Kayo Fox 70 Reviews (Buyer Beware Or Worth The Money?)

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Kayo ATS are looked at as some of best values in the industry, especially their entry-level youth options.

But are they just priced cheap? Or cheaply-made as well?

A review of Kayo ATVs will help you answer those questions for yourself, but so will the following review of the most popular model among the full line.

That model is the Kayo Fox 70, and this review will detail all of the good and bad with this model including the following:

  • Build quality
  • Performance in terms of speed and power
  • Safety features it includes
  • How it handles
  • Exactly how fast it can go
  • What owners like and dislike
  • How to change the oil
  • Who Kayo is and where they make their ATVs

About The Kayo Fox 70

The Kayo Fox 70 is a youth-sized ATV aimed at giving first-time riders ages six and up their first taste of four wheeling fun. 

Equipped with several precautionary features to put parents at ease and boasting just enough speed to give young riders a thrill, it offers a perfect mix of safety and enjoyment.  

Boasting much of the same ability as some of the bigger-name youth ATVs while also being one of the least expensive youth models on the market, it is looked at as one of the best values in the industry among consumers.  

Whether in the market to buy or looking for best practices as a current owner of a Kayo Fox 70, this guide will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about this machine.

Build Quality & Performance

Engine & Transmission

The Kayo Fox 70 is powered by an air-cooled 70 cc single-cylinder engine that provides good power and speed for its size. 

It can quickly and easily motor younger riders around, and even bigger kids and adults have reported it having the ability to carry them over flat terrain. 

The acceleration is impressive for a small engine, but is not too quick to cause issues for first-time riders.  

The engine is mated to a single-speed fully automatic transmission, so there are no interchangeable gears, and the vehicle is chain-driven.

Engine TypeFour-Stroke, SOHC
Cylinder ArrangementForward-inclined single-cylinder
Displacement70 cc
Engine CoolingAir Cooled
Fuel SystemCarburetor
Fuel Capacity.55 Gallons
Battery 12V 5Ah
Drive SystemChain
Transmission TypeFully Automatic CVT
GearsSingle Speed

Tires and Brakes

The Kayo Fox 70 is fitted with the same 16-inch all terrain tires in each of the four corners. 

The directional tread pattern provides sufficient grip and low roll resistance in all terrains.  The front tires are suspended a few inches wider than the rear tires, adding to the stability of the machine.

Hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear are plenty capable of slowing the vehicle in any terrain. 

The front and rear brakes are operated by two youth-sized brake levers, one on each handlebar.  Both are easy to squeeze and include a parking brake as well.

Front Tires16 x 8-7
Rear Tires16 x 8-7
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeHydraulic Disc


The Kayo Fox 70 features a single A-arm suspension in the front and a swingarm suspension in the rear. 

The rear shock is preload-adjustable, giving you the ability to reduce preload for a softer ride for your kiddo, or increase it for a firmer ride and a little more ground clearance. 

That said, this suspension type is used with smaller riders in mind and should offer plenty of comfort and stability.

With 4.5 inches of ground clearance, the four wheeler has the ability to clear smaller rocks and obstacles out on the trail.

Wheelbase30 inches
Ground Clearance4.5 inches
Front SuspensionNon-adjustable Shocks
Rear SuspensionSingle Shock w/ Adjustable Preload

Dimensions and Capacities

This ATV is about as small as they come – perfect for maneuvering through wooded areas and the tightest trails.  At a weight of just under 160 lbs, it is easy enough to handle and steer for riders of all sizes and experience levels.

Length49.8 in
Width31.4 in
Height34.6 in
Seat Height23.8 in
Weight158.7 lbs

Kayo Fox 70 Spark Plug

The stock spark plug in the Kayo Fox 70 is a Torch ATR7C, and is not known to be of the best quality.

The Kayo Fox 70 spark plug can be replaced with a NGK CR7HSA (4549) spark plug of the same size, which tends to be of a higher quality.

Kayo Fox 70 Battery

They Kayo Fox 70 stock battery size is 5Ah 12V. The battery location is directly under the seat.

As this battery is known to drain rather quickly, it is recommended that owners connect it to a battery tender when the ATV is not in use.

Key Safety Features

There are a few different ways the Kayo Fox 70 will keep your kiddos safe:

  • Perfectly-sized and easy to control for the smallest riders
  • Throttle-limiter that restricts top speed
  • Safety tether that can be worn around the wrist
  • Remote-controlled electronic kill button

Safe Size

As a vehicle geared towards children as young as six years old, safety is obviously a main priority with the Kayo Fox 70.  While this sense of responsibility is apparent with some of the standard safety features, it all starts with the size of the vehicle and its controls.

For smaller children, you want to ensure they are handling an appropriate-sized machine that they can actually control. 

The Kayo Fox 70 gets it right in this regard, as children of all sizes can easily steer and handle this little four wheeler.  More on the handling in the following section.

