Kayo Bull 200 Review – Top Speed, Specs, Pros & Cons

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Making a name for yourself in an industry long dominated by names like Polaris, Can-Am, and Kawasaki doesn’t come easy. 

But a review of Kayo ATVs as a whole shows how they have been able to do just that in the ATV market over recent years with their growing line of reasonably priced quads.

The Kayo Bull 200 is among the most popular of these models.  This guide will include a detailed review of the top speed, specs, and pros and cons of the Kayo Bull 200.

About The Kayo Bull 200

The Kayo Bull 200 is an all terrain vehicle geared towards riders ages sixteen and up. 

Boasting a stylish design and a number of exterior features that set it apart from similar quads, its popularity continues to grow among consumers who want a four wheeler with moderate speed and off-road capabilities but who don’t want to pay top dollar.

As a utility ATV, the Bull 200 features impressive engine torque that makes it ideal for hauling gear and navigating trails to a backcountry campsite or hunting spot. 

Though not the fastest or most agile machine, it has just enough speed and acceleration to give riders a thrill and makes an excellent option for taking the kids for a spin around the property and doing more casual recreational riding.

Like any quad, along with its many strengths come some perceived weaknesses, both of which will be highlighted throughout this guide.

Kayo Bull 200 Pros & Cons

While most owners seem to be content with the versatility this model provides, even happy owners will point out some flaws with the Kayo Bull 200.


  • Much cheaper than most of its competition in the 200 to 250cc range.
  • Plenty of ability to tackle hills, wooded trails, and mountainous terrain.
  • Includes a number of accessories considered extras with other models including front bumper, digital display, handle-bar mirrors, high/low beam headlights, LED brake lights, front and rear turn signals, front and rear storage racks, and a two-inch trailer ball.
  • Electric starter makes the machine easy to start.
  • Engine noise is minimal.
  • Suspension offers a smooth ride in all terrains and easy steering.
  • Good ground clearance for rougher trails.
  • Excellent gas mileage.
  • The battery, air box, and air filter are conveniently located beneath the removable seat cover offering easy access for maintenance.


  • Known for being “cold-blooded”, the Bull 200 usually needs a few minutes to warm up before being able to run at peak performance.
  • The stock carburetor is known to cause issues such as rough idling, stalling, and bogging down – it will need to be adjusted or replaced with an aftermarket unit.
  • Drive chain fits a little loose and tends to pop off sporadically.
  • Plastic bushings and outer shelling susceptible to cracking from abuse.
  • Top speed, acceleration, and agility aren’t all that impressive.
  • Final assembly takes place at the dealerships and can be hit or miss.  A best practice among owners of a new machine is to tighten all bolts, lube the chain, and apply grease to all fittings.


Though a utility-focused ATV on the bulkier side, the Bull 200 won’t disappoint you on the trail.  While its top end speed and acceleration are nothing to write home about, it has no problem maneuvering around tight turns at a decent pace.

The suspension system enables easy steering and a smooth ride in all terrain. The  6.9 inches of ground clearance offers confidence when taking on smaller rocks, logs, and rutted turns.  Drivers of all experience levels will have no problem operating it.

While the Bull 200 has the power to ascend most hills and mountainous terrain, riders may run into issues on steeper climbs with mud or sand involved.  But this scenario would have more to do with running out of traction in the tires.

Kayo Bull 200 Top Speed

Like all Kayo ATV models, the Bull 200 is installed with a throttle-limiter safety feature that restricts the speed out of the box. 

In order to reach peak performance in terms of top acceleration and speed, the throttle limiter will need to be loosened. 

At full throttle on flat terrain, the Kayo Bull 200 can reach a top speed of 40 mph with only the Kayo Jackal 200’s top speed being faster among the line.

Kayo Bull 200 Price

A brand new 2023 Kayo Bull 200 can be had at a price of $3,699.  This model is offered in either a red or white exterior color. 

Used models date back to 2020, with prices ranging between $2,000 and $3,500 depending upon the mileage and condition.

