The 9 Best Kawasaki Mule Windshields For 2023

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If you’re the proud owner of a Kawasaki Mule, you’ve probably considered enhancing your vehicle by adding some of the most popular Mule accessories.

And as none of the Mule models or trims come with one standard, a windshield is probably towards the top of your list of potential add-ons.

The good news is there are multiple Mule-specific windshields to choose from.

The bad news is that with so many different Mule models, none of these windshields seem to be a universal fit.

So how the heck do you narrow it down?

That’s where this guide comes in, as we’ll give you the 9 best Kawasaki Mule windshield options for 2024.

Tip: A review of the Mule 4010 explains will explain why only one windshield style will work with this model.

What To Consider In A Mule Windshield

While researching Kawasaki Mule specific windshields, I found that there are windshields that are specific to each model.

There’s a Kawasaki Pro FXT Ranch Edition windshield. There’s a Kawasaki Mule Pro MX windshield. There’s a Kawasaki Mule 4010 windshield. And so on.

But these windshields are made with a number of different types of materials and in different styles, so there’s plenty to consider before pulling the trigger on one.

In this guide, we’ll review the following to help you narrow it down within the next five minutes:

  • Kawasaki Mule windshield types my material
  • Kawasaki Mule windshield types by style
  • The nine best Mule windshields available with pros/cons of each
  • Which windshields are compatible with which Mule models

Windshield Types

The majority of Kawasaki Mule windshields available today are offered in two different types of material – glass and polycarbonate. 

You’ll want to consider how and where you most often use your Mule before settling on one as they both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Glass Kawasaki Mule Windshield:

Glass windshields are the hardest you can find, which aids in preventing scratching and maintaining clarity over time. 

When glass does scratch, you can polish and repair those rare scratches unlike with polycarbonate.

Although most glass windshields are made with stronger safety glass, they are more prone to cracking and shattering. 

They also offer a bit less clarity while tending to be more expensive.

Additionally, you are able to install and use a windshield wiper on glass which will come in handy in wet or snowy conditions.

Polycarbonate Kawasaki Mule Windshield:

At around 250X stronger than glass, polycarbonate windshields are practically indestructible and the strongest you can buy. 

On the off chance polycarbonate does break, it will only crack and not shatter.  Additionally, they’re clearer than glass windshields and transmit less visible light than their acrylic peers.

While uncoated polycarbonate is hardly scratch resistant, most polycarbonate windshields around today are hard coated, giving them added scratch resistance and hardness. 

But they still don’t compare to glass in that regard.

You cannot use windshield wipers on polycarbonate as they can potentially ruin it.

Windshield Styles

There are a number of different styles of Kawasaki Mule windshield available, including full windshields, half windshields, flip-out windshields and rear windshields.

Full Windshield

Your full windshield is one piece that covers the entire front of the cab. 

They do a great job of blocking out all rain and wind as well as other debris, but they also block out most of the airflow that some prefer. 

Most modern windshields have been fitted with adjustable vents to atone for this and enable some airflow when desired.

Half Windshield

Half windshields offer some protection against wind and debris but also a good bit of airflow into the cab. 

Many feature a molded lip at the top which serves to funnel air up and over your Mule. 

These tend to be a good deal easier to remove than their full counterparts if you decide to opt out of the windshield in certain weather.

Flip-Out Windshield

These include both flip-up and flip-down options that generally offer you two or three position latching.  

The two position models offer the insulation of a full windshield when you want it as well as the ability to flip the top half up or down to offer you the increased airflow of a half windshield.  

The three-position options offer a third, partially opened and slightly vented position as well for a nice breeze while keeping out the elements.

With the help of gas springs, you can easily make the adjustments to your windshield from inside the cab of your Mule. 

Clamps provide stability so that you can freely drive your Mule in each position as well.

Rear Windshield

While all of the windshields above are front windshields, you do have the option to purchase a rear windshield as well. 

Rear windshields will help to insulate the cab of your Mule more during colder months, as well as block potential dirt and debris flung up by your back tires.

Most Popular Kawasaki Mule Windshields

After extensive research throughout rider forums and groups, as well as reviews on their websites, the consensus seems to be that there are three main vendors who produce the highest quality windshields available today. 

Those vendors are Kawasaki, Super ATV, and Fortress.

Let’s review some of their most popular windshields, some pros and cons, and which models they’re compatible with.

Windshields By Kawasaki

Kawasaki offers a variety of different windshields for most every Mule Model. 

Aside from the half windshield, these windshields are all one-piece designs with no gaps.  Many of these offer built-in adjustable vents. 

Although they are top quality, Kawasaki windshields will generally be the most expensive you can buy and have a reputation for being some of the hardest to install/remove.

Kawasaki Full Glass Windshield

Made from DOT approved AS1 safety glass, the Kawasaki full glass windshield secures to the frame of your Mule using clamps and brackets. 

You need tools to install it but not to remove it afterwards.

Compatible with Mule Pro DXT, DX, FXT, FX models. (Item # 99994-1392)

Kawasaki Full Polycarbonate Windshield

Made from scratch-resistant, hard coated polycarbonate (6mm), this windshield offers three adjustable air vents to improve airflow and cabin comfort. 

It secures to the frame of the Mule using clamps and brackets.  Drilling is required to secure the support bracket to the hood. 

Removal requires minimal use of tools once installed.

Compatible with Mule Pro DXT, DX, FXT, FX models.  (Item # (KAF080-001))

Kawasaki Half Polycarbonate Windshield 

This half windshield is made from 6mm scratch-resistant polycarbonate.  As a half windshield, it offers some coverage and increased airflow. 

The slanted upper lip works to funnel wind, dust and bugs over your head.  Drilling is required for the center mount bracket.

Compatible with Mule Pro DXT, DX, FXR, FXT, FX models. (Item # KAF080-027)

Kawasaki Flip-Up Polycarbonate Windshield (3 Position)

Made from scratch-resistant, hard coated polycarbonate (4.5mm), this windshield offers three position latching via gas springs in the fully closed, partially open/vented, and fully open positions. 

It secures to the frame using clamps and brackets.  

Compatible with Mule SX, Mule Pro MX, Pro DXT, Pro DX, Pro FXT, Pro FX models. (Item # 99994-0753)

Kawasaki Flip-Up Polycarbonate Windshield (2 Position)

Made from scratch-resistant, hard coated polycarbonate (4.5mm), this windshield offers two position latching via gas springs in the fully closed and fully open positions. 

It attaches to the frame of the Mule using clamps and brackets.

Compatible with Mule 4000 and 4010 models.  (Item # KAF40-012)

Kawasaki Windshields Pros and Cons


  • One solid piece with no gaps
  • Both glass and polycarbonate options
  • Manufactured directly by Kawasaki
  • Polycarbonate options seem to be have solid scratch resistance


  • Can be a pain to remove/install
  • Clamp on the body that holds bottom in place does not fit perfectly and must be worked in
  • Pricey (upwards of $900+)

Windshields By SuperATV

Super ATV offers a variety of Kawasaki Mule windshields that fit a number of the different Mule models. 

Though there are quite a few to choose from, the following is by far the most popular design.

Kawasaki Mule Pro Scratch Resistant Flip Windshield

This windshield is made from scratch resistant, hard coated polycarbonate (6mm) and offers three position latching via gas springs for a fully closed, open, or partially vented ride. 

It attaches to the frame of the Mule using clamps and a slip-proof cross brace.  

This windshield uses a two-piece design with a break between the lower and upper windshield portions, so when fully flipped up you still have a small lower windshield that comes about a fourth of the way up.

Compatible with Mule Pro DX, DXT, FX, FXT, FXT Ranch Edition (not FXR)

Super ATV Windshields Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent clarity
  • Handles and break between the two pieces of windshield do not interfere with line of sight, even for shorter drivers
  • The gas struts are strong enough so that the windshield does not bounce while open
  • No as pricey (around $550)


  • The middle of the windshield tends to sag/bow some, especially at speed
  • They tend to scratch and get dinged up easier
  • Minimal rattling noise on rougher roads/trails
  • Rain/condensation does not seem to disperse from windshield well
  • Cannot use windshield wiper on polycarbonate

Windshields By Fortress 

Fortress is another vendor who offers a variety of different Kawasaki Mule windshields compatible with different models. 

They offer two different styles, each made with DOT safety glass, solid steel, a heavy duty latching mechanism and hydraulic lifts.

Tip-Out Windshield

Their most popular style seems to be their tip-out windshield. 

These windshields offer fully closed and open positions, as well as a slightly vented position in between that can be locked in place using a latch. 

They are said to be designed to ride with the windshield in any position, across all terrains.

Compatible with Mule Pro DX, Pro DXT, Pro FX, Pro FXT

Fixed Windshield

They also offer a fixed windshield for full protection from any outside elements or debris. 

This windshield comes with an adjustable, built-in vent at the bottom for increased airflow when desired.

Compatible with Mule 4000, 4010, Pro DX, Pro DXT, Pro FX, Pro FXT

Fortress Windshields Pros and Cons


  • One of the few glass, tip-out windshields on the market
  • Ability to use windshield wiper makes them great for snow/rain conditions
  • Remains crystal clear after years of use unlike some polycarbonate windshields
  • Virtually scratch proof
  • One-piece design ensures no obstructed view for driver or passengers


  • Tip-out windshield will need to be brought down to at least vent position on rough roads and narrow trails
  • Vented position doesn’t make much difference with added airflow
  • Very pricey ($1,000+)
  • Though made from safety glass, more prone to cracks from gravel and other debris


The right Kawasaki Mule windshield will enable you to ride with more comfort in all types of weather while also keeping your face and eyes protected from bugs, dust, and other debris. 

But they also have their drawbacks, which include restricting airflow during warmer months when you may want it as well as the potential to scratch over time and obstruct vision.

Which is why it’s important to consider the different factors we touched on above when considering which windshield will make the best fit for you and your Mule.