The controls are properly sized as well.  The handles are the perfect size for smaller hands to grasp, with front and rear brake levers easily reached and squeezed by little fingers. 

The thumb throttle is well-positioned so that riders can have fingers near both the throttle and brake lever simultaneously.

Three Safety Components

As far as standard safety features go, The Kayo Fox 70 is equipped with a throttle-limiter that offers parents the ability to control the reachable speed of the vehicle. 

This amounts to an adjustment screw on the back of the throttle box, so modifying it is simple. 

Additionally, there is a safety tether that the rider can wear around the wrist that will kill the engine if they happen to fall off. 

There is also an electronic kill button parents can hold and push to kill the engine via remote control at any time.  The engine will then not restart until it is unlocked via the same means.


This little Kayo four wheeler handles exceptionally well. 

While younger riders do not need any real understanding of how body positioning affects turning in order to corner it just fine, it will turn a little slower when sitting back on the seat and faster when slid forward a bit more. 

With wide-set front tires providing stability along the vehicle’s quick turning ability, there’s very limited risk of tipping.

The steering is stable at higher speeds and there’s not much noticeable jump to the handlebars when hitting bumps or holes. 

The suspension offers a smooth ride with any chop in the terrain not being overly jolting to riders.

Kayo Fox 70 Top Speed

The Kayo Fox 70 can reach a top speed of 25 mph. 

As mentioned, a throttle-limiter restricts the speed out of the box and will need to be fully adjusted in order to top it out.

Kayo Fox 70 Price

This Kayo 4 Wheeler can be had brand new for $1,299 in 2023.  Since used models only date back a few years, there is not much fluctuation in price for them. 

Prices for a used Kayo Fox 70 on Facebook Marketplace and ATV Trader range from around $1,000 to $1,200 depending upon the mileage and condition.

What Owners Like

  • Much cheaper than bigger name youth ATVs, such as Polaris and Yamaha, while still offering plenty of ability for entry-level riders.
  • Plenty of power to carry even an adult around at the highest speed setting.
  • The vehicle includes headlights and tail lights.
  • Multiple safety features including speed limiter, safety tether, and remote with a kill-engine button.
  • Overall, the machine and components hold up well to rough riding.
  • Six-month warranty offered by Kayo.

What Owners Dislike

  • The factory carburetor is low quality and known to cause issues with stalling, rough idling, and bogging down.  It will likely need to be replaced with an aftermarket unit which is a simple and inexpensive fix.
  • Drive chain fits a little loose and tends to pop off sporadically.
  • Riders tend to outgrow the size or capability of this ATV within a few years.
  • Plastic outer shelling doesn’t cater well to abuse from inexperienced drivers and is prone to cracking.
  • .55 gallon fuel capacity requires refilling on the regular.
  • Replacement parts can be difficult to find.

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Kayo Fox 70 Oil Change

SAE 15W-40 is oil type recommended in the owner’s manual, but SAE 10W-40 will work just fine as well and is more commonly found in stores.

Amsoil is the highest recommended brand of engine oil to use with Kayo ATVs, but as long as the oil has a JASO MA or MA2 rating, it should work fine.

To change the oil in the Kayo Fox 70, follow the steps below:

  1. Place a pan or tupperware container directly under the oil plug.
  2. Unscrew and remove the oil plug cap using a 15mm wrench.
  3. Remove the oil plug and let the oil completely drain into the container.
  4. Once fully drained, reinstall the oil plug cap.
  5. Locate the oil cap and unscrew it.
  6. Fill with around a quart of engine oil.
  7. Reinstall the oil cap.

About Kayo

Kayo was established with a focus on motorcycles in 2002 by an engineer who previously worked for Honda’s China division. 

Over the years, Kayo has expanded their product line to include a number of dirt bikes, pit bikes, and all terrain vehicles.  They offer a youth line of ATVs that includes five different models.  

The engines and most other parts for Kayo’s ATVs, including the Fox 70, are manufactured out of China.  The vehicles are then sold through a growing network of dealers in the United States.


The youth sector of the ATV industry has long been dominated by well-known models produced by the likes of Honda, Kawasaki and Polaris that offer best-in-class capabilities to suit even the most experienced young riders.

But for kids six years and up who are just starting their off-road journeys, most only need basic capabilities and not the top tier functionality provided by many of these ATVS. 

The Kayo Fox 70 not only provides that basic functionality, but also does it at half the cost of many of the models offered by the big names in the industry.  And it does this without sacrificing safety or fun for young riders.

Though not without its flaws, consumers shouldn’t overlook that many of them can be easily overcome.  And for every negative, this junior four wheeler seems to have twice as many positives. 

Overall, the Kayo Fox 70 makes for an excellent entry level ATV among parents looking to introduce their children to the off-road lifestyle.

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