13 Best Can Am Defender Accessories For 2024

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If you read a Can Am Defender review, you’ll see that there are over twenty different trim levels to choose from with various different amounts of accessories included.

But even for those that include more accessories than others, there are still a number of add-ons you may want to consider to increase both the appearance and driveability of your Defender.

Fortunately, there are a whole host of accessories to choose from among Can-Am and various other aftermarket manufacturers.

This guide will highlight thirteen of the most popular accessories specific to the line of Can Am Defenders that will really transform your side-by-side.

LED Light Bar Up Front

Why A Light Bar?

Many of the Can Am Defenders come with LED headlights which give off solid light for riding in the dark.

That said, if you really want good visibility in the dark, at dusk, or in the early mornings you’re going to want to add an LED light bar to the front of your Defender.

They’ll light up the night, but also increase the appearance of your Defender in the process.

Recommended Light Bars

The most popular locations to install light bars are up top above the windshield, or in the grill area.  The following light bars are the most popular for the Defenders.

The Nilight Curved 52-Inch Light Bar can be bolted to the roof area and is the best light bar for the money for the Defender models.

For something a little more discreet, you can go with a 15-inch Nilight Light Bar that fits perfectly in the front grill area of most Defenders and can be wired directly to your high beams.

You can technically go up to about 22 inches before you start running into issues fitting the light bars, but the 15-inchers will be the easiest to install.

Each of these light bars puts out plenty of light, and at a wide enough angle you can see off to the side some as well.

Rear Bed Light/Light Pods

Why Rear Lights?

If you want to be able to see what’s creeping up behind you while out riding in the dark, throwing on a rear light bar or rear light pods will light up the rear of your Defender as well.

There are a number of different set-ups for this, with the most common being a central rear light bar on the roof/roll bar and/or a set of LED light pods on either side of the rear.

Recommended Rear Lights

The Nilight LED Light Pod Two-Piece Combo is perfect for this, or you can grab the Nilight Light Bar & Double Light Pod Combo.

Some have even gone as far as four total light pods, giving them a view straight back and out to both sides of the Defender.

Whip Lights

Why Whip Lights?

If you’re throwing on light bars, you may want to have a look at a pair of whip lights as well.

They don’t serve much purpose besides making your Defender look pretty slick in the dark, but if you want to stand out these will do the trick.

Whip lights mount to the rear of your Defender on either side, and extend upwards around 3-4 feet.

Many of them come with hundreds of different colored lights choices, light modes, and pulse patterns that glow the entire length of the whip.

Recommended Whip Lights

For the overall best quality and fit for the Defenders, check out the 5150 (187-Style) Light Whips which are:

  • Bluetooth-controlled
  • Crazy strong and bright
  • Hundreds of light/mode choices
  • Covered by a life-time warranty
  • Magnetized and incredibly easy to remove

Nilight Whip Lights are as inexpensive as you’ll find and are good-quality just like their light bars.

Side Doors

Why Defender Side Doors?

Aside from the highest trim levels, most Can Am Defenders come with side straps rather than actual side doors.

Half side doors are one of the most popular additions among current Defender owners, as provide the following benefits:

  • Protect riders from mud, branches and the elements
  • Help to minimize dust in the cab
  • Keep the cab warmer in cold temps
  • Enhance the appearance

And even for those models that do come with the standard OEM Can-Am doors, there are a number of complaints about the plastic feeling cheap, rattling, the latches being sub-par, and the doors not really matching the outer plastics.

Recommended Side Doors

There are a number of side door options out there for Defenders, but five of them stand out among the pack as some of the best.

  • Thumper Fab Half Doors:  these are the most expensive but the best looking and sturdiest available, made by a small company in Texas known for the best customer service out there.
  • Rival Powersports Half Doors:  these doors make for some of the best values being high-quality, adjustable and well-built with no rattling.
  • SuperATV Side Doors:  these aluminum doors add a rugged, blackout look and are as sturdy and scratch-resistant as they come.
  • SuperATV Convertible Side Doors: clear but tintied side doors that look about as good as you’ll find on the Defender, and have removable sections for airflow when you want.
  • Fortress Pro Side Doors:  very pricey, but very high-quality steel doors that are scratch-resistant and look great on the Defender.

