Best ATV For The Money (Top 9 For 2024)

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If you’re an average Joe like me, this economy means it’s never been more important to get the most value for your money.

Which is especially true when making a big investment in something like an ATV.

But with hundreds of different ATV models out there across all different price points, it can be hard to narrow down what actually makes for a good value.

This guide will do the hard work for you though, in listing and briefly detailing each of the nine best ATVs for the money for 2024.

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Best ATV For The Money In 2024

#1 – Polaris Sportsman 570

PRICE:  $7,999

Sportsman 570 EPS PRICE:  $9,199

The Sportsman 570 is about as good as it gets in terms of versatility for the price, and comes in both a non-EPS and EPS (power steering) option.

This model offers the perfect amount of power and speed to make for a good entry-level option that won’t overpower new riders, but at the same time a great fit for experienced riders who ride rough terrain and enjoy opening it up on the trails.

It features a ProStar 567cc single-cylinder engine with a max output of 44 HP, selectable 4WD, 9.5 inches of suspension travel and 11.5 inches of ground clearance.

And as the full line of Polaris off-road vehicles are known for, the engine is as dependable as they come and the overall build-quality is top-notch.

At the end of the day, the Sportsman 570 offers you the riding capability to do pretty much anything you want to without being more extreme than you need like some of the 1000cc ATVs, making it one of the best ATVs for the money.

You’re paying top dollar with this model for the class, but if you have the budget it’s totally worth it for one of the best all-around models you’ll find.

#2 – Can Am Outlander 500

PRICE:   $7,349

Outlander DPS 500 PRICE:  $8,349

Can Am’s line of Outlander ATVs are up there with the best all-around ATV models money can buy these days.  They’re priced that way, so don’t expect much of a deal, but they’re 100% worth it.

The best value among these models is the smallest and least powerful, but also the least expensive.  We’re talking about the Outlander 500 here, which is brand new as of 2023 and took the place of the Outlander 450.

The 500 actually makes use of the same 650cc engine you’ll find in the bigger Outlander 700, but lacks the same high-performance camshaft as the 700 model.

Either way, the engine makes 40 HP and 37 lb-ft of torque, which gives it enough power and speed to ride it where and how you want.

Like all Outlanders, the 500’s best feature is its well-roundedness.  With 4WD and good enough speed, it can perform tough working tasks and makes for an excellent trail riding option.

If you ride mostly trails, paying up the added $1K for the DPS model is worth it to prevent your arms from feeling like noodles after a long trail ride, but the non-DPS model handles just fine.

This model was made to give those who don’t need the full functionality of the bigger Outlanders a less expensive but still very capable model.  For under $8,500 either model makes for one of the best buys in the industry currently.

#3 – CFMoto CForce 600

PRICE:  $7,199

You might not be familiar with CFMoto or their line of ATVs.  If that’s the case, you can check out this review of CFMoto CForce ATVs to see how they stack up.

You can also check out the 18 most helpful CFMoto owner reviews to see what current owners think about CFMoto and their line of off-road vehicles.

The CForce 600 is CFMoto’s mid-size ATV option, offering a good mix of utility and recreational appeal.

Its 580cc single-cylinder engine puts out 45 HP, giving it a towing capacity of 1,000 lbs and enabling it to power through just about anything you throw at it.

It does well on the trail with selectable 4WD plus locking differential, and can reach an impressive top speed of around 60 mph.

And it comes loaded with accessories like a digital display, LED lights, steel storage racks, power steering, a front winch, side mirrors and handguards.

While the CForce 600 does have its drawbacks, getting a machine with its engine power, speed, performance, accessories and power steering at its price is tough to beat.

#4 – Tracker 600

PRICE:  $7,699

Tracker 600 EPS PRICE – $8,799

If you’ve been by your local Bass Pro lately, there was probably a Tracker 600 ATV on display there.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, this review of Tracker ATVs will catch you up on who Tracker is and the quality of the vehicles they make.

Spoiler alert:  they’re actually one of the highest quality “off-brand” ATVs on the market, and their line of Tracker UTVs are underrated as well.

The Tracker 600 is their biggest, most powerful option and comes in three options at three price points – standard, EPS (Power Steering), and EPS LE (Luxury Edition).

Unless you do mostly long trail rides though, the standard option is all you need.  It offers:

  • 45 HP engine
  • Electronic 4WD w/ locking differentials
  • Full length skid plate underneath
  • Towing capacity of 1,050 lbs
  • Front/Rear cargo racks with 300 lbs hauling capacity
  • 11.5 inches ground clearance

A Tracker 600 ATV review shows the recent changes made to this model that really improved its quality and pushed it up this list.

One of its best qualities is its engine noise, which is almost whisper quiet with Tracker’s focus on making it ideal for hunters.  It’s also loaded with low-end power to get you through any terrain you want to ride.

These models do have you sitting up higher than most other ATVs which can be a little awkward, and having them serviced through Bass Pro is not ideal.  

But a beast of an ATV like this for under $8K is more than worth a look.

