10 Best Electric Side By Sides For 2023

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The electric side by side market is booming, with more and more options becoming available each year to satisfy the growing demand among consumers.

And this demand shows no sign of slowing any time soon, with the market for electric UTVs and side by sides expected to more than quadruple in size by 2030 according to a recent study by PS Market Research.

If you fit into this growing number of outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a quieter, more environmentally-friendly utility vehicle to explore in, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will review:

  • Pros and cons of electric side by sides and UTVs in general
  • Main considerations when evaluating electric side by sides and UTVs
  • Brief overview of the top ten electric side by sides and UTVs for 2023

Pros & Cons of Electric Side By Sides & UTVs

While electric side by sides and UTVs have their benefits over gas models, there are some tradeoffs as well.


  • Environmentally friendly with lower emissions
  • Much quieter – benefits hunting, seeing wildlife, and lifespan of your ears
  • Less maintenance – no more oil changes, refueling, air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, etc.
  • Less-expensive to own long-term


  • Batteries will need to be replaced every few years which isn’t cheap
  • Batteries still require some maintenance, ranging by battery type
  • Creaking and squeaking from suspension/body more noticeable since no longer drowned out by sound of engine
  • Electric motors less powerful, offering limited performance in many models
  • Initial cost more expensive than similar gas models

Main Considerations For An Electric Side By Side

While every electric side by side model is different and has its own pros and cons to weigh, there are a few main factors to consider when deciding on one.

  • Battery Type
    • Lithium-Ion are top quality but more expensive.
    • Dry-Cell require less maintenance but expensive to replace.
    • Lead-Acid are least expensive but require most maintenance.
  • Battery Range
    • How far can you drive in between charges?
  • Power/Torque/Speed
    • What level of performance does it offer?
    • What types of driving does it enable?

Electric Side By Sides And UTVS For 2023

With a growing number of electric side by sides to consider in 2023, I’ve made it easy on you by narrowing down the top ten models and their key features, strengths, and weaknesses.

  1. Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic
  2. Polaris Ranger EV
  3. Tracker EV iS
  4. Hisun Sector E1
  5. HuntVe Game Changer 4×4
  6. Intimidator Classic EV
  7. Vanderhall Brawley
  8. Volcon Stag
  9. American LandMaster EV
  10. Greenworks U800

Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic

Outdoor enthusiasts have been awaiting…and awaiting…and awaiting the arrival of Polaris’ highly anticipated new electric side-by-side, the Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic.

While first available to reserve in December of 2021, Polaris has yet to ship their first batch of these models to those atop the list.  But word is they will go out at some point in the spring of 2023.

The Ranger XP Kinetic will be the first electric model to compete with the performance of many gas UTVs.  And it will be equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

It is offered in two trims, Premium and Ultimate.  Both boast a whopping 110 horsepower, high and low gears, and a top speed of 60 mph.

Battery range is excellent with the Premium getting 45 miles and the Ultimate getting 80 miles between charges, making both solid trail riding options.


  • Powered by lithium-ion batteries
  • Excellent battery range
  • Speed and power equivalent to gas models


  • On backorder with first models yet to ship out
  • Not likely available for order again until at least summer 2023
  • Very expensive

Specs & Features

ColorsIcy White Pearl, Camo
Motor TypeAC (Alternating Current)
Horsepower110 HP
Top Speed60 mph
Battery System & CapacityPremium – Lithium Ion, 14.9 kWhUltimate – Lithium Ion, 29.8 kWh
RangePremium – 45 milesUltimate – 80 miles
Charge Time5 hours
Drive System4WD/2WD/Turf w/ On-Demand 4WD
Front & Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm w/ 10 inches travel
Length x Width x Height120” x 62.5” x 78”
Weight1,980 lbs
Payload Capacity1,500 lbs
Towing Capacity2,500 lbs
Front Tires29 x 9-14, Pro Armor X-Terrain
Rear Tires29 x 11-14, Pro Armor X-Terrain

Polaris Ranger EV

The Polaris Ranger EV is one of the pioneers of the electric side-by-side industry, in existence since 2010.  It is easily the most popular electric UTV of the last decade.

But all good things must end, and the Ranger EV appears to have been discontinued in 2023 to make room for the release of the much-anticipated Ranger XP Kinetic.

This old dog is powered by a single 4-volt motor fueled by eight traditional lead-acid batteries.  It gets around 30 horsepower.

While it doesn’t make the best trail option with a battery range of only 20-25 miles, it does still hold its own in most terrain with ample low end torque.


  • Power is instant and sufficient
  • Compact size makes it maneuverable
  • No problem with mud or snow


  • Batteries wear out fast and expensive to replace
  • Battery range not impressive
  • Battery cells difficult to access for refilling

Specs & Features

ColorsAvalanche Gray, Camo
Motor Type48V AC (Alternating Current)
Horsepower30 HP
Top Speed27 mph
Battery SystemTraditional Lead-Acid
Range20 – 25 miles
Charge Time6 – 8 hours
Front SuspensionMacpherson Strut, 9” travel
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm, 9” travel
Drive System4WD/2WD/Turf w/ On-Demand 4WD
Length x Width x Height110” x 58” x 73”
Weight1,762 lbs
Payload Capacity1,000 lbs
Towing Capacity1,500 lbs
Front Tires25 x 9-12, Carlisle
Rear Tires29 x 9-12, Carlisle

Tracker EV iS

Offered at a number of Bass Pro Shops locations, the Tracker EV iS is the latest electric vehicle from Tracker, which used to be Textron, which used to be Bad Boy Buggies. 

The Tracker EV iS is powered by a 72V system with 38 horsepower and 4WD.  It has plenty of low end grunt to handle hills, mud and snow.  Steep, soft terrain may cause it issues though.

As a compact two-seater it makes for an excellent hunting rig, with its slim body-width ideal for navigating tight trails and wooded areas.  It’s not fast, but it’s not slow either with a top speed of almost 25 mph.


  • Compact size good for trails
  • Good low-end power
  • 16-in ground clearance


  • Range only 16 miles tops
  • Design makes checking and filling rear batteries tough
  • Battery connectors susceptible to rust and failure

Specs & Features

Motor Type72V AC (Alternating Current)
Horsepower38 HP
Top Speed24.5 mph
Battery SystemSix 12-Volt Deep Cycle Batteries (72V)
RangeUp to 16 miles
Charge Time8 – 12 hours
Front SuspensionMacpherson Strut, 5” travel
Rear SuspensionMacpherson Strut, 5” travel
Drive System4WD
Length x Width x Height112” x 53” x 77”
Weight1,710 lbs
Payload Capacity840 lbs
Towing Capacity1,000 lbs
Front Tires25 x 8-12
Rear Tires29 x 10-12

Hisun Sector E1

Though one of the cheapest electric side-by-sides, you wouldn’t know it based on the Hisun Sector E1’s performance.

This model is unique in that it uses dry cell batteries rather than the more common lead-acid batteries used in most other electric side-by-sides.

This is beneficial in that dry cell batteries require less maintenance and are generally regarded as being superior in most ways.

Powered by a 48V motor with around 30 horsepower, they boast good low end power making them great at hauling loads and climbing hills in low gear.

And despite their realistic range being overstated, they still get a respectable 30-35 miles between charges.

They also come standard with a number of accessories only considered extras with other models including a windshield, roof, side mirrors, and a heavy duty winch.


  • Dry cell batteries superior to lead-acid
  • Windshield, roof, 3,500 lb. winch
  • Excellent low end torque
  • Suspension easily soaks up bumps


  • Batteries wear down quickly and expensive to replace
  • Batteries terminals hard to clean due to location
  • Claimed ranged of 42 miles unrealistic
  • Mud flaps not big enough to prevent spray

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Specs & Features

ColorsBlack, Red, Blue, Gray, Camo
Motor Type48V AC (Alternating Current)
Horsepower30 HP
Top Speed24.5 mph
Battery SystemEight 6-Volt Discover Dry Cell Batteries (48V)
RangeClaimed* 42 miles
Charge Time6-10 hours
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm, 7” travel
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm, 7” travel
Drive System2WD/4WD
Length x Width x Height110” x 62” x 73”
Weight2,061 lbs
Cargo Capacity500 lbs
Towing Capacity1,500 lbs
Front Tires27 x 9-14
Rear Tires27 x 11-14

HuntVe Game Changer 4×4

As a model not familiar to many outdoor enthusiasts, the HuntVe Game Changer 4×4 has flown under the radar as one of the better electric side-by-sides in the industry for some time.

