12 Best CFMoto UForce 1000 Accessories For 2024

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If you read a review of the CFMoto UForce 1000, you’ll see this model’s strengths far outweigh its weaknesses.

And one of the main reasons the UForce 1000 lands near the top of the list of best UTVs for the money this year is because it comes standard with a number of accessories that lend to its appearance and driveability.

Even so, these models still don’t include some of the most essential accessories such as a windshield.

For those who tackle rough terrain, ride in the dark, hunt, or just want to have the best-looking UTV around…there are a number of popular accessories you can add to achieve some or all of this.

This guide will detail the twelve most popular UForce 1000 accessories for 2024, along with photos of each.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Front Windshield

Why A Front Windshield?

While the UForce 1000 comes standard with some accessories, a windshield is not one of them.

This is the most popular accessory added among UForce owners since it provides the following benefits:

  • Shields you from snacking on bugs
  • Keeps the wind off your face
  • Protects you from rain, snow and other elements
  • Keeps the cab warmer on cold days
  • Enhances the look of your UForce

Recommended Front Windshields

There are two windshields that come highly recommended and make up the majority of units installed on the UForce 1000.

The Super ATV Scratch-Resistant Flip-Out Windshield is new and designed specifically for the UForce 1000.

It’s a one-piece polycarbonate windshield that fits perfectly on these models so there are no gaps to let in wind, dust or water while riding.

If you really want to step up your windshield game, check out the Super ATV Power Flip Windshield, which is also made specifically for the UForce 1000 and is electronic.

You can open and close it to any position using a rocker switch on your dash, and it can be locked in place at any position to give you the amount of airflow you want while riding.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Rear Windshield

Why A Rear Windshield?

If you install a front windshield, you may want to throw on a rear windshield as well.

An unintended consequence of putting on only a front windshield is dust will swirl back around the UForce 1000 into the cab area without a rear windshield installed.

You’ll also run into the occasional mud and debris being slung into the rear of the cab after being kicked up by the tires.

Recommended Rear Windshield

The Super ATV Lightly Tinted Rear Windshield is made of strong polycarbonate, looks great on the rear of the UForce 1000 and only runs you around $200.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Front LED Light Bar

Why LED Light Bars?

The UForce 1000 models do come with LED headlights, which provide pretty good light for early morning, dusk or night riding.

But if you really want to up your ability to see in the dark, adding a light bar to the front of your UForce 1000 makes a huge difference.

Not only do the following light bar recommendations turn night into day, but they’ll make your UForce 1000 look that much better.

Recommended Light Bars

There are a variety of different light bar sizes out there, but the following are the most popular for the UForce 1000.

Full-Length LED Light Bar

The Nilight 51-Inch Slim LED Light Bar fits perfectly under the lip of the UForce 1000’s roof and looks about as natural as it gets.

There’s also the Nilight 52-Inch Curved LED Light Bar, which you can bolt to the actual bottom lip of the roof using the steel plate behind it.

Both options look great and enable you to wire the lights to a rocker switch so you can flip them on and off from the cab.

Smaller LED Light Bars

If you want something a little more discreet, you can install the 20-inch Nilight LED Light Bar in the roof area or down in the front grill area of your UForce 1000.

For a smaller light bar, you’ll be surprised at how much light the LED bulbs give off and you can wire this one to a switch in the cab as well.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Rear Pod Lights

Why Rear Pod Lights?

One of the best standard features of the UForce 1000 are its Reverse lights in back, which actually provide good light when you’re backing up in the dark.

But if you want to be able to see what’s sneaking up on you anytime you’re not in Reverse, throwing some rear pod lights on either side of the back will give you plenty of light behind your vehicle with the flip of a switch in the cab.

The Nilight LED Light Pod Two-Piece Combo is one of the best for-the-money options you can find at around $40-50 on Amazon, and is easy to install on the rear of the UForce 1000.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Gun Rack

Why A Gun Rack?

For those who use their UForce 1000 to hunt or just enjoy exercising our 2A and having a little fun with the pew pews, a gun rack is essential for hauling your weapons around.

There are a number of options out there:

  • Overhead gun racks mounted to the roof
  • Gun racks that mount to the floor of the cab
  • Gun racks that sit in the middle seat
  • Rear gun racks that you attach in the bed or to the rear roll cage bar

Of these there are a few that make the most sense for the UForce 1000.

Padded Rear Gun Bag

The Classic Accessories QuadGear UTV Double Gun Carrier padded rear gun bag is the best option for hauling long guns as it keeps them safe from swirling dust and the elements in a weather-proof carrier bag.

This one is the best for the money, but you will find it a little awkward to mount to the rear roll cage bar of the UForce 1000 and it doesn’t offer easy access to your guns.

Floor Mounted Gun Rack

The Starknight MT UTV Gun Rack secures firmly to the floor of your UForce 1000 right between the driver and passenger seats.

It keeps your guns secure riding any terrain, and gives you easy access to them right there beside you in the cab.