#5 – Honda Rancher 420

PRICE:  $5,999

The Honda Fourtrax Rancher (AKA Rancher 420) is one of the most popular ATVs there is, and there are a number of reasons for that.

There are six different trim levels to choose from for 2024, down from eight in 2023, so you can find a model that is the perfect fit for just about any blend of riding you plan to do.

These models are utility-based, but are also plenty of fun to ride recreationally.  And even the strictly 2WD base model will surprise you with the terrain it can conquer without being a 4×4 option.

Each model comes with a 420cc single-cylinder Honda engine that offers plenty of oomph for challenging trails and climbs but not too much power to keep under control for more inexperienced riders.

Among the different trim levels the Rancher 420 also offers various unique features including push-button electric shifting and 5-speed manual foot-shifting with auto clutch.

The trim levels range from $5,999 for the base model to $9,299 for the most advanced.  And although the Rancher 420 models do have some drawbacks, that’s pretty darn good value for a Honda ATV.

#6 – CFMoto CForce 1000 Overland

PRICE:  $10,199

The CForce 1000 Overland is CFMoto’s biggest, most powerful ATV option.  Like the rest of the CForces, it features a bulky, rugged, and stylish build.

It weighs in as one of the heaviest ATVs in the industry, but that doesn’t prevent it from being an excellent trail riding option with its powerful engine and loads of low-end torque.

Its weight also doesn’t restrict its speed either, as this big utility-focused model can reach an impressive 78 mph when you open it up.

This model is designed for long trail rides in rough terrain, with a rear pad for your back, a 3-piece cargo box, power steering, front winch, windshield, hand guards and a number of other off-road focused accessories.

It’s not going to compete with the sportier 1000cc options on the trail, but it’s also a good deal cheaper at only $10,199.

There’s really non terrain you can’t conquer on this machine, and considering everything it comes standard with along with the capability it offers, it’s one of the best ATVs for the money.

#7 – Yamaha Kodiak 450

PRICE:  $6,999

Kodiak 450 EPS PRICE – $8,099

Yamaha is known for it’s reliable and durable ATVs, and the Kodiak 450 just edges out the bigger Yamaha Kodiak 700 on this list.

This model is Yamaha’s smallest and least powerful utility ATV, but with the performance it provides you really don’t need much more.

It features a 421cc Yamaha engine that is loaded with low-end torque, making it capable of tackling most working tasks with its 1,300 lbs towing capacity and steel cargo racks that can carry a total of 264 lbs.

But Kodiak also offers plenty of recreational appeal as well, with its compact chassis and overall size leading to precise handling and maneuverability while trail riding.

Throw in the fact that it offers full-length skid plates, almost 10 inches of ground clearance, and high-mounted air intakes and this model can tackle about any terrain you can find including mud, sand, water and steep hills.

No Yamaha ATV is going to be the cheapest in its class, but the Kodiak 450 is one of the best all-around quads you can buy for the money.

#8 – Kawasaki Brute Force 300

PRICE:  $5,099

This model is Kawasaki’s smallest ATV offering, but it works just fine for full-grown adults and offers surprising overall capability despite lacking a few key features.

The Brute Force 300 is not technically made by Kawasaki, so it’s made up of Kymco components including its single-cylinder 271cc engine that is slightly underpowered with a max output of 22 HP.

But you’d hardly know it, as there’s enough low-end torque to power it through most terrains.

The engine is fed with a carburetor, which is not ideal and can lead to cold starting issues but is common for this class of ATVs.

This model only offers 2WD and no power steering so it’s limited in some of the tougher terrains, but it actually performs well on the trails and its light weight makes it easy to handle.  

Combine that with the fact that the Brute Forces are surprisingly fast and it offers good overall recreational appeal for a utility-focused quad.

If you’re looking for an entry-level ATV or an inexpensive unit to help with light working tasks and carrying you around your property, the Brute Force 300 makes for a good option at a good value.

#9 – Can Am Outlander XXC 1000R

PRICE:  $15,899

The Can Am Outlander XXC 1000R is Can Am’s highest-performance ATV.  

It’s one of four main models in the Outlander 1000 line, and you can see how the XXC 1000R stacks up with the rest in this review of Outlander 1000 ATVs.

If you enjoy riding the most aggressive trails and the toughest terrains at a lightning fast pace, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than this one.

It features a 976cc Rotax V-Twin engine that makes a whopping 91 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful ATVs on the planet as well as one of the fastest.

Factor in 4WD, locking differential, Fox Podium shocks, 11 inches of ground clearance, plenty of suspension travel and lots of accessories, and there’s literally nowhere on land you can’t go on the Outlander XXC 1000R.

This isn’t the most budget-friendly option, but it offers you a blend of power, speed, and overall performance you won’t come close to finding in any other model on this list.

Final Word

This list is a great starting point for finding the best ATV for the money.  That said, the best ATV for your money is really going to depend on how and where you plan to drive it.

For a few honorable mentions to this list, check out the following before you go: