Kayo Bull 125 Reviews (Best Youth ATV Value?)

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As ATVs become more and more popular among the younger crowd, the number of youth options to choose from continues to grow.

Kayo has begun to make a name for themselves with their focus on youth and smaller-size ATVs.

A review of Kayo’s full line of ATVs will help you to understand whether or not these models are truly the bargain they appear to be as some of the least expensive youth options.

One of the more popular models is the Kayo Bull 125.

This guide will offer a detailed Kayo Bull 125 review including this model’s top speed, specs, and pros and cons.

About The Kayo Bull 125

The Bull 125 is Kayo’s smallest youth utility ATV, recommended for riders ages ten years and older.  

As a utility model, it offers decent low-end power and acceleration that make it suitable for light trail riding and just enough top-end speed to offer younger riders a thrill.

And while it offers plenty of fun for younger riders, it also offers peace of mind to parents with a number of included safety features.

Much like the rest of the Kayo ATVs, it makes for an excellent value as one of the least expensive youth options in the industry while not sacrificing much in terms of performance.

Pros & Cons

While most owners have nothing but good things to say about this Chinese-made quad, there are some drawbacks to this model as well.  

Here are the main pros and cons of the Kayo Bull 125:


  • Reasonable price compared to other youth quads
  • Enough power to traverse hills and trails with throttle limiter adjusted
  • Number of safety features to keep parents at ease
  • Includes accessories not offered on many youth ATVs
  • Minimal engine noise
  • Perfect size and build for kids ages ten years and older


  • Stock carburetor may need to be adjusted or replaced due to stalling and bogging down issues it is known to cause
  • Drive chain tends to pop off occasionally and may need to be tightened
  • Plastics prone to cracking from abuse
  • Typically needs a few minutes to warm up before able to run at peak performance
  • 3.5 inches of ground clearance makes it susceptible to bottoming out over obstacles
  • .55 gallon fuel tank makes for short rides and plenty of refueling
  • Final assembly often takes place at dealerships and can lead to loose nuts and bolts

For more on some of the drawbacks of Kayo ATVs, check out this guide to common Kayo ATV problems.

Safety Features

As a youth ATV, safety is a priority with the Kayo Bull 125.  And this model features three added safety features that will put parents at ease.

But its best safety feature is probably its size, as the most important aspect to consider with younger kids operating an ATV is it being appropriately-sized for them to easily handle.

The Bull 125 is an excellent fit for its intended rider age range of 10 years and up, with its smaller build and lighter weight making it easy for kids to maneuver.

Throttle Limiter

Like the Kayo Fox 70 and all other Kayo youth models, the Bull 125 is fitted with a throttle limiter that restricts the top speed of the vehicle out of the box.

This throttle limiter amounts to an adjustable screw on the throttle box and can be easily modified to increase or decrease the reachable speed of the quad.

Safety Tether

This model also comes with an optional safety tether that plugs into the engine stop switch on the handlebar and is worn around the wrist of the driver.  

In case the rider were to fall off and disconnect it, the engine would then be killed and not able to restart until reconnected.

Electronic Kill Button

The Bull 125 also comes equipped with an electronic kill button in the form of a remote control that parents can hold and push to kill the engine.  

The engine will then need to be unlocked via this same button in order to restart.

Exterior Features

The Bull 125 features an attractive and stylish build, looking like a true mini utility ATV.  It’s offered in white or black color styles.

This model offers dual front headlights, turn signals, and a front storage rack up front.

Its seat is spacious enough for a small adult and plenty comfortable.  The legroom extending down to the footwells is plenty comfortable for any riders 5’6” and under.

The rear of the quad offers another storage rack, safety flag mount, two tail lights and two turn signals.

Kayo Bull 125 Top Speed

As a youth model with a small engine geared more towards low-end acceleration than top speed, the Kayo Bull 125 top speed is around 32 to 35 mph.

But it will take some adjusting to be able to reach this range, as the adjustable throttle limiter comes fully tightened out of the box limiting the top speed to around 15 mph.

To adjust this, you’ll need to unscrew the throttle limiter screw on the back of the throttle box counter clockwise.

The more you unscrew it, the more play the throttle will have and more range the ATV will have when it comes to speed, acceleration, and power.

Specs & Key Features

Engine & Transmission

Boasting an air-cooled 124cc engine, the Bull 125 has enough power to comfortably motor younger riders, including smaller teenagers, around most terrains.

The engine is tuned with low-end power and torque in mind, offering better acceleration than it does top-end speed.  This makes riding most soft terrain, such as mud or sand, a breeze for smaller riders.

The engine is mated to a fully automatic transmission with Forward, Neutral, and Reverse gear settings.  

The addition of a Reverse setting makes trail riding much easier and is helpful if getting stuck in the mud.

Like all youth ATVs, the Bull 125 is chain-driven with the chain providing power to the rear wheels.  This model does not offer 4WD.

Engine TypeFour-Stroke, SOHC
Cylinder ArrangementForward-inclined single-cylinder
Engine CoolingAir-Cooled
Fuel SystemCarburetor
Fuel Capacity.55 Gallons
Drive SystemChain Drive
Transmission TypeFully Automatic CVT
GearsSingle Speed
Gear Shift PatternF – N – R

Tires & Brakes

The Kayo Bull 125 comes equipped with 19-inch tires in front and 18-inch tires in the rear.  The stock tires offer plenty of traction and stability in most terrains for young riders.

The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are operated by brake levers on the handlebars and provide plenty of stopping power in any terrain.  

The brake levers are perfectly situated for small hands and fingers to be able to reach and squeeze.

Front Tires19 x 7-8
Rear Tires18 x 9.5-8
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeHydraulic Disc


The Bull 125 features a Double A-Arm suspension in front and an adjustable single shock in the rear.

With the rear shock being adjustable, riders have the flexibility to adjust the preload setting for a firmer or softer ride.

The suspension does a good job of soaking up bumps and holes so that young riders aren’t jolted in rough terrain.

Wheelbase35.4 inches
Ground Clearance3.5 inches
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arms
Rear SuspensionSingle Shock w/ Adjustable Preload


As the smallest utility ATV offered by Kayo, the Bull 125 is still slightly bulkier than Kayo’s sport ATVs in the same power class.

It closely resembles the Kayo Bull 200, but with a more compact build.  This compact size makes it an excellent trail riding option.

Length55 inches
Width33 inches
Height36 inches
Seat Height24.8 inches
Weight231 lbs.

Kayo Bull 125 Price

The manufacturer suggested retail price of a new Kayo Bull 125 is $1,799.  Used models can be had for anywhere from $900 to $1700 depending upon the age and condition.

About Kayo

Kayo was established by a former Honda engineer in 2002 with an initial focus on motorcycles.  They have expanded their focus over the years to include dirt bikes, pit bikes, and ATVs.

Kayo’s line of ATVs consists of nine different models, most of them youth-specific.  The engines and components are manufactured in China, and then assembled and sold through dealers in the United States.

Final Thoughts

The Kayo Bull 125 makes an excellent option for parents looking to give younger riders their first experience with off-roading.

And while offered at budget-friendly prices, their performance doesn’t suffer as a result.

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