As a brand focused strictly on electric utility vehicles, HuntVe takes pride in producing high quality vehicles rather than a high quantity.  And they’re made in Texas.

In true “everything is bigger in Texas” fashion, the Game Changer 4×4 boasts one of the most powerful motors among electric side-by-sides.

Powered by dual direct drive motors with 72V, this model boasts a power output of 40 horsepower and has no issue with mud, sand, snow, or hilly terrain.


  • Made in USA (Texas)
  • One of most powerful electric motors
  • Strict focus on electric side-by-sides


  • Limited dealer network
  • Dump bed doesn’t tilt high enough to fully empty
  • Turn radius makes turning around on trails tricky

Specs & Features

Motor Type72V DC, Dual Direct Drive Motors
Horsepower40 HP
Top Speed25 mph
Battery System260 amp hour rated battery packMax Ranger Batteries
Range20-25 miles
Charge TimeNA
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm, Independent
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm, Independent
Drive System2WD/4WD
Length x Width x Height114” x 57” x 76”
Dry Weight1,175 lbs
Vehicle Capacity950 lbs
Towing CapacityNA
Front & Rear Tires25” AT (6 Ply)

Intimidator Classic EV

True to its name, the Intimidator Classic EV is one of the biggest electric side-by-sides in the industry.  Needless to say, tight trails are not its specialty.

Powered by a 48V motor with around 30 horsepower, this machine is not the fastest or most nimble.  But it can still move pretty well for a big machine, topping out at a respectable 23 mph.

Excellent low end power and torque make the Intimidator Classic a straight workhorse.  Put it in low gear, activate 4WD and lock the differential, and there’s not a steep hill it can’t climb.

The main drawback is that the range between charges is not good with this machine.

Depending on the temperature, terrain, and whether driving in 4×4, range is around 8 miles on the low end and 15 miles on the high end.


  • Excellent low end torque for working
  • Able to crawl up steepest of inclines


  • Wheels sling mud into battery compartment
  • Heavy weight can be problematic in mud
  • Suspension known to squeak over time
  • Lower range than most other electric models

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Specs & Features

ColorsGreen, Orange, Gray, Camo
Motor Type48V AC (Alternating Current)
Horsepower30 HP
Top Speed23 mph
Battery SystemEight 6-Volt Lead Acid Batteries (48V)
Range10-15 miles
Charge Time10-13 hours
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm, 10” travel
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm, 10” travel
Drive System2WD/4WD
Length x Width x Height113” x 63” x 78”
Weight2,069 lbs
Payload Capacity1,200 lbs
Towing Capacity1,500 lbs
Front Tires27 x 9-14
Rear Tires27 x 11-14

Vanderhall Brawley

The Vanderhall Brawley may as well be a small SUV, but is technically an electric UTV.  

Current production is sold out on the model, but it is not yet known when the first round of vehicles will be shipped to those who have reserved one.

The Brawley is unique in a number of ways.  It boasts a 300V system and four motors, with one supplying power to each wheel.   It gets a whopping 303 horsepower.

There are two different models, with the Brawley GT base model being a little more open but still offering a  number of luxuries and two separate off-road driving modes.

The upgraded model, the Brawley GTS, features a fully enclosed cab, numerous luxuries, and four separate off-road driving modes.

The GTS also boasts 404 horsepower and 200 miles of battery range.  It comes in at a price tag of just under $50,000.


  • Top performance in industry
  • 140/200 miles battery range
  • Not a terrain it can’t conquer
  • Luxuries and build of small SUV


  • Very expensive
  • Production sold out
  • No timeline on shipping out

Specs & Features

ColorsBlue, Green
Motor Type300V AC, Four electric motors
Horsepower303 HP
Top SpeedN/A
Battery SystemLithium ion, 40 kWh
Range140 miles
Charge TimeN/A
Suspension22” of travel
Drive System2WD / 4WD
Length x Width x Height147.5” x 76” x 69.5”
Front & Rear Tires35 inches

Volcon Stag

The all-new Volcon Stag is available to reserve with the first units expected to be shipped out in the summer of 2023.

