Yamaha Grizzly 700 Top Speed – What You Need To Know

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Since replacing the Grizzly 660 in 2007, the Yamaha Grizzly 700 has been regarded as one of the most powerful utility ATVs available.

While the Grizzly 700 has undergone a series of upgrades through the years, its reachable speed has remained constant.

And for a utility ATV, the Grizzly 700 holds its own with some of the fastest stock models in the industry.

So what is the top speed of the Grizzly 700?  And can you make it faster?

This guide will answer those questions, along with highlighting several highly recommended modifications owners can make to truly unleash the full power potential of these models.

Yamaha Grizzly 700 Top Speed

Featuring a 686cc single-cylinder engine with a maximum power output of around 50 horsepower, the Yamaha Grizzly 700 top speed is 65 to 66 mph for those models in fully stock condition.

This is just a hair slower than its close cousin, with a review of the Yamaha Kodiak 700 showing it to be slightly faster.

However, a comparison of the Yamaha Kodiak vs Grizzly details why it offers better acceleration than the Kodiak.

For a utility ATV geared more for low-end torque and power than for top-end speed, the Grizzly 700’s speed is impressive.

That said, many Grizzly 700 owners simply want more speed from their ATV when they feel like opening it up.

And if that sounds like you, there are some modifications you can make to push the top speed of the Grizzly 700 up into the 75+ mph range and put it on par with some of the most well-rounded ATVs out there.

Grizzly 700 Air Intake Upgrade

The air intake system of the Grizzly 700 is made up of components such as the airbox and air filter, and is responsible for helping the engine breathe by funneling in clean air.

Like some of the other speedier Yamaha quads, the Grizzly’s stock intake system is known to choke out the top RPM levels which limits its top-end speed.

To get around this, you can modify the stock airbox by removing the airbox lid or replacing it altogether to increase airflow.  

You’ll also want to upgrade the stock air filter to ensure this increased airflow is free of dirt and debris that can harm the engine.

By upgrading your air intake, you should maximize the amount of clean air able to be fed to the engine which will increase the amount of power it can generate, especially in the upper RPM ranges.

Best Aftermarket Air Intake Upgrades for the Grizzly 700:

  • Barker’s Airbox Kit
  • EHS Racing Airbox Filter Intake Kit
  • UNI Filters
  • K&N Filters

Grizzly 700 Exhaust Upgrade

Your engine will also need to be able to exhale all of this added airflow it breathes in.  By upgrading the stock exhaust system, you’ll provide this airflow with an efficient exit as well.

The more air in AND out, the more overall power your engine can generate.  An upgraded exhaust should increase the amount of torque and overall horsepower generated throughout the gears.

But it doesn’t end there, as an upgraded exhaust will also provide your Grizzly with a more aggressive growl when riding.

Best Aftermarket Exhaust Upgrades for the Grizzly 700:

While your quad will sound better, it will also be louder as an upgraded exhaust will increase the sound output by anywhere from 3 to 7 decibels.

The sound output and styles of each of the highest recommended exhaust upgrades vary, but the power increase they provide should be very similar.

Grizzly 700 ECU Tune with Fuel Controller

Any time you adjust the airflow to or from your engine, it’s extremely important that you tune your quad’s electronic control unit to account for this.

When upgrading the intake and/or exhaust, you’ll need to ensure the proportional amount of fuel flow as well.

Tuning your ECU with the addition of a fuel controller essentially recalculates and adjusts the optimal air to fuel ratios and makes the fuel adjustment needed relative to the increased airflow.

Not only will this improve throttle response, horsepower, and speed at each RPM level and throttle position, but it will also ensure your engine is not damaged after making modifications to the intake/exhaust.

Best Aftermarket Tunes for the Grizzly 700:

Upgrade The Tires

The Grizzly 700 comes equipped with 25-inch diameter stock tires in both the front and rear.

To add 4-5 mph onto your top-end speed, you can move up to 26-inch or 27-inch diameter aftermarket tires.

Use High Octane Fuel

You should be doing this regardless, but running a 91 or 93 octane fuel in your Grizzly 700 will result in higher overall engine performance and speed.

It will also help to prolong the life of the engine components.

Final Thoughts

While the Grizzly 700 is known for its impressive power and ability to tackle pretty much any task, it’s no slouch in the speed department either.

While it won’t keep up with the fastest ATVs in the industry, it does offer plenty of speed to give riders a thrill when riding recreationally.

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