Hisun Sector E1 Problems (DISCLOSED!)

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As one of the first electric utility vehicles to hit the market, the Hisun Sector E1 has generated plenty of interest among consumers in search of a machine with less noise and need for maintenance. 

But as a segment of the market that is still in its infancy, manufacturers of electric utility vehicles understandably face a learning curve.  This is evident as feedback from many owners has revealed some common Hisun Sector E1 problems.

Hisun Sector E1 Problems

The following are the five most common Hisun Sector E1 problem areas as reported by owners.  

  1. Batteries
  2. Mud Flaps
  3. Body Squeaking/Chirping
  4. Seat Belt Safety Feature
  5. Lack of Customer Service/Support

This guide will detail each, along with potential causes and recommended solutions.


As an electric vehicle, the Sector E1 is powered by eight Discover Dry Cell batteries that fit in a compartment under the seats. 

These dry cell batteries are used in favor of the more common lead-acid batteries as they require less maintenance and are generally regarded as being superior in most ways.  Even so, the most common issue faced among owners of the Hisun Sector E1 is with these batteries.  

The main issue is that even with more superior batteries, the weight of the Hisun Sector E1 and its contents are just too much of a load for these batteries over time.  Eventually, a cell or two in one of the batteries will go out, leaving the rest of the battery pack to work harder.

After putting a certain amount of mileage on their vehicles, many owners have experienced them working fine for the first few miles on a full charge, only to run into issues climbing even low-grade hills after five or so miles of battery usage. 

This struggle up hills is almost always accompanied by a 4C53 error code for low voltage on the dashboard display.

Break-In Period

The most important factor in avoiding this issue is to adhere to the recommended break-in period for your batteries.

It is advised that you go easy on your Sector E1 for the first twenty battery charge cycles as the battery cells break in.  This includes driving it as gently as possible, ideally only in “M” drive mode, and only until the battery gauge drops a bar or two. 

After repeating this process over a few days, the range should improve each time.  Failure to adhere to this break-in period will result in the battery cells’ lifespan being drastically reduced from the get-go.

Replacing the Batteries Under Warranty

Owners who experience this problem can run a voltage or load test on their batteries to try and determine with which battery the problem lies. 

Many owners have had the faulty batteries replaced under warranty by their dealers, but this can be a lengthy process that can have the vehicle sitting in the shop for months as it awaits the replacement batteries from Hisun. 

And even then, it’s likely only a matter of time before this issue repeats itself.

Cost of Replacement Batteries

For those machines no longer under warranty, another issue lies in the cost of replacement batteries.  A single Discover Dry Cell battery will run you somewhere around $400. 

When considering that there are eight of them, depending upon how many need to be replaced at any one time, it won’t be cheap by any stretch.

Permanent Solution?

Unfortunately, there really is no permanent fix for this issue.  A symptom of owning the electric-powered Hisun Sector E1 is that you will almost assuredly run into performance issues due to battery-power at some point. 

Some owners have decided to replace their dry cell batteries with less expensive lead-acid batteries to combat the cost when replacing them on their own dime.  Others have moved to lithium ion batteries, which are more expensive but also known to enhance performance.

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Mud Flaps

The mud flaps on the Sector E1 are not wide enough for the tires, resulting in lots of mud spray from the front of the wheels. 

Not only can this leave drivers and riders a muddy mess, but the mud also tends to cake under the floor and seats, down the sides of the batteries, and in the fan on the charger at the front of the vehicle.  

It’s essential to clear this mud out regularly to avoid performance issues.  Many owners have extended their mud flaps by way of bolting in some extra rubber matting as well, which seems to help.


Another common issue experienced among owners of the Hisun Sector E1 is a squeaking or chirping noise when driving.  This is most likely due to some of the screws, nuts, and bolts not being fastened as tight as they should be.

To try and alleviate this, it is recommended that owners comb over every screw, nut, and bolt on their machine and ensure they are properly tightened.  Additionally, apply grease to all available fittings and zerks.  

Some owners of new machines report that this squeaking and chirping eventually fades away after the first 50 miles, so this may just be a symptom of a new machine needing a break-in period as well.

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Seat Belt Safety Feature

Another common complaint with the Hisun Sector E1 is with the seat belt safety feature.  A sensor exists in the driver’s seat belt that should not enable the vehicle to get out of Low gear unless the seat belt is engaged. 

In older models, there is also an alarm that exists and will sound when driving with the seat belt unbuckled.

Although in place with good intentions, this feature is a nuisance to drivers who don’t want to wear a seat belt while doing work tasks and frequently entering and exiting the vehicle.

Owners who do not care to wear their seatbelts or be bothered by this safety feature have found a simple workaround for this by inserting the passenger side seat belt clip into the driver’s side fastener. 

There are also seat belt blanks that can be purchased online that can be inserted into the fastener to bypass this feature.

Lack of Customer Service/Support

One of the more frustrating issues that owners run into is the lack of support they get from Hisun Motors Corp., USA when attempting to have repairs done or replacements made under warranty.

The warranty process is seemingly inefficient and backwards in the eyes of many owners, and is a problem with every Hisun UTV model.

Usually when making repairs or having parts replaced under warranty, the fix or replacement is taken care of up front in order to make the process less timely, with the owner or dealer then submitting paperwork or proof of the needed repair so that it is covered under warranty.

The process with Hisun is the exact opposite.  The owner or dealer must first send in proof of the needed repair or replacement, so that Hisun can then determine whether they will or won’t make the repair or replacement under warranty before any action is taken. 

This leads to long wait times for needed repairs or parts replacements, during which the vehicle generally sits idly in the shop. 

Adding to these lengthy wait times is the fact that many times, a spare part is not readily available through Hisun Motors in Texas, and will need to be shipped in from a Hisun facility overseas.

On top of this perceived lack of support among owners, many service centers and mechanics are less familiar with Hisun machines and steer clear of working on them, leaving a potential lack of repair options depending upon your location. 

This considered, it may be important for Hisun owners to be self-reliant when attempting to overcome some of the more common issues experienced with these vehicles.


If in the market for an electric utility vehicle and considering the Hisun Sector E1, it’s important to know that you may experience issues with the batteries, mud flaps, body squeaking/chirping, seat belt safety feature, and lack of customer service/support.  

It’s equally important to consider that as electric UTVs are in their initial stages and still being fine-tuned, you’ll likely experience some similar issues with any model.