Massimo Warrior 1000 Top Speed (And How To Go FASTER!)

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The Massimo Warrior 1000 is a straight beast in appearance.  Built to resemble the Hummer, most folks would associate these bad boys with sheer power.  And their powerful engines would make them right in that regard.  But for a machine that appears to be built like a tank, how fast can this thing actually go?  This guide will review the Massimo Warrior 1000 top speed and several ways to maximize it.

Massimo Warrior 1000 Top Speed

There are three different Massimo warrior models, all with varying engine power and top speeds.  These models are the Massimo Warrior 1000X, the Massimo Warrior MXU, and the newest Massimo Warrior MXD.

Massimo Warrior 1000X Top Speed

Powered by a 976 cc V-twin engine with a claimed 80 horsepower, the Massimo Warrior 1000X top speed is 65 mph in High gear.  The engine provides an impressive combination of power and speed, but also good acceleration for a machine of its size.

Massimo Warrior 1000 MXU Top Speed

Also powered by a 976 cc V-twin engine, but with a claimed 72 horsepower, the Massimo Warrior 1000 MXU tops out at a speed of 62 mph in High gear.  Being a little heavier than the Warrior 1000X, it can’t quite match the top speed or acceleration, but still performs admirably.

Massimo Warrior 1000 MXD Top Speed

The most recent of the Warrior 1000 models offers a slightly upgraded 1000 cc V-twin engine with a claimed 85 horsepower.  Even so, the Massimo Warrior 1000 MXD top speed is around 65 mph in High gear.  However, the acceleration is more impressive than either of the two previous models.

Massimo Warrior 1000 Speed Governors

Some Massimo Warrior 1000 models are affected by a speed governor that will not enable it to surpass 25 mph.  In order to bypass this and reach max speeds in affected models, owners will need to bypass this speed governor, which is a simple process.

The speed governor wire can be located by unbolting the front deck/hood and tilting it up.  There should be a single wire running from the dash area that will need to be disconnected.  Simply unplug this wire to disable the speed governor.

Top Speed Dependent On Break-in Period

For brand new Massimo Warrior 1000 models, there is a 25-hour break-in period that owners should adhere to.  During the first 25 hours of operation, the various parts of the engine wear and polish themselves to their correct operating clearances, so it is important to avoid excessive engine heat.  

This includes avoiding continuous operation above half throttle for the first ten hours of use and avoiding continuous operation above ¾ throttle from 10 to 25 hours.  While the owner’s manual states that momentary full throttle operation during the break-in period should not harm the engine, it should be noted that the advertised top speed will likely be unreachable in these first 25 hours of use regardless.

Properly breaking in any of the Massimo Warrior 1000 models is essential to both the engine and drive components in eventually reaching peak performance and the vehicle being able to achieve its top speed.

Massimo Warrior 1000 Not Reaching Top Speed

If your Warrior 1000 was properly broken in but fails to reach a top speed of between 60 to 65 mph, there are a few ways to attempt to correct this.

Ensure the tires are fully inflated.  Less inflation in the tires leads to less speed.  The standard tire pressure recommended for most utility vehicles is between 12 to 18 PSI, and you can find your model’s specific recommendation for this in the owner’s manual.  

Check the drive belt and ensure it is not old and/or loose.  This could be preventing the Warrior 1000 from reaching top speeds.  Signs it may be time to replace this belt are the vehicle snapping forward when accelerating rather than accelerating smoothly as intended, or rough acceleration in general.  Ensuring the drive belt is fresh and tight should have a positive impact on the top speed of the vehicle.
Check the spark plugs.  If the spark plugs are worn or fouled, they may not be igniting fuel in the engine at the proper rate which can result in a lower top speed.  If necessary, replace them with a high performance iridium spark plug.