CFMoto Reviews (18 Most Helpful Reviews From Actual Owners)

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CFMoto has been around since the early 2000’s, but until the last few years they had never really been viewed as a serious contender in the powersports and off-road vehicles industry.

That is no longer the case, as CFMoto’s line of off-road vehicles are all the rage these days and are often mentioned in the same sentence as names like Polaris, Can Am, Honda and Kawasaki.

And it makes sense:

  • CFMoto’s full line of off-road vehicles are as stylish as any competitors.
  • They come with plenty of accessories.
  • They’re said not to sacrifice much in the way of performance.  
  • And you’ll generally save at least a couple grand compared to one of the bigger-name models.

It’s hard not to take a serious look at a deal like that.  But then there’s always a little voice in the back of our heads whispering…

“If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”

Does that old saying ring true for CFMoto?  Or do these models actually live up to the hype around their recent transformation?

This guide of CFMoto owner reviews will help you to be the judge of that, in detailing the following around each of CFMoto’s line of UForces, CForces, and ZForces:

  • 3 most helpful positive owner reviews for CFMoto UForces
  • 3 most helpful positive owner reviews for CFMoto ZForces
  • 3 most helpful positive owner reviews for CFMoto CForces
  • 3 most helpful negative owner reviews for CFMoto UForces
  • 3 most helpful negative owner reviews for CFMoto ZForces
  • 3 most helpful negative owner reviews for CFMoto CForces
  • What owners love about CFMoto
  • What drives owners mad about CFMoto

Overview CFMoto’s Line Of Off-Road Vehicles

Before jumping into reviews of each line, let’s have a quick look at the full line of CFMoto off-road vehicles that we’ll focus on.

CFMoto UForces

This is CFMoto’s line of utility/recreational UTVs (or side-by-sides), and their most popular line of off-road vehicles.

As a utility/rec blend, the UForces are meant to be able to accomplish the toughest working tasks while also offering recreational appeal on the side for both casual riding and trail riding.

Throw a few of the the twelve best CFMoto UForce accessories on, and these models can stand toe-to-toe with any competitor.

They sit firmly atop the list of best UTVs for the money thanks to the excellent values they make at their reasonable price tags.

Current UForce Models Available:

  • UForce 600
  • UForce 1000
  • UForce 1000 XL

Until 2023, there was also the UForce 800 which was discontinued.

For a more detailed breakdown of the UForces, you can check out this guide to CFMoto UTV Reviews.

CFMoto ZForces

The ZForces are CFMoto’s line of sport side-by-sides and rank as some of the fastest models in the entire industry.

These models are built with a focus on recreation, offering a good blend of top-end speed and trail riding ability.

Current ZForce Models Available:

  • ZForce 800 Trail
  • ZForce 950 Trail
  • ZForce 950 Sport
  • ZForce 950 H.O. Sport
  • ZForce 950 H.O. EX

For a full breakdown of the ZForces, you can read this guide to CFMoto Side By Side Reviews.

CFMoto CForces

The CForces are CFMotos’ line of ATVs (or quads).  These models are all of the utility/recreation blend, with the CForce 600 currently the most popular model.

They offer good working ability but also make for great trail riding options as well. And at their price points, they make for some of the best ATVs for the money across the industry.

Current CForce Models Available:

  • CForce 100 (Youth)
  • CForce 400
  • CForce 500
  • CForce 600
  • CForce 600 Touring
  • CForce 800 XC
  • CForce 1000 Overland

For an extensive breakdown focused just on the CForce ATVs, check out this guide to a full review of CFMoto ATVs.

CF Moto Reviews

Onto actual reviews of CFMoto machines.  

Following are the three most helpful positive and negative owner reviews for each line of CFMoto vehicles – the UForces, ZForces, and CForces.

These reviews have been taken from CFMoto social media groups and online riding forums, and come as direct quotes from actual owners.

CFMoto UForce – 3 Most Helpful Positive Owner Reviews

Positive Review One

“I’ve had a UForce 1000 since July of 2022.  Early on I had an issue with the rear brakes which was minor and covered under warranty – dealer claims I drove with park brake on but I dispute that.

 Outside of that one little hiccup the thing has been amazing and exceeded my expectations.  So much machine for the $$, I actually expected to have to deal with some issues but outside that one thing it’s performed flawlessly.  

