7 Common Tracker 800SX Problems To Be Aware Of (And How To Fix)

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If you’ve been to your local Bass Pro lately, you’ve probably seen the Tracker 800SX displayed there.

Somewhat surprisingly, this lesser-known model is rated as one of the best UTVs for the money for this year.

And a review of Tracker’s line of utility vehicles shows that while there are pros and cons with this model, there’s more to like than not to like.

But the Tracker 800SX is also known to suffer from seven common problems that drive owners up the wall, including:

  • Faulty Clutches
  • Broken Shifter Cables
  • Coolant Leaks
  • Dump Beds Warping
  • Top of cargo beds cracking
  • Side doors not closing properly
  • Overheating

Read on for more detail on each of these problems, including likely causes and proven fixes.

Faulty Clutch

The most common issues found in the Tracker 800SX, by far, are related to a faulty clutch.

While these issues do still occur in newer models, they mostly affect the pre-2021 models as Tracker made some upgrades to the stock clutch recently to help alleviate this.

Faulty Clutch Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms you may experience thanks to these faulty clutches:

  • Clutch drag
  • Hard shifting in and out of gear
  • Screaming or whining from the belt
  • Clutch not engaging until around 2,000 RPM level
  • Vehicle lurching and jerking forward when clutch finally engages

The exact reason for these clutches being faulty is not known, but there’s some speculation it has to do with where Tracker sources their parts and components from.

Faulty Clutch Fixes

Tracker Off Road is well aware of this issue due to the many complaints received, and they will cover a clutch replacement under warranty. 

As Tracker is said to have replaced the old stock clutches with an upgraded unit that fails much less often in models produced after 2020, they’ll likely replace the old clutch with this newer unit which should solve the problem.

For owners who are no longer under warranty and experiencing these issues, it is recommended that you install an aftermarket clutch kit such as those from Speedwerx. 

These clutch kits work to engage the clutch quicker and improve throttle response.

Broken Shifter Cable

As a result of the hard shifting in and out of gears mentioned above, owners tend to exert enough force on the gear shifts over time that eventually they snap the shifter cable. 

This results in the vehicle not being able to shift into gear, basically rendering it immobile, and can make for a very sticky situation depending upon when and where it occurs.


While upgrading the clutch is the first step in resolving this issue, it is recommended that owners be proactive and upgrade to a more heavy duty shifter cable to lessen the risk of this occurrence.

Coolant Leaks

Another common issue in the Tracker 800SX is with coolant leaks, which can be an issue in Tracker’s line of ATVs as well.

Many owners report finding coolant pooling on the ground under their vehicle or on the skid plate that runs underneath.  

This happens because the factory spring clamps are not quite strong enough to properly seal off the hoses. 

These spring clamps are located where the rubber hose connects to the hard pipe on the rear underside of the vehicle, and as they are not strong enough to fully seal this connection, coolant will leak from where the hose and pipe meet.


It is recommended that owners replace these spring clamps with stronger Worm Gear clamps.  This will put an end to the coolant leaking.

Dump Bed Warping

The plastic lining of the dump bed is another source of frustration among owners, as it is known to warp and bubble up in the center over time. 

This warping occurs due to the heat generated by the muffler, which sits just under the dump bed.


To prevent this from happening, or put a halt to it occurring in vehicles that already show signs of warping, owners can purchase a heat shield to cover the muffler. 

The Flowmaster 51017 Muffler Heat Shield is said to fit the muffler in the Tracker 800sx perfectly, and should help to eliminate this issue.

Top Of Cargo Bed Cracking

Staying in the area of the cargo bed, there’s another common issue with the Tracker 800SX that drives owners mad and is all too common.

The double tailgate latches on either side of the tailgate latch to the top ends of the cargo bed, and there’s a bolt that secures the piece they latch to in place.

The constant pull on this bolt from the tailgate latches is known to crack both sides of the top of the cargo bed.

This problem has even been observed on brand new units that are on display, so you’ll want to inspect any new Tracker 800SX you may be looking to buy.


This issue will be covered under warranty by Tracker, and many times they’ll just replace the whole dump bed, but it will likely happen again as they’ve yet to come up with a permanent fix for the problem.

Side Doors Not Closing Properly

Another one that’ll drive you right up the wall, but doesn’t really affect the operating ability of the vehicle.

The side doors on the Tracker 800SX are known to stop latching correctly over time and won’t stay shut.

This is said to happen because the 800SX models have what are known as “soft close doors”, so they won’t close properly if you slam them shut like many of us do.

But there’s also a piece of rubber installed within the door latches that is just a little too thick, which causes the doors to bounce off this rubber piece before the latch can engage and catch.


If you remove the piece of rubber from the back of your door latch, they should shut properly. And surprisingly they won’t even rattle without this piece.

Also, try and remember to shut your doors gently rather than slamming them, which should help as well.


Tracker engines are known for being quiet, but they’re also high-quality.

That said, they do suffer from overheating, which tends to be caused by other components:

  • Radiator clogging
  • Radiator fan not engaging in time
  • Air pocket in the coolant system
  • Head gasket blown

Radiator Clogging

Since the Tracker 800SX is a beast off-road, many folks expectedly take it through some of the toughest, harshest terrain.

This leads to the radiator becoming caked with mud, sand, dirt, grass and other debris over time, which is one of the main causes of overheating.

To prevent this, clean your radiator fins after any muddy rides and frequently regardless. You may even need to remove the grill for a good cleaning once in a while as well.

Radiator Fan Not Engaging In Time

The Tracker 800SX’s ECU is programmed so that the radiator fan won’t kick on until the engine hits a certain temperature.

But if you drive often at higher elevations of in warmer climates, sometimes the fan doesn’t kick on in time to keep the engine temps within a safe range and your vehicle will overheat.

The best solution for this is having your ECU tuned, which should reprogram the radiator fan to engage at a much lower temperature and give it plenty of time to cool the engine.

You can also install a toggle switch to your dash that gives you the ability to manually control when the fan activates.

Air Pocket In Coolant System

When your Tracker 800SX comes close to overheating or overheats, it’s at risk of letting air into the coolant system.

If an air pocket forms in your coolant system, it will prevent it from pumping coolant properly and will lead to a cycle of overheating until this air pocket is bled out.

You’ll need to follow a bleeding process until you no longer see bubbles coming from your radiator fill area, at which point your Tracker 800SX should be free of any air pocket.

Head Gasket Blown

If you see bubbling that won’t subside during the bleeding process, it’s like your head gasket is blown.

A head gasket can blown anytime your vehicle overheats, so you’ll want to use a head gasket test kit to confirm whether that’s your problem and replace the head gasket if needed.


While you won’t find the Tracker 800SX on the list of best cheap side-by-sides, it does make for a highly capable UTV model despite these common issues.

Some of these issues come down to the parts and components used not being up to snuff from a quality perspective, which may be due to the fact that Tracker models aren’t technically American-made like Intimidator UTVs and Landmaster UTVs are.