11 Common Owner Complaints With The Yamaha Kodiak 700 In 2024

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The Yamaha Kodiak 700 is one of the best and most popular ATVs you’ll find available these days, and has been for quite some time.

But even as Yamaha is known for producing some of the highest-quality ATVs and UTVs, these models don’t come without some noted owner complaints.

Here are the eleven most common owner complaints surrounding the Kodiak 700.

11 Common Owner Complaints

Price Increase: In the last two years, the models have seen an $800 increase in price, making them less affordable for some potential buyers. This can be a significant deterrent in a competitive market where buyers are sensitive to price changes.

Engine Power: While the 686cc engine is reliable, it is considered a bit underpowered for the 700 class. This might limit its appeal to those looking for higher performance in their ATVs, particularly in comparison to competitors with more powerful engines.

Halogen Headlights: The halogen headlights provided on the models are not very bright for night riding. This could affect visibility during evening or night-time use, potentially compromising safety and convenience.

Steel Storage Racks: Although durable, the steel storage racks have a wrinkle paint finish that is prone to rusting if the ATV is not covered between rides. This necessitates additional maintenance or care, reducing the convenience of these storage solutions.

Missing Hitch Receiver on Base Model: The absence of a 2-inch hitch receiver in the base model is notable, especially since it’s a common feature across the industry. This omission may require additional investment to equip the ATV for towing, detracting from its value proposition.

Loose Stock Air Filters:  The factory air filter and airbox design are inadequate, leading to a loose connection that allows dust and dirt to bypass the filter and enter the engine and throttle body. This can cause significant engine damage due to the infiltration of debris, indicating a flawed design that compromises the ATV’s reliability and necessitates additional maintenance or aftermarket solutions.

Extreme Heat Affecting Glove Boxes & Fenders:  Excessive heat from the engine and exhaust system, particularly in 2016-2018 models with the 708cc engine, heats the glove box and rear fenders to uncomfortable levels. This not only compromises the storage of items in the glove box but also poses a burn risk to riders’ legs, reflecting a design oversight in thermal management.

Oil Leaks & Burning Oil:  A Technical Service Bulletin for 2016-2018 models highlighted an issue with excessive oil consumption due to premature wear of the 2nd piston ring and shifting of the piston. This leads to oil leaks and the smell of burnt oil, indicating a design flaw that affects the engine’s efficiency and longevity, as well as potentially increasing maintenance costs and downtime.

Starters Failing:  The starters in older Kodiak 700 models are prone to failure due to magnets within the starter motor de-bonding, cracking, and crumbling. This reliability issue can leave riders stranded, especially problematic during remote trail rides, and necessitates carrying spare parts for precautionary measures.

4WD Switches Failing:  Older models experience failures with the 4WD switches, which can engage 4WD mode spontaneously due to intermittent connections or faulty switches. This issue can affect the ATV’s performance and handling unexpectedly and requires either maintenance work to clean or replace the switch or an upgrade to a more reliable switch design.

Failed Decompression Springs:  The decompression spring on the camshaft is known to weaken over time, causing severe cold starting issues. This design flaw can make the ATV difficult to start, especially in cold conditions, potentially leaving the rider stranded or facing unexpected challenges during operation.

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