It has all kinds of power, I think it’s noisy and hot but friends that have other brands say mine is better to ride in than theirs, that hot and noisy is just the way a UTV is.” -Ian S., CFMoto Forum

Positive Review Two

“Our UForce 1000 is a frigging beast. It’s tackled trails I didn’t think it could handle. Plenty of power, and then some. 

It could use a little more ground clearance but it comes with a tough skid plate. It gets great fuel economy.

We picked it over the Polaris and Honda, and saved $6k.  I’ve gotten used to the throttle but it is sensitive, real sensitive.” -Thor B., UForce Owners FB Group

Positive Review Three

“Wanted a SXS my wife could also enjoy so I let her test drive all the brands. She fell in love with the U1000 and we’ve really enjoyed it so far.  

Try finding an adjustable drivers seat In a SXS under $20k.  Roof, winch, alum wheels?  All standard.  

The clutch takes a little getting used to, but it is a solid built machine.  Buy from a dealer who knows the brand and can service it when needed and you can’t go wrong.” -Kevin F., UForce Owners FB Group

CFMoto UForce – 3 Most Helpful Negative Owner Reviews

Negative Review One

“UForce 600 owner here, I find it loud. It doesn’t seem to be the motor, as when you hear it idle or rev in neutral it’s quiet. 

I think it’s like a resonance with all the plastic etc.  It’s not unbearable, just a bit annoying.

The clutch engagement is also way too high. It doesn’t engage until around 2300 rpm. I feel it should be 17-1800 rpm.  This is the reason it’s jerky on takeoff.” -Greg M., UForce Owners FB Group

Negative Review Two

“The UForce 600 accelerator pedal takes getting used to. If you put too much of your foot on it, the weight makes it surge when riding on bumpy terrain. I found moving your foot back and only using your toes smooths things out.

It’s also HEAVY! It weighs more than most in its class. I had a tough time in 4WD in soft sand on the Mississippi river on stock tires. Never got stuck, but I had to hit a few hills with some speed to get over them.

And depending on what you’re doing with it, you may find that low end pulling power is lacking.  I did pull a large pecan log out of the woods and it bogged the machine but I did ultimately get it out.”  -Christian F., UForce FB Owners Group

Negative Review Three

“If you drive one, you will likely find the clutch engagement jerky. It gets better when broken in and the drive modes on the 22 model are supposed to help. 

Most people are able to adapt and get by just fine once used to it. Some people cannot and can fix the problem with a little clutch work. 

Other than that, SXS are warm, they are noisy and these are as well. Better than some makes, worse than others probably.” -Rick K., UForce Owners FB Group

CFMoto ZForce – 3 Most Helpful Positive Owner Reviews

Positive Review One

Just bought the new ZForce 950 and traded in an old ZForce 1000.  Night and day difference.

The power is much better, enough to compete with the RZRs and Mavericks even.

The acceleration and throttle response is awesome and a big improvement, there’s plenty of pull right off the line.

The ride is still not as smooth as a similar Can Am, but for $5K less well worth it!” -Adam A., ZForce Owners FB Group

Positive Review Two

“My 2020 ZForce is still chugging along. 4500 miles and still dependable as all get out.

One thing I like is that it’s very clear that CFMoto has been listening to its customers and making positive changes year over year…you can really see that in what’s changed in these models since grabbed mine.”  -Chad F., ZForce Owners FB Group

Positive Review Three

“I have a 2018 Z-Force 1000 and ride it pretty rough. More mud riding than trail riding but it has 1100 hours on it and nothing g has broken. 

I feel like mine is a beast without any upgrades.” -Melissa J., ZForce Owners FB Group

CFMoto ZForce – 3 Most Helpful Negative Owner Reviews

Negative Review One

“I really like my 2023 ZForce 950 Sport but there is one thing that has me very concerned. The reason why there is no parking brake. 

Especially when trailering. Sure you strap it down to the trailer but I have always trailered in neutral.

I have also had an issue with not being able to get the shifter out of Park because of having the SxS on a slight incline and you simply cannot get it out till you take the load off. 

I just think it is absolutely insane not to have an emergency brake.” -Kevin S., CFMoto Forum

Negative Review Two

“Two real complaints with my CFMoto ZForce 950.  First, the ride is a bit jerky.  Am told the clutch kits will fix this but have yet to install one.

