Landmaster UTV Reviews – Great Value Or Junk?

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As the demand for utility vehicles continues to increase year over year, so too do the number of options available to outdoor enthusiasts.

A number of smaller UTV manufacturers have begun to make a name for themselves in the industry, with American Landmaster being one of them.

While many of them have grown their share of the UTV market by making vehicles that stand out with the latest modern styling and accessories, American Landmaster has gone about it the old-fashioned way.

They produce American-made vehicles that resonate with and resemble that old American mantra of plain, hard work.  And they back it up.

Along with Tracker UTVs and Intimidator UTVs, they’re one of the few American manufacturers of off-road vehicles.

American Landmaster UTV Reviews

If you’re considering an American Landmaster utility vehicle, this guide will offer a review of these models as whole:

  • Overview
  • Engines, Motors, and Batteries
  • Suspensions
  • Speed and Power
  • Handling
  • Types Of Riding Best & Least Suited For
  • Pros & Cons
  • Electric Pros & Cons
  • Top Positive & Negative Owner Reviews
  • About American Landmaster
  • Conclusion

About American Landmaster UTVs

American Landmaster offers a total of ten different utility vehicles, with eight gas-powered UTVs and six electric-powered UTVs.

Their electric UTVs make the list of best electric UTVs for this year, and best electric four-seaters for this year.

In terms of style, they look about as simple and basic as can be.  They aren’t as eye-catching or modern as many of the more popular models are.

But their simplicity works to their advantage in a number of ways:

  • Lack many modern sensors that tend to cause problems in other models
  • Easy to perform maintenance and repairs on
  • Very reasonably priced

And as vehicles built to be highly capable of performing any work task you throw at them, they’re both dependable and durable.

They don’t quite make the list of best cheap side-by-sides, but these American-made utility vehicles are surprisingly some of the lowest-priced in the industry.

Landmaster Engines, Motors, & Batteries

Gas-powered Landmaster L3 and L4 models are powered by a single cylinder Kohler engine, while L5 and L7 models are powered by a V-Twin Vanguard (Briggs & Stratton) engine.

Both engine types are American-made and looked at as some of the more dependable units available.

The six Landmaster electric UTV models feature AC motors powered by a 48V DC lithium-ion battery.  

Lithium-ion batteries are generally regarded as the highest-quality battery option for electric vehicles as they are more reliable, efficient, faster to charge, and offer a longer battery lifespan than lead-acid or dry-cell batteries.

Landmaster electric UTVs get some of the best ranges between battery charges in the industry, and also make the list of best electric 4×4 UTVs available.

Landmaster Suspensions

Each utility vehicle is installed with Landmaster’s unique L-ROSS suspension system, which stands for Landmaster Ride Optimization System.

This suspension system is fully independent with a design used in many sportier UTVs, featuring double A-arms in front and an independent trailing arm in the rear.

This set-up offers a smooth ride in any terrain, and is excellent at soaking up bumps and holes so that riders only slightly feel them at any speed.

Landmaster Top Speed & Power

American Landmaster UTVs are not speed demons, with the fastest model topping out at 34 mph.  

They are built with much more of an emphasis on working and dependability, but do offer enough speed to make lighter recreational trail riding enjoyable.

These machines may seem a little underpowered in terms of  horsepower, but the truth is that they are workhorses with excellent towing and hauling capacities.  

And they can go just about anywhere within reason that other utility vehicles can go.

Gas ModelsTop SpeedHorsepower
Landmaster L322 mph9.5 HP
Landmaster L424 mph14 HP
Landmaster L524 mph18 HP
Landmaster L734 mph23 HP
Landmaster L7 Crew38 mph23 HP
Landmaster L7 Pro24 mph23 HP
Electric ModelsTop SpeedHorsepower
Landmaster EV24 mph16 HP
Landmaster EV Crew24 mph16 HP
Landmaster EV 4×430 mph16 HP


American Landmaster utility vehicles handle very predictably and offer good stability in all situations, most notably while turning.

Their compact sizes make them capable of riding tighter trails and wooded areas, while a solid 11-inch ground clearance offers room to navigate logs, rocks, and shallow water.