The Stag appears that it will be the highest-performance electric side-by-side available, at least for the time being.  And the build-style echoes this, with an appealing design that blends sport and utility.

This four-seater boasts a 107KW motor that gets 125 horsepower and reaches a top speed of 80 mph.  

It also features Eco Mode and Sport Mode, giving riders the option to focus on either power or speed.  And there’s an optional Overboost Mode that can be added to increase the horsepower to 140.

General Motors electric propulsion systems powers the Stag giving it an excellent battery range of over 100 miles.  Factor in its long-travel suspension, and it makes an excellent trail option.


  • Made in USA (Texas)
  • Top battery range in class
  • Highest-performance electric model


  • Most expensive electric model
  • First units not shipping until summer 2023

Specs & Features

Motor Type107 KW
Horsepower125 HP
Top Speed80 mph
RangeOver 100 miles
Charge TimeLess than 6 hours
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm
Drive System2WD/On-Demand 4WD
Payload Capacity1,550 lbs
Towing Capacity2,000 lbs
Front & Rear Tires30 x 10-5, 30 x 10-15, BF Goodrich Mud Terrain

American LandMaster EV 4WD

The American LandMaster EV is an electric side-by-side geared towards hunting and working.  It is offered in three different models – a 2WD, a 2WD Crew, and a 4WD.

The LandMaster EV 4WD features a 48V motor powered by lithium-ion batteries.  It gets a solid battery range of up to 50 miles between charges and can hit a top speed of 30 mph.

Though American Landmaster is one of the less familiar UTV brands in the industry, they do make a number of quality utility vehicles. That said, like any line of UTVs, Landmasters do have some common issues.


  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Battery range up to 50 miles
  • Excellent suspension system


  • Only climbs hills up to 25 degrees
  • Light in power department

Specs & Features

ColorsCamo, Blue, Gray, Black, Red
Motor Type48V AC Motor
Horsepower16 HP
Top Speed30 mph
Battery SystemDC Lithium-Ion
RangeUp to 50 miles
Charge TimeN/A
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm, 8” travel
Rear SuspensionIndependent Trailing Arm, 8” travel
Drive System2WD/4WD
Length x Width x Height110” x 58” x 76”
Curb Weight1,350 lbs
Towing Capacity1,200  lbs
Front & Rear Tires25 inches

Greenworks U800

The Greenworks U800 was released in 2019 and is offered through Greenworks Commercial, who traditionally specializes in outdoor power equipment like mowers, blowers, and pressure washers.

This model was the first-ever commercial grade UTV powered by lithium-ion batteries.  It boasts an 82V motor and 31 horsepower, hitting a top speed of 29 mph.

As a work-focused utility vehicle, it offers good towing and hauling capacity and makes an excellent option for tackling work tasks around your property.

The battery range is impressive, offering 75 miles between charges.  And a heater was recently added to the battery to enhance performance in low temperatures.


  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Excellent battery range
  • Solid towing and hauling capability


  • Expensive
  • Steep terrain will give it issues
  • Some interior components lower quality

Specs & Features

ColorsBlack, Camo
Motor Type82V AC Induction (equivalent to 496cc)
Horsepower31 HP
Top Speed29 mph
Battery SystemLithium Ion, 16kWh
Range75 miles
Charge Time12 hours
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm, Independent
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm, Independent
Drive System2WD / On-Demand 4WD
Length x Width x Height118” x 61” x 76”
Weight1,676 lbs
Payload Capacity1,000 lbs
Towing Capacity1,500 lbs
Front & Rear TiresF – 28 x 9-14, R – 28 x 11-14


This guide should bring you up to speed on the electric side by sides and UTVs available in the ever growing electric vehicle market, and help weigh the pros and cons of each model.

Which model you ultimately decide on should depend upon how and where you plan to drive it, as well as how much you’re comfortable paying.