Second, the brakes straight sucked for a month before I was able to work them in, though they’re fine now.  For as much $$ as I paid, I expected better.”  -Paul T., CFMoto Forum

Negative Review Three

“I like our ZForce but won’t buy another one. 

Comparing the a-arms from other similar models you can tell a big difference in quality and how much better other machines are built.” -Brian P., ZForce Owners FB Group

CFMoto CForce – 3 Most Helpful Positive Owner Reviews

Positive Review One

“Have the CForce 1000 Overland – awesome machine! Mine’s been amazing. Over 1600 miles in the first year. 

Only real con I can think of is its size. It’s a big ATV. Depending on the type of riding you do, that could be annoying. It has a pretty wide turn radius. 

Other than that…this thing is an absolute beast! Tons of power, it can climb over anything, and is unstoppable on the trails.” -Ryan G., CForce Owners FB Group

Positive Review Two

“I live in New Zealand and I work at a CFMoto dealership, most of the quads are used every day for farm use and it is common to see them well over 20-30,000 kms or 15,000 plus miles still going strong. 

We have noticed that the quads are good quality and seem to hold up well to your normal driving, but if they’re driven hard on trails, through mud and water, etc., over time they won’t hold up to that sort of use.” -Rodger T., CFMoto Forum

Positive Review Three

“Just picked up the CForce 1000 Overland a week ago.  About 125 miles already and I’m very impressed.  

Solid, solid machine, plenty of power for what I use it for. Smooth ride.  Everything seems quality and maintenance access is extremely convenient.” -Anthony T., CForce Owners FB Group

CFMoto CForce – 3 Most Helpful Negative Owner Reviews

Negative Review One

“I have a ‘22 CForce 600, the clutching is beyond annoying. 

I feel like when i’m in Low the RPMs go to 4000-5000 before it starts to move. It’s also very jerky in forward and reverse.” -Aaron B., CFMoto Forum

Negative Review Two

“Bought the 2022 CForce 600 and want to like it for the bang for my buck, but I can’t get over how loud they are.  Leaves my ears ringing after riding.

Also the gear shifting tends to be tough, especially going from Reverse to Neutral.  If I could go back I think I would just spend up for a Polaris.” -James Z., CForce Owners FB Group

Negative Review Three

“Have two 21 800XC’s. No trouble and love riding them. Only complaint was when riding trails less than 10 mph they would get very hot on the right leg. 

I had blisters on my right calf after a 2 hour ride last year. Sent the ECM to Powersports tuning to be flashed with a tune that wasn’t overly lean to meet EPA guidelines. 

Runs much cooler now plus more power and quicker throttle response.” -George G., CForce Owners FB Group

What Owners Love About CFMoto

  • Tough to find better performance for the price across respective industries.
  • Loaded with accessories that are usually only included as extras in bigger name models and make them both trail/road ready from the jump.
  • All models offer good versatility, finding a good balance between working ability and recreational appeal.
  • CFMoto engines have improved over the years, now known to be both dependable and durable as long as you service and care for them.
  • Engine power is not far off from bigger-name models and gives these machines the ability to tackle pretty much any terrain depending upon the model.
  • CFMoto clearly listens to customer feedback.  May not always happen as fast as owners would like, but they do make upgrades to their vehicles based on what owners are saying.

What Drives Owners Mad About CFMoto

  • Pre-2022 CFMoto ATV, UTV, and SXS models are all known to suffer from clutching issues that cause a jerky ride at lower speeds while accelerating.  This has been addressed in newer models but still affects some of them to a degree.
  • Excessive heat can be an issue in the cabs of the UTV/SXS models and on the legs of those riding the ATVs.
  • Replacement parts are hard to come by and can leave your vehicle in the shop for weeks or even months at a time while you wait for a part to come in.
  • The single-cylinder CFMoto engine is known to be louder in the cab than that of competitive models.
  • The speedometer, odometer, and fuel gauge are known to be inaccurate in some models.
  • Depending upon where you live, dealerships who sell/service these machines can be few and far between.  And some mechanics will not work on these due to unfamiliarity with them.

Final Word

CFMoto and their vehicles have only begun to make their mark in the powersports industry.

And while they make for excellent values and offer a number of pros, they don’t come without their drawbacks.

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