has been known for spitting out some of the highest quality vehicles for decades now.

And some of their most durable and dependable are the line of Kawasaki Mules.

And while the newer Kawasaki Mule Pro MX offers plenty of the good qualities Mule owners have become accustomed to over the years, owners aren’t shy about voicing their displeasure with some common drawbacks with these models.

Here are the eight most common owner complaints among Mule Pro MX owners:

  • The seat belt safety feature will not allow the Mule to go over 8 MPH when the driver’s seat belt is not buckled.  This can be inconvenient when performing work tasks and leads to many owners deciding to buckle the belts behind them or buy seat belt blanks to bypass this issue.
  • The engine braking system will sometimes cut out and let your Mule free roll downhill if you don’t keep slight pressure on the gas pedal.
  • Though the side doors are tough, the color inserts are simple stick-on decals which tend to start to peel off over time.
  • The dump bed’s gas assisted shock only really assists in keeping the bed upright when dumping.  Raising the dump bed is mostly manual and can be tough with heavy loads.
  • Excessive heat from the radiator sometimes vents onto the feet and legs of the driver.  This can be pretty uncomfortable when riding on hot days, almost transforming the cab into a sauna.  This is amplified for models with side doors and front and rear windshields.
  • A number of Mule Pro MX owners have documented a very noticeable rattling and vibration coming from the front of their Mule Pro MX when going at constant speeds of around 14-18 MPH in high gear and around 6-8 MPH in low gear. This issue is a mystery to both Kawasaki and many dealers.
  • Another weak spot with the plastic side doors is they are known to start to rattle over time and are one of the few Kawasaki Mule accessories included standard on these models.
  • One of the more common problems with the Mule Pro MX is the tendency for you to smell coolant (antifreeze) while riding, leading you to think there may be a coolant leak somewhere.  Like many other owners, you’ll go to check your side-by-side from top to bottom, trying to locate this leak with no success. That’s because some of these models put off the smell of coolant while riding, without there being an actual leak.

Overcoming These Issues

Check out this Mule Pro MX guide for more detail on some of these common issues and proven ways to overcome them.