Some of the Landmaster utility vehicles come standard with power steering, while others do not.  But there is the option to add power steering to any model.

The difference is noticeable, as those without power steering will give your arms a decent workout depending on the terrain.  

This is especially true for the 4WD models, so power steering is highly recommended with those.

Landmaster UTVs are slow and steady machines best suited for work-related tasks or carrying passengers and gear through wooded areas or trails to a deer stand or fishing hole.

Types Of Riding Best & Least Suited For

Best Suited For:

  • Slower trail riding
  • Leisurely drives around neighborhood or property
  • Chores like hauling firewood, brush, or gravel
  • Towing cargo trailers
  • Hauling hunting gear and game

Least Suited For:

  • Steep hills
  • Muddy or sandy inclines
  • Fast, recreational driving

Pros & Cons


  • American-made
  • Dependable and durable
  • Top-notch customer service and great about correcting issues
  • Engine noise is minimal so you can talk to passengers
  • Excellent suspension system for smooth ride in any terrain
  • Simple machines without a bunch of sensors that can go bad
  • Reliable Vanguard (Briggs & Stratton) and Kohler engines
  • Heavy duty frames and cargo beds
  • Easy to work on and maintain


  • Steel bed rattles and can be noisy 
  • Underpowered at a max of 23 HP
  • Not great for climbing steep hills
  • Some of the slowest UTVs in the industry
  • Brakes known to become spongy over time and need adjusting
  • Steering can become loose over time and needs adjusting
  • Power steering not powerful enough for finger turning
  • Gas pedal can be uncomfortable to use for long drives
  • Tough to find aftermarket parts if desired

For more detail on some of the drawbacks of Landmaster UTVs, check out the guide Common Landmaster UTV Problems.

Electric Pros

  • Powered by lithium-ion batteries
  • Good battery range
  • Onboard battery charger for charging in the field

Electric Cons

  • Least powerful electric UTVs in industry
  • Bogs down on extreme hills
  • Regenerative braking can be a bit jerky

For a full rundown on how Landmaster electric UTVS stack up with the rest of the industry, check the guide Top Electric UTVs and Side By Sides of 2023.

Top Positive Owner Reviews:

“I’ve owned two ALM machines. I had a 2011 and now a 2018. I live on acreage and manage my property for deer hunting. Yes, these machines are rugged, tough, easy to work on and will get you back in the woods where you need to go. If you want to go over 34 mph, this is not your machine.”  -Scott M.

“If you want to blast down the trails at 65 mph you won’t be happy. If you want to drag deer out of the woods, plow snow or cruise around your property or check food plots you’ll be happy. They are strong but not fast.”  -Jim B.

Top Negative Owner Reviews:

“I bought a 2022 L7 last year. Good unit I use mainly around the yard and hauling deer out from my backyard. Only two negatives is it is noisy and is not as quick as my ATV’s.”  – Rob E.

“We bought an L7X in May 2021. We’ve had a few issues (muffler, fuel pump, cv axle leak, fuel pump). I started to think I made a mistake. I think we got one of the early models of the L7X. The dealer we bought from worked with American Landmaster and resolved all issues. The dealer has been great to work with!! Now, it’s running great.”  -Eric P.

About American Landmaster

True to their name, American Landmaster is an American manufacturer of utility vehicles, parts, and accessories based in Columbia City, Indiana.

With over 100 employees, American Landmaster manufactures and assembles each of their utility vehicles onsite with 85% American-made parts and components.

They are unique in that all of their utility vehicles are custom ordered and sold, so they don’t keep an inventory of finished units onsite.

Customers and dealers can simply go to American Landmaster’s website, select one of the ten different utility models they offer, and build their unit from there.

Everything from the standard shocks, tires, rims, seats, and color options to different bumpers, bed options, power steering, windshields, and other accessories can be customized and built to order, with your UTV ready for pickup or shipping in a matter of weeks.

American Landmaster offers over 1,000 service centers across the United States along with a US-based sales and service support team.


Like any manufacturer and line of utility vehicles, Landmasters have their strengths and weaknesses.  And different customer experiences shape opinions and feedback in a number of different ways.

But if you’re in the market for a basic but quality UTV at a budget price, you’re barking up the right tree if considering American Landmaster.

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