Front Winch

Why A Front Winch?

Some Defender models come with a front winch, some don’t.  Either way, upgrading to a higher capacity winch for these big models is recommended.

If you happen to get high-centered or stuck in the mud while out riding, a winch will be the best purchase you ever made.

Recommended Winches

The SuperATV Black Ops 6000 Lbs Winch is the go-to for most Defender owners, as it uses synthetic rope and offers plenty of power to pull out any size Defender.

It also fits perfectly and wires right up the existing winch connection for Defenders that come with one.

The Badland Apex 5500 Lbs Winch is another good choice, also fitting perfectly and wiring right up where the factory winch should be.

Front Windshield

Why A Front Windshield? 

If you read a review of the Defender vs the UForce 1000, you’ll see one area they have in common is that most models don’t come standard with a stock front windshield.

For Defenders that don’t already have one, a windshield is likely the most-added accessory among owners.

A good front windshield will benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Prevents bugs from going splat on your face
  • Shields your face from the wind
  • Protects you from the elements
  • Keeps the cab warm on cold days
  • Increases your Defender’s appearance

Recommended Windshields

There are three recommended windshields options for the full line of Can Am Defenders:

  • Can-Am OEM glass windshield
  • Super ATV poly windshield
  • RAD vented windshield

Can-Am OEM Glass Windshield

The Can-Am OEM glass windshields are the best in the business, but they’re priced that way starting around $1,400.

These windshields are one-piece and there’s a flip-out and non-flip version, with the option for a windshield wiper as well.

The glass on these windshields is incredibly tough and will withstand scratching and scuffing for years, giving you an incredibly clear windshield throughout.

Super ATV Scratch-Resistant Poly Windshield

The Super ATV Poly windshields are made of heavy-duty plastic that won’t quite stand up to scratching and scuffing over time like glass will.

But these options are half the price, look great, and there are three different options:

RAD Vented Windshield

RAD Accessories also makes a highly-rated vented and tinted windshield for Defenders as well.

Rear Windshield

Why A Rear Windshield?

If you’re putting on a front windshield, I’d highly recommend considering a rear windshield as well.  Here’s why…

A front windshield will form a vacuum of sorts, and when the dust rolls over the top and around the sides of your Defender, it will be sucked into the rear of your cab without a rear windshield installed.

And especially for those with vented windshields, a rear windshield is almost required if you don’t want to be covered in dust during and after a ride.

Recommended Rear Windshields

The SuperATV Tinted Rear Windshield is the best you’ll find for the Defenders.  It’s made of strong polycarbonate, looks great and will only cost you about $200.

The SuperATV Sliding Rear Windshield is also a nice touch for those who like to toss their cans of “soda” in the rear bed while riding.

You can also look at the Rough Country Rear Windshield as well.

Rear Cargo Rack

Why A Rear Cargo Rack?

A rear cargo rack looks pretty darn good over the bed of the Defenders, and comes with the following benefits:

  • Added, elevated storage space for a spare tire, tools or other gear
  • Strong enough that you can stand on them to trim trees or do other elevated working tasks
  • You can technically hunt from these or throw your 50-cal up there for shooting
  • Added storage space for hauling waterfowl or other game

Recommended Rear Racks

There are three rear racks that stand out for the Can Am Defender models, including:

  • Rough Country Rear Rack
  • Puddle Buster Rear Rack
  • Quack Rack

Each has some specific benefits and either of them will make the best fit depending upon what you plan to use the rack for.

Rear Cargo Bed Mat

Why A Bed Mat?

If you’ve ever stood or sat in the bed of your Defender after some driving or on a hot day, you’ll know how hot the beds can get on the surface thanks to the muffler and/or sun.

