Polaris RZR 800 Top Speed (Some Models Faster Than Others)

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If you wanted to go faster than any other side-by-side back in the late 2000’s, the RZR 800 was your ticket.

When it was introduced in 2007 this model was the quickest and fastest sport side-by-side available, offering lightning quick acceleration and plenty of top-end speed when you maxed it out.

And while times have changed since then and a number of faster, more powerful Polaris RZR models have come along, the RZR 800 can still keep pace with many of today’s faster side-by-sides.

And used RZR 800 models make the list of best used side-by-sides for sale under $5,000, offering you the ability to let it rip on the cheap.

Some RZR 800 Models Are Faster Than Others

Before you settle on buying one, you need to understand the difference in RZR 800 models, because some are faster and more capable than others.

Different models get different top-end speeds, and some models from specific years are faster than other models from specific years.

I highly recommend reading this full review of the Polaris RZR 800 before deciding which one to pull the trigger on.

This guide to the common problems with Polaris RZR 800 will also help bring you up to speed on these models.

But in terms of real speed, the following guide will help you differentiate between the different RZR 800 models, including:

  • Which models can go faster than others
  • Which years can go faster than others
  • Which models have a feature that limits the speed
  • How to remove the speed limiter feature to make these models faster

RZR 800 Top Speed By Model

There are two main RZR 800 models that get two different top-end speeds.

  • RZR 800
  • RZR 800S

The Polaris RZR 800 is the standard model, which debuted first.  It was followed a few years later by the RZR 800S, which is a slightly upgraded model.

These models get two different top-end speeds, though they’re not all that far apart in stock condition.

And then there are two different ranges of years of the RZR 800 standard model that get two different top-end speeds.

  • RZR 800 (2008-2009)
  • RZR 800 (2010+)

RZR 800 Top Speed (2008-2009 Models)

The first two RZR 800 models can reach a top speed of around 57 mph.

These models are a bit slower than the standard models and 800S models that would follow.

This is because 2008 and 2009 RZR 800’s were installed with a clutch spacer that served to limit their reachable top-end speed.

This clutch spacer can be removed to make the model a bit faster, which we’ll detail further on in the guide.

RZR 800 Top Speed (2010+ Models)

Standard RZR 800 models made after 2009 are not installed with this clutch spacer, enabling them to go faster than models from previous years.

The RZR 800 top speed for 2010 and later models is a slightly faster 60-62 mph depending on the terrain and number of riders.

RZR 800S Top Speed

The RZR 800S models that debuted alongside the standard RZR 800 models a few years later were slightly bigger and offered a slightly faster top-end speed.

The Polaris RZR 800S top speed is between 62 and 65 mph depending upon the terrain and rider weight.

Make, Model, YearTop Speed
RZR 800 (2008-2009)57 mph
RZR 800 (2010+)60-62 mph
RZR 800S62-65 mph

Removing The Clutch Spacer For More Speed

For those who have or are looking at purchasing a 2008 or 2009 RZR 800 standard model, you have the option of removing the clutch spacer to add a bit more top-end speed to your side-by-side.

This clutch spacer amounts to a black plastic ring that’s about an inch wide, which moves back and forth on the shaft in the clutch.

Removing it is pretty simple and will only take about fifteen minutes.

You’ll need to remove the seats, and then take out the plastic center divider as well.

From there, you’ll be able to see the clutch cover, which you’ll need to remove as well.  Once the clutch cover is removed, you’ll be able to see the clutch spacer and remove it.

Upon removing it, your RZR 800 should be able to reach a top speed between 3-5 mph faster and be able to match the later year standard RZR 800 models.

Final Word

It’s a bit confusing, but between the RZR 800 models there are three different top speed ranges.

All are quite similar though, and there are some modifications you can make to the slower stock models to have them just about on the same level with the faster stock models.

As mentioned above, be sure and read this full review of the strengths and weaknesses of the Polaris RZR 800 models before settling on which one to buy.