Seat Gun Rack

The Kemimoto Gun Holder makes the best fit for those who want to store both long guns and a pistol.

It does take up seat room sitting right in the middle seat of the UForce 1000, but both your rifles and a pistol are at arm’s length for easy access right next to you in the cab.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Rear Cargo Rack

Why A Rear Cargo Rack?

If you find yourself needing some added storage space to haul tools, gear, a spare tire or game…a rear over bed cargo rack may make sense for your UForce 1000.

There are multiple options for the UForce 1000, with both Puddle Buster and Main Street Cycle making different rear cargo racks.

Both enable your rear cargo bed to tilt up and dump as it should.

These rear racks will come in handy for hunting or just hauling extra gear, but also enhance the look of the rear of your UForce 1000.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Panoramic Rearview Mirror

Why A Panoramic Rearview Mirror?

The side mirrors on the UForce 1000 are a great accessory, but they are prone to being knocked around pretty good and damaged on the trails.

You’ll likely want to fold them in while riding in tight areas, so adding a rear view mirror will enable you to see what’s behind you when your side mirrors aren’t in action.

There are all kinds of rear view mirror options out there, but for the best looking and best view, grab a Kemimoto 17” Panoramic Rear View Mirror which installs easily on the UForce 1000.

CFMoto UForce 1000 Accessories:  Elka Shocks

Why Upgrade The Suspension With Elkas?

The UForce 1000 offers a solid stock suspension, so long as you’re not tackling really rough terrain.

And even with 11 inches of ground clearance, if you ride rough terrain often or live in hill country you may find that you bottom out more often than you’d like.

Upgrading the stock suspension by adding Elka Shocks will help alleviate that and give your UForce 1000 the following:

  • A smoother, more comfy ride
  • More ground clearance
  • Added suspension travel

Simply adding Elka shocks will make a big difference in ride quality, but if you want to maximize the benefits for your UForce 1000 you should consult with one of our Elka Shocks dealers who offer custom upgrades.

  • 2-4 inches of lift for your UForce
  • Around 4 added inches of suspension travel
  • A firmer, smoother ride
  • More adjustability for height/weight to maintain clearance

If you’d like to be contacted by one of our recommended dealers, simply fill out this brief Elka Shocks Contact Form and one of our dealers will reach out to you soon to recommend which level (Elka Level 1-5) makes the most sense for your UForce and get you a quote.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Half Side Doors

Why Half Side Doors?

The UForce 1000 comes with netted side doors, but if you want to complete the look and give your arm somewhere comfortable to rest while driving, you may want to add some half side doors.

There are quite a few options out there, with some of the most popular being CFMoto’s OEM side doors, Main Street Cycle side doors, and Super ATV side doors.

The CFMoto Plastic Half Side Doors are easy to install on your own and feature the “CFMoto” brand on them so look even more native than the other two options.

Main Street Cycle Half Side Doors are also heavy duty plastic and installed easily, featuring the Team MSC brand on the outside.

And then there are the Super ATV Aluminum Doors which add more of a rugged, blackout look to the UForce 1000.

Made of a heavy duty steel frame and outer aluminum sheet, they provide added scratch and scuff protection without much added weight to your vehicle.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Overhead Storage Bag

Why An Overhead Storage Bag?

If you have a look up at the stock roof of your UForce 1000 (at least on more modern models), you’ll see some clips/tabs built into the roof.

These clips are there to hold the overhead storage bag made by CFMoto, which offers four storage compartments and makes a good place to store your phone, wallet, snacks, etc.

You can find the OEM CFMoto bag from Main Street Cycle here.

But you can also grab some cheaper double overhead storage bags from Amazon and install them on roll bars of your roof as well.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  Clutch Kit

Why A Clutch Kit?

A clutch kit is one of the highest recommended add-ons for UForce 1000 owners.

The stock clutch system is known to contribute to the same problem with the jerky acceleration and ride at lower speeds.

Recommended Clutch Kits

Installing a clutch kit from either Main Street Cycle or Redneck Garage, both of which are made specifically for the UForce 1000, should help eliminate these issues.

But you’ll want to be sure and tune your ECU to account for these changes.

UForce 1000 Accessories:  ECU Tune

Why Tune The ECU?

An ECU tune is highly recommended for the UForce 1000 for a number of reasons:

  • Helps relieve the most common problem with the UForce 1000 in the jerkiness and poor throttle response at slow speeds.
  • Recalculates the proper air to fuel ratio for better throttle response, power and speed.
  • Dampened throttle and smoother ride in Normal drive mode
  • More power and torque in Work drive mode

Main Street Cycle offers a highly recommended ECU tune for the UForce 1000.

You can ship them your ECU, they’ll tune it, and then send it back to you with the ideal settings to be re-installed.

Final Word

While the UForce 1000 does come with a number of accessories, adding any number of these twelve will yours ready to take on any terrain or take home first place in the next Mr. UForce USA pageant.

For more accessory ideas, you can check out the eleven most popular Kawasaki Mule accessories to see what may translate over to the UForce 1000.