Yamaha Raptor 110 Top Speed (Fastest Youth ATV Ever?)

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With the youth ATV market continuing to grow each year, it’s no surprise that Yamaha recently announced the newest model to their ATV lineup as the youth-focused Raptor 110.

This model will take the place of the Yamaha Raptor 90, which was phased out for 2024.

But one look at the Raptor 110, and it’s easy to see that the Raptor 90 lives on in this model, aside from a few tweaks and a slightly modified and more powerful EFI engine.

But what about speed?

Will the Raptor 110 be able to outrun other youth models like the Polaris Outlaw 110 or the Polaris Predator 90?

This guide will answer those questions in reviewing the following:

  • Top speed of the Raptor 110
  • A brief overview of the specs and key features
  • How it stacks up with similar youth ATV models

Yamaha Raptor 110 Top Speed

The new Raptor 110 will be powered by a 112cc single-cylinder engine that is just an improved version of the engine used in the old Raptor 90.

One of the main changes is that this new engine will be fuel-injected, while the Raptor 90’s engine was carbureted.

But this new engine also gets a slightly larger bore, making it more powerful and adding on the 22cc.

With that said, the Yamaha Raptor 110 top speed should fall somewhere right around the 40 mph mark which will be just a hair faster than the old Raptor 90.

About The Raptor 110

The Raptor 110 is made for youth ages ten and up, so it’s not technically made for the youngest, smallest riders.

So it is a little bigger than some of the other mini four wheelers you’ll find geared towards youth, such as the ever-popular Tracker 90 ATV.

And it gets its body styling from one of the fastest sport ATVs out there, as a Mini-Me type clone of its Dr. Evil in the Yamaha Raptor 700.

It’s currently available in teal and blue color selections, and costs $3,599.

How It Compares With Similar Youth ATVs

There are a number of youth models out there, both still in production and phased out, that compete with the Raptor 110 and make for excellent choices for younger riders.

The table below shows how the Raptor 110 will compare top speed-wise to some of its main competitors on the youth ATV scene.

Yamaha Raptor 11040 mph
Yamaha Raptor 9030 mph
Yamaha YFZ 5030 mph
Polaris Outlaw 11030 mph
Can Am DS 9030-35 mph
Can Am Renegade 70 EFI30 mph
Kayo Bull 12535 mph
Yamaha Raptor 12545-48 mph

As you can see, the Raptor 110 should make for one of the fastest youth ATVs in the game, just like the Yamaha Raptor 125 did in the early 2010’s.

But the Raptor 110 won’t just have the speed advantage over most youth ATVs, as it also has the advantage of being fuel-injected.

Most youth models, both new and older, still make use of a carburetor for their fuel delivery.

And these carburetors are known to cause issues like hard starting, stalling, and running rough over time.

Throw in the fact that Yamaha is known for producing the best sport ATV models in the business, and it’s quite likely that the Raptor 110 will take the top spot on the list of best youth ATV models by this time next year.

Final Thought

The new Raptor 110 should be one of the highest-performance youth ATVs available in 2024.

And while some competition like Kayo ATVs may be a bit less expensive, Yamaha now has a model that outperforms them and helps ensure young riders can enjoy their first ATV for years while not outgrowing it as quickly.