Specs and Key Features

Exterior Features

The Kayo Bull 200 offers an appealing and stylish exterior build.  And it includes a number of accessories that both enhance its appearance and make it more functional for multiple types of driving.

Up front, the quad features a bumper, dual headlights with both high and low beams, turn signals, and a front storage rack.

The tall handlebars in the center make for a comfortable, upright riding position and include mounted mirrors on either side. 

Between the handlebars in a small dash area is a digital display screen with a backlight that displays your speed, RPMs, gear selected, odometer, and fuel gauge. 

The gear shift is mounted on the right side of the machine just below this dash area.

The removable seat is comfortable and big enough to hold a grown adult, with enough leg room extending down to the footwells for taller riders to be comfortable.  And the footwells are plenty spacious for adult sized boots.

In the rear of the quad, there is a two-inch trailer ball for towing, storage rack, safety flag mount, two LED turn signals and two LED tail lights.

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Engine & Transmission

Powered by an air-cooled 176cc single-cylinder engine, the Kayo Bull 200 has plenty of oomph to motor a teen or adult around rough terrains. 

With an engine tuned more for torque than speed, this quad impresses with its towing and hauling ability.  And it does offer decent top-line speed for its intended performance level.  The engine has a nice hum to it and engine noise is minimal.

Mated to the engine is a single-speed, fully automatic transmission.  It offers three gear settings including Forward, Neutral, and Reverse, with the latter serving to increase its maneuverability. 

Only offering rear-wheel drive, the chain drive provides power to the rear wheels.

Engine TypeFour-Stroke, SOHC
Cylinder ArrangementForward-inclined single-cylinder
Engine CoolingAir Cooled
Fuel SystemCarburetor
Fuel Capacity2.4 Gallons
Drive SystemChain Drive
Transmission TypeFully Automatic CVT
GearsSingle Speed
Gear Shift PatternF – N – R

Tires and Brakes

The Kayo Bull 200 is fitted with 23-inch all terrain tires in front and 22-inch all terrain tires in back. 

The directional tread pattern provides sufficient grip and stability in any terrain, and these tires are suited for both trail riding and road riding.

Hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear are plenty capable of slowing the vehicle in any terrain. 

The front and rear brakes are operated by brake levers situated on each handlebar, both reachable and easy to squeeze with the fingers.

Front Tires23 x 7-10
Rear Tires22 x 10-10
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeHydraulic Disc


The Kayo Bull 200 features a Single A-Arm suspension in the front and a Swing-arm suspension in the rear, boasting a good mix of sportiness and utility for a versatile ride. 

The rear shock is preload-adjustable, offering the ability to reduce preload for a softer ride or increase it for a firmer ride and a little more ground clearance.

With 6.9 inches of ground clearance, the quad has the ability to traverse some rocky and rough terrains within reason.

Wheelbase44 inches
Ground Clearance6.9 inches
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arms
Rear SuspensionSingle Shock w/ Adjustable Preload


Though the Bull 200 is the biggest and bulkiest ATV offered by Kayo, at 397 lbs it weighs in right around the industry average. 

And a fairly compact length and width make the four wheeler adept at maneuvering through wooded areas and tight trails.

Length70 inches
Width37.5 inches
Height41.3 inches
Seat Height29.9 inches
Weight397 lbs.

About Kayo

Kayo was established with a focus on motorcycles in 2002 by an engineer who previously worked for Honda’s China division. 

Over the years, Kayo has expanded their product line to include a number of dirt bikes, pit bikes, and all terrain vehicles.

Kayo offers nine different ATV models, many of them specific to youth riders. 

The engines and majority of parts that make up these quads, including the Bull 200, are manufactured in China. 

The vehicles are then assembled and sold through a growing network of dealers in the United States.


For beginners and experienced riders alike, the Kayo Bull 200 makes an excellent choice among consumers looking for a practical quad that offers a combination of utility and light recreational ability.  

While this four wheeler doesn’t offer the same functionality or quality as some of the more popular models, owners who set the proper expectations will likely be highly satisfied with this reasonably priced machine.