12 Common Owner Complaints With The CFMoto CForce 500 (In 2024)

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The CFMoto CForce 500 is one of the most popular ATVs in its class, and is looked at as one of the best values.

And while owners seem happy with these models as a whole, they’re not shy about voicing their displeasure with some of the common drawbacks experienced with the CForce 500.

Here are the twelve most common owner complaints with this ATV, and a few ways to overcome them.

Common CForce 500 Owner Complaints 

  1. The suspension system is a little stiff, making trail riding a little less comfortable than you’ll find on some competitive models.
  2. The stock tires don’t provide good traction in slick terrain, and even at top speeds on dirt trails or roads, they can make the CForce 500 feel pretty shaky.
  3. The fuel gauge is known to be inaccurate, almost always sitting down on “Empty” even when you’ve just filled up. This can make longer trail rides tricky. Most owners will carry at least one spare fuel tank like the one below you can find on Amazon, which can be attached to the front or rear racks:
  1. The gear shift in newer units tends to be pretty tough to shift, but should eventually break in with time.
  2. The plastic skid plates under these models don’t offer the same protection as a more heavy-duty steel skid plate would.
  3. The battery also has a tendency to drain rather quickly if not set on a battery tender/trickle charger while not in use, especially if you go more than a few days between rides.  The Battery Tender Plus is a favorite among CForce 500 owners wanting to ensure their ATV always starts right up:
  1. Many owners find themselves running into electrical issues with the CForce 500, including the starter relay and ignition switches tending to short out and go faulty faster than you might expect.
  2. The resale values on these ATVs are not close to comparable to what you’d get with one of the more well-known models, even just a couple of years after buying a new unit.
  3. Some owners find that their front tires rub the inner plastic fenders when turning sharply to the right or left.  Installing these 2-inch wheel spacers from Amazon will put an end to this issue:
  1. The CForce 500 is known to be more of a gas guzzler than other models in its class.
  2. The ride can be a bit jerky at lower speeds, as the throttle response can be a bit delayed due to the CFMoto’s stock clutches. This issue is not just limited to the CForce 500.
  3. If your CForce 500 has an EVAP system installed to appease the California crazies, you’ll likely experience issues with vapor lock stalling.  You’ll want to reroute and disable the EVAP system to stop it.

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