Odes Dominator 800 Reviews (Buyer Beware?)

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If you’re considering pulling the trigger on an Odes 800 Dominator, there are some things you need to know.

  • These models are very polarizing.  Owners either love them or completely regret buying them.
  • Odes Powersports is not currently offering new Dominator 800 models. And there’s a pretty important reason as to why.

This Odes Dominator 800 review will provide all the detail you need on both points, along with covering the following:

  • Specifications
  • Key features
  • How these models perform
  • What owners like
  • What owners dislike

About The Odes Dominator 800

The Odes Dominator 800 was a utility vehicle that was phased out in 2021, but an Odes Jungle Cross review shows this new model to be essentially the same old Dominator model – just under a new name with a few modern tweaks.

It consisted of two different models:

  • Odes Dominator 800 X2
  • Odes Dominator 800 X4

The main difference in these two models was the X2 was a two-seater, and the X4 was a five-seater that offered a rear row of seating.

They were discontinued in 2021, along with the rest of the Odes UTV line (see below).

Odes UTV Out Of Business

If you’re wondering why you only see 2021 models on the Odes Powersports site, it’s because Odes went out of business and filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

Massimo purchased the rights to the Odes name, parts, and units with the intention of folding the line of Odes UTVs in with their own line of Massimo UTVs and Massimo ATVs, which didn’t go as planned.

Word has it that Odes recently broke away from Massimo and restructured the operations and company with the goal of producing new models in the near future.

And they seem to be just about there, evidenced by the new Odes Desert Cross 1000.

Key Specs, Features, & Performance


Let’s start with what powers the Odes Dominator 800, which is a four stroke, 800cc V-Twin engine with a max power output of around 60 horsepower.

These models offer plenty of oomph to motor through mud, sand, and some of the toughest terrain you can find.

As utility-focused UTVs, they’re tuned with excellent low-end torque (70 lb-ft).

This makes them capable of handling pretty much any working task you throw at them, and gives them good trail riding abilities as well.

While both have plenty of power to top steep hills and mountainous terrain, the added size and weight of the Dominator 800 X4 tends to weigh it down enough that it tops steep inclines slower than the smaller X2.

The engines are about as durable and reliable as they come, but they are loud when accelerating and put out some noticeable vibration in the upper RPM ranges.

Engine TypeFour-Stroke, SOHC
Cylinder ArrangementV-Twin
Displacement800 cc
Max Horsepower60 HP
Engine CoolingLiquid-Cooled
Fuel SystemEFI
Fuel Capacity9.0 Gallons


The engine is mated to a fully automatic CVT transmission, with a shaft drive sending power to the front and rear wheels.

These models both offer selectable 4WD and differential lock for added traction when needed.

The shifting between gears isn’t always fully smooth in these models, and the gear shift has a tendency to require some added force to make move into Reverse or High gear.

Throttle response is good though, with these models reacting to the throttle without any delay.

One of the drawbacks with these machines is they tend to be hard on drive belts due to the clutch system, and you’ll likely need to replace yours every so often.

There’s a tendency to smell the smell of burning rubber when tackling steep, tough terrain and really pushing these models.  

This is from the belt getting hot, and you’ll know you need to ease off just a bit when this happens.

Drive SystemSelectable 2WD/4WD, Shaft Drive
Transmission TypeAutomatic CVT
Gear Shift PatternR-N-L-H


The Dominator 800’s suspension system is its top overall strength.

These models feature independent Dual A-Arms in the front and rear, with this long travel suspension system offering 14 inches of travel.

There are also preload adjustable shocks to make the ride smoother or firmer depending on your riding style.

This suspension set-up offers one of the most ultra smooth rides you’ll find, even when taking on some of the roughest terrain.

And with 13 inches of ground clearance, you’ve got plenty of room to crawl good-sized rocks and clear most large obstacles in the trail.

Wheelbase64 in
Ground Clearance13 in
Front SuspensionIndependent Dual A-Arm
Rear SuspensionIndependent Dual A-Arm

Tires & Brakes

Both the X2 and X4 are equipped with 26-inch stock tires in the front and rear.

The tire sizes were changed through the years, so can vary from 26 inches up to 29 inches.

Either way, these knobby tires provide good grip regardless of the terrain.

Hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels help slow these beasts, and provide plenty of stopping power even coming down steep hills or on slick surfaces.

Front Tires26 x 9-14
Rear Tires26 x 11-14
Front Brake TypeHydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeHydraulic Disc


Both Odes Dominator 800 models are built like tanks, with some of the bigger and bulkier designs you’ll find in the industry.

If you’re a bigger rider, you won’t find many other utility vehicles more comfortable than these models.

The leg room and overall cab space they offer is pretty hard to beat.

But you can also tell these models are bigger when driving, as their turning radiuses and overall agility are nothing to write home about.

While the Electric Power Steering helps make them pretty easy to handle and control despite their heavy weights, you’ll feel more like you’re driving a jeep than a utility vehicle when tackling off-road terrain.

This tank-like body styling unfortunately doesn’t lead to the durability you might expect, so if you drive the Dominator 800 like a tank, you’ll run into issues sooner than you might think.

Dominator 800 X2Dominator 800 X4
Length118 in156 in
Width66 in66 in
Height79 in79 in
Dry Weight1,384 lbs1,950 lbs
Towing Capacity 2,000 lbs2,000 lbs

Exterior Features & Accessories

One of the pros of the Odes Dominator 800 models is that they come standard with a number of accessories that usually aren’t included on some of the bigger name UTVs.

This helps to make the Odes Dominator 800 street legal without making modifications in some states, and also adds to their off-road readiness.

These accessories include:

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Front bumper/brush guard
  • Remote-controlled front winch
  • Windshield (X4 models)
  • Side mirrors
  • Plastic side doors (metal framed)
  • Plastic hard to roof
  • Headlights
  • Brake lights
  • Turn signals
  • Electric assisted rear dump bed

Odes 800 Dominator Owner Likes & Dislikes

What Owners Like 

  • The build style is rugged, aggressive, and appealing.
  • Engines tend to be reliable and durable.
  • Suspension makes for an ultra smooth ride, especially on off-road dirt trails.
  • Lots of leg room and cab space.
  • The seats are adjustable and able to slide forward or back.
  • They come with a number of accessories that make them off-road ready and street legal in some states.
  • Used models can be had much cheaper than many of their competition in the 800 cc class.

What Owners Dislike

  • The electric assisted rear dump bed only tips up slightly, with not enough angle to dump your cargo without some manual work involved.
  • Undersized radiators lead to higher engine temps and potentially for overheating.
  • Also prone to excessive heat in the cab area, which can make driving on hot days uncomfortable.
  • Engine noise in the cab is excessive and can be hard on the ears.
  • Some of the components and parts are on the flimsy side and don’t stand up well to the abuse of off-road riding.
  • Notoriously hard on drive belts – prepare to replace multiple belts if you drive aggressively.
  • Many times you can smell the belt burning when riding rough terrain in Low gear.
  • Odes is technically out of operation right now as they look to start over from bankruptcy, so parts can be very hard to come by.
  • Many owners find themselves constantly working on or tinkering with parts to keep the machines operating correctly.
  • Customer service was almost non-existent when Odes was still in business, and is obviously non-existent now that they’re not.

You can find more detail on the drawbacks of these models in this guide to the common problems experienced with the Odes Dominator 800.

Conclusion – Are They Worth It?

It’s impossible to feel good about recommending one of these models with all of the issues they seem to experience.

While there are plenty of owners who say they are content with their Odes Dominator 800, there are even more who are constantly dealing with both minor and major issues with the parts and components.

While an Odes unit that is operating correctly actually makes for a pretty solid overall UTV, it seems hard to keep them in good shape.

But if you’re willing and able to do some mechanical work and repairs fairly frequently, you might just find an Odes Dominator 800 makes for a good bargain.

If you’re in the market for a budget UTV, I’d recommend considering the following: