7 Best Used Side By Sides For Sale Under $5,000

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If you’re in the market for a used side-by-side and are looking to spend less than $5,000, you’ll actually find quite a few options.

As you’d probably expect though, most of these options are going to be older models with plenty of mileage to them already.

The good news is there are some older side-by-sides that are well-known for their build quality, and even at a price of $5,000 and under will continue chugging right along like they’re brand new for years to come assuming they’ve been properly cared for.

This guide will highlight the seven best used side-by-sides you can find for sale under $5,000 these days, along with some brief detail on the good and bad with each model.

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#1 – Yamaha Rhino 660

The top option on the list of best side-by-sides you can buy for under $5,000 is the Yamaha Rhino 660.

These models were made from 2003-2012, and were the epitome of what a true utility vehicle looks, rides, and works like.

A review of the Rhino 660 shows that this model is one of the most dependable, durable used UTVs that money can buy – even all these years later.

About as well-rounded as you could find in a side-by-side during their heyday, the Rhino 660 still offers a great blend of working ability and recreational appeal.

They’re not the fastest, but they offer just enough speed to give you a thrill.  And they’re great on the trails, with there really not being many terrains they can’t conquer when thrown into 4WD with the differential locked.

Depending upon the year and condition, you’ll generally find used Rhino 660’s in the range of $4,500 to $7,500.

As long as the used unit you settle on has been cared for properly, and assuming you continue to do the same for it, these machines will fire right up year after year.

#2 – Honda Pioneer 500

If you’re looking for a basic but reliable used side-by-side that will rarely need a visit to the shop, the Honda Pioneer 500 should be on your radar.

One of the big pluses with buying a used Pioneer 500 is that these models only date back to around 2015, so regardless of the year they’ll still be fairly new by side-by-side standards.

These are Honda’s smallest and least powerful utility models, very simple yet very capable of tackling most working tasks and riding you around your property casually.

Read a review of the Pioneer 500 and you’ll see that it stands out from every model on this list (and most in the industry) in that it is equipped with a true automatic transmission, void of a drive belt.

This has its advantages and disadvantages, but leads to much less need for drive-belt related maintenance and repairs over time.

These models are slightly underpowered, aren’t very fast, and lack a rear cargo bed.

But they’re known as the “billy goats” of the industry as they can crawl up and through almost any terrain, and the rear utility racks in the back can still haul up to around 450 lbs.

#3 – Polaris RZR 800

If you’re looking for a true sport side-by-side for under $5K, a used RZR 800 is likely going to be your only option.

Every now and then you’ll see a used Arctic Cat Wildcat for sale in this price range, but it’s pretty rare.

A full review of the RZR 800 shows it was once the king of sport side-by-sides, starting with its introduction in 2007.

It features a big Pro-Star V-Twin engine with around 55 HP, Bosch EFI, On Demand 4WD, and a pretty impressive top speed.

This model is quite compact, with its 50-inch width making it suitable for most any trail.  Its size also lends to its excellent agility, with it also being quick and responsive.

The RZR 800 isn’t as fast as modern-day RZR’s, but it still makes for an excellent trail riding option and offers plenty of speed to give you a thrill when you open it up.

#4 – Polaris Ranger 570

A review of the Polaris Ranger 570 shows why it is one of Polaris’ best-selling utility side-by-side models, and has been since it debuted in 2014.

Even new, these are the cheapest utility models offered by Polaris.  And they’re offered for just under $12,000 for 2024.

So used Polaris Ranger 570’s for sale under $5K are likely going to be from the early days, between 2014 and 2016, and have plenty of mileage already under their belts.

Either way, this model has been as rock solid as ever since its introduction, so a well-cared-for model should continue running well into the future.

Used Ranger 570’s are all equipped with Polaris’ signature 567cc ProStar engine that puts out around 40 HP and offers excellent towing/hauling ability.  Factor in 4WD, and there’s really nowhere these models won’t go.

Many of these models do lack power steering, engine braking, and many accessories.  And the Ranger 570 does suffer from some common problems.

But they offer one of the best utility/recreational mixes you’ll find in this class, and are one of the most well-built side-by-sides in the industry.

#5 – Kawasaki Mule 610

The Kawasaki Mule 610 was produced from 2005 to 2016.  Like the animal they’re named for, these models aren’t much to look at but just plain get the job done.

It was eventually phased out for the Kawasaki Mule SX, which is one of the best new cheap side-by-side options available currently.

If you read a review of Kawasaki Mules, you’ll find that these utility vehicles have really earned a reputation as some of the most durable and dependable models money can buy, and the Mule 610 is no different.

This model is convenient in that its compact size enables it to fit into the bed of a full-size pickup and its narrow width means it can ride some of the tightest trails and wooded areas.

The main drawback with this model is that it’s slow as molasses and offers very little in the way of recreational appeal, but if you don’t mind a stiff ride from the limited suspension set-up it can go virtually anywhere off-road that doesn’t involve deep water crossings.

Most of the used Mule 610’s you’ll find for under $5,000 are going to be in the 2005 to 2009 year range.

But if you find a used model in good shape and you keep it that way, this Kawasaki Mule should last a long, long time yet to come.

#6 – Polaris Ranger XP 700

The Polaris Ranger XP 700 was one of the first 4×4 Rangers produced, starting around the 2004 timeline.

They were the ultimate utility focused side-by-sides at the time, and are much bigger in size than many similar side-by-sides.

For a bigger model, these vehicles are a bit underpowered, with their big V-Twin engines only putting out around 40 HP.

But that’s plenty of power to tow 1,750 lbs and haul up to 1,000 lbs in the rear cargo bed, making these models true workhorses.

They’re slow, but they actually perform pretty well out on the trails and can power up the steepest hills and mountainous terrain with no issues.

You’ll find a pretty wide range of used models for less than $5,000, dating all the way back to the earliest in 2005.

Many will have plenty of mileage on them, but that shouldn’t be of much concern given the build quality of these models.

#7 – Coleman UT400

The Coleman UT400 is a side-by-side manufactured by Hisun Motors out of China and sold under the Coleman Powersports name.

If you’re not familiar with them, a review of Hisun UTVs shows they actually produce some pretty underrated vehicles in terms of quality.

A review of the Coleman UT400 itself will give you more detail on the strengths and weaknesses of this model, but it’s safe to say it’s one of the more basic side-by-sides – meant for light working tasks and casual driving around the property or neighborhood.

It’s equipped with a 393cc single-cylinder Hisun engine that gets 28 horsepower and gives it a respectable 1,200 lbs towing capacity and rear cargo bed capacity of 330 lbs.

Like many of Hisun’s UTVs, this model comes flush with accessories including hard to plastic roof, windshield, sculpted seats, and a steel rear cargo bed.

You can find used models for under $5,000 that only date back a few years with light mileage on them, as even new models are pretty cheap starting around $8K.

If you don’t mind an off-brand vehicle with limited recreational appeal but does well with working tasks and casual off-road riding, give the Coleman UT400 a look.

Final Word

When looking to buy a used side-by-side for under $5,000, you’re obviously going to want to ensure that it appears to have been cared for over time.

If the engine, transmission, or other internal components haven’t been serviced regularly and aren’t in great shape, it doesn’t really matter what model you buy as you’re probably going to run into issues with it sooner rather than later.

But for models that have been taken care of by their previous owners, these seven side-by-sides make for the best used options you’ll find under $5K.

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