This is one of the most common Can Am Defender problems and can be tricky when hauling your kids, dogs or cooler in the bed.  

Potentially burning your kids’ feet or dogs’ paws is one thing, but warm beer after a ride will take you to a new low.

Not to mention that there’s no grip on the rear stock bed liner, so gear and your dogs will tend to slide around a good bit while riding.

Recommended Bet Mat

There are plenty of bed mat options out there, but this Utility Rubber Stall Mat from Tractor Supply is cheap and is close to the correct width for the bed, so you’ll only need to cut it slightly to fit.

It’ll minimize the heat in the rear bed, while also keeping your gear and dogs from sliding around in back.

Gun Rack

Why A Gun Rack?

For the hunters or Second Amendment fans out there, a gun rack is essential for hauling your pew pews.

There are a number of different rack types available for the Defenders, including:

  • Rear gun racks or bags that mount on the bed or rear roll cage
  • Seat-mounted gun racks
  • Floor-mounted gun racks
  • Under-seat mounted gun racks
  • Roof-mounted overhead gun racks

Recommended Gun Racks

For those who don’t mind not having easy access to your guns, a rear gun bag or case is the best option as they’re weather proof and keep your long guns free of cabin dust.

  • The QuadGear UTV Double Gun Carrier is the best option out there, and can be mounted directly to the rear roll cage bar or to the headache rack if you have one installed.
  • Both Kolpin gun grips and the Can-Am underseat gun rack mount to the underside of the middle seat to stand your guns upright within arm’s reach.
  • The Seizmik Gun Holder sits right in the middle seat and makes the best gun rack for those who want easy access to your long guns and pistols.
  • The Big Sky Overhead Gun Rack mounts to the underside of the roof of most Defenders, fits well, and helps securely store your guns directly overhead.

Hard Top Roof

Why A Roof?

Some of the Defender models do not come with a stock hard top roof installed, and this is another one of the first accessories many add for trims that don’t have one.

You can grab a plastic roof from Can-Am or several other providers, but I’d highly recommend a metal/aluminum roof for the following reasons:

  • Better protection than plastic
  • No leaking issues like plastic
  • Most are fully trailerable unlike plastic

They’re slightly more expensive, but worth it in my opinion.

Recommended Hard Top Metal/Aluminum Roofs

  • The Super ATV Defender Aluminum Roof and Super ATV Defender Max Aluminum Roof are the best options for the money, heavy-duty, and look great.
  • The Kolpin Steel Roof is one of the better steel roof deals you’ll find, and it heavy-duty and durable.
  • Fortress Metal Roofs are also solid, with a number of different options available among the Defender line.
  • Ranch Armor Metal Roofs offer roof racks, side rails and the ability to store gear up top or stand/perch up top.

Phone Mount

Why A Phone Mount?

A phone mount is clutch for those who use their phones for GPS or who simply want to keep an eye on them while riding.

Recommended Phone Mount

The RAM Mounts Phone Carrier fits perfectly on the dash of the Defender and is the phone mount used by most Defender owners.

You’ll just need to bolt it down, which is pretty simple to do in a couple different areas on the dash depending on your preference.

Fuse Block

Why A Fuse Block?

The stock battery in the Defender models is solid, but prone to draining pretty quickly if your wire your electronic accessories directly to it.

Recommended Fuse Block

For those installing added electronics, you’re best off grabbing a Blue Sea Fuse Block and wiring your accessories to it.

The fuse block acts as an added power source and gives you more ports to wire your electronics to.

The one above offers two separate circuits for AC and non-AC power and you can run power to it from the buss bars under the dash instead of the battery.

Your added lights, sound bars, radios and other electronics should be connected to this block to prevent battery issues.

Final Word

Can Am Defenders easily make the list of best UTVs for the money for this year, but adding any number of the accessories above can really transform them into the best-looking and most capable vehicles on the trails.