Kawasaki Brute Force 300 Top Speed (Fastest In Its Class?)

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Ranked as one of the best ATVs for the money year after year, the Kawasaki Brute Force 300 is about as well-rounded as it gets in its class.

While it concerns some that the Brute Force 300 isn’t actually made by Kawasaki, there’s no denying the overall quality of this model and its components.

And at the heart of it is the little Kymco-made beast of an engine that helps the Brute shine in both the power and speed department.

So how fast does it go?  

And how does it compare performance-wise to similar models in its class?

This guide will answer those questions in detailing the following:

  • The top speed of this model in stock form
  • How you can easily add 10 mph to its top-end speed
  • How it stacks up with similar models in the 250/300cc class

Brute Force 300 Top Speed

Powered by a 271cc single-cylinder Kymco engine that maxes out around 22 horsepower, the Brute Force 300 can hit a top speed of between 50 and 52 mph before hitting the rev limiter.

That makes it one of the fastest ATVs in its class, right up there with some of the pure sport models.

And speaking of sport models if you read the review of this model mentioned above, you’ll see that aside from one the Brute Force 300’s common problems being it can feel tippy at high speeds, it handles and controls so well that it may as well be a sport model.

And the best part about this is that for the speed demons out there, there’s a simple modification you can make to reach 60+ mph on this model.

Easily Increasing The Brute Force 300’s Top Speed

When you hit the 50-52 mph mark on the Brute Force 300, you can tell that there’s room for more.

But the rev limiter will kick in here, and the size of the stock tires prevent it from going any faster.

The 22-inch Maxxis tires this model comes stock with are perfect for off-road riding, but they’re not optimized for speed as you’ll run out of gearing due to their smaller size.

A move up to 23-inch or 24-inch tires will add anywhere from 5-10 mph and have your Brute Force 300 topping out past 60 mph in most cases.

How It Compares With Some Similar Models

The Brute Force doesn’t have all that much competition when it comes to the 300cc utility rec ATV class.

In fact, two of its main competitors in the US are the Tracker 300 and Arctic Cat Alterra 300, which funnily enough are the same Kymco-made ATV but branded under different names.

It does have more competition among pure sport models in the 250/300cc class.

The table below shows how it compares to some of this competition from a top-speed perspective.

Make & ModelTop Speed
Kawasaki Brute Force 30050 – 52 mph
Tracker 300 ATV45 mph
Arctic Cat Alterra 30045 mph
Honda Recon 25045 mph
Yamaha Raptor 25055 mph
Can Am DS 25051 mph
Honda 300EX58 mph

Despite Tracker ATVs and Arctic Cat using the same engine and model, they’re not quite as fast.

Only the sporty Yamaha Raptor 250 and the classic Honda 300EX from this list can beat out the Brute Force 300 in stock form.

More Ways To Make The Brute Force 300 Faster

Upgrade the Intake & Exhaust

If you’re looking to improve the top speed and overall performance of the Brute Force 300, upgrading the stock intake and exhaust systems are the first place to start after adding bigger tires.

By upgrading these components, you increase the amount of air that can be supplied to the engine.

The more air into and out of the engine in an efficient manner, the more power the Brute’s engine can generate, which will translate to a bit more horsepower and top-end speed.

Re-Jet The Carburetor

As this model is carbureted, you’ll need to be sure and re-jet the stock carburetor if making changes to the intake or exhaust.

By doing this, you ensure your air to fuel ratios remain optimal with the upgrades you’ve made.

Failure to re-jet your carb after making mods to the exhaust or air intake can also damage your engine over time.

The main jet, pilot jet, and needle jet within the stock carburetor will all need to be resized in order to give you the maximum horsepower and speed gains that can be had with the intake and exhaust upgrades.

Final Thoughts

The Brute Force 300 is one of the highest-performance and fastest ATVs in its class in stock condition.

And simply adding bigger tires will enable speed gains of close to 10 mph, putting it even closer to the top speeds of the Brute Force 750 and 650.