Axis 500 Top Speed

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The Axis 500 is a mid-size, two-seater utility vehicle that is powered by a 471 cc Hisun engine with a claimed 24 horsepower. 

Featuring a compact size and average engine power, it is built more for work than recreational tasks, but still handles well on the trail. 

The Axis 500 top speed is advertised as 40 mph, but after adding a set of upgraded tires recommended in the list of best eight Axis 500 accessories you’ll likely be able to hit around 45 mph.

Can the speed be increased?

As there are speed governors which restrict the top speeds of some other models but can be manually adjusted, such as the Kawasaki Mule, there tends to be some misunderstanding among consumers who see the existence of a speed limiter relay in the Axis 500 and figure this to be the same thing.  It is not the same, as the speed limiter relay only controls and limits the speed while the machine is in reverse.

The max speed of the Axis 500 is controlled by the gear ratio of the belt on the primary/secondary clutches.  Short of replacing these, there is no way to adjust the speed.

The max engine RPM is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU).  This ECU is technically adjustable, but is set at a secure limit to keep from blowing the engine.  It could be adjusted to give the machine a minimal increase in speed and acceleration, but is not recommended.

Break-in Period And Speed

For owners of a brand new Axis 500, per the owner’s manual there is a 25-hour break-in period for these machines.  This is incredibly important, as both the engine and drive components are reliant upon this break-in period to eventually reach peak performance.  

The Axis 500 will likely not be able to reach its top speed until it has been properly broken in, and it is important that owners do not attempt to reach top speed during the break-in period.  Failure to properly break in the vehicle may result in the engine not ever being able to reach the top speed of 40 mph.

Axis 500 Won’t Reach Advertised Top Speed

If your vehicle was properly broken in but fails to reach its top speed of 40 mph in High gear, there are a few ways to attempt to correct this.

Ensure the tires are fully inflated as underinflation in the tires leads to less speed.  The standard tire pressure recommended for the Axis 500 is 14 psi in the front and 16 psi in the rear.

Check the drive belt and ensure it is not old and/or loose.  This could be preventing your Axis 500 from reaching top speeds.  Signs it may be time to replace this belt are your vehicle snapping forward when accelerating rather than accelerating smoothly as intended, or rough acceleration in general.  Ensuring the drive belt is fresh and tight should have a positive impact on the top speed of your Axis 500.
Check the spark plugs.  If the spark plugs are worn or fouled, they may not be igniting fuel in the engine at the proper rate which can result in a lower top speed.


With a top speed of 40 to 45 mph, the Axis 500 is not going to win a race through the woods against some of the sportier UTVs.  However, it is surprisingly nimble on the trail and makes an excellent choice for folks looking for a utility vehicle to assist with work tasks or carrying them around their properties.