Tracker 450 ATV Review, Owner Complaints & Common Problems In 2024

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A review of Tracker ATVs shows the American-based company recently made some welcome changes to their line of ATVs.

The Tracker 450 ATV benefitted from this, and has seen its popularity increase over the last couple of years as a result.

But while this model offers plenty of good qualities, it does have some flaws you’ll want to consider before you open your billfold for one.

This Tracker 450 ATV review will highlight all the good and bad among the following areas:

  • Recent changes to the model
  • Build quality and performance
  • Design and durability
  • Key features and accessories
  • Main owner likes
  • Main owner complaints
  • 3 common problems with this model

About The Tracker 450 & Recent Changes

The Tracker 450 ATV is Tracker’s mid-size ATV offering, sandwiched in between the smaller Tracker 300 and the bigger Tracker 600.

Like Tracker Off Road’s other vehicles including the Tracker 90 youth ATV, you’ll find these models offered through many Bass Pro and Cabela’s locations across North America.

They’re offered in three different color options including camo, red, and white.

As mentioned above, Tracker recently made a few changes including:

  • Moved the engine location back further for better stability and easier access.
  • Shortened the exhaust pipe and redirected it to alleviate excessive heat issues.

But there’s a change they forgot to make with the 4WD switch that causes issues and will be detailed along with some other drawbacks further along in this guide.

Tracker 450 ATV Reviews – Build Quality & Performance


The Tracker 450 is brought to life by a 443cc single-cylinder engine made by Kymco, with Kymco engines having a long track record of being about as solid as they come.

Read a review of the Kawasaki Brute Force 300, the Arctic Cat Alterra 300/450 or the Tracker 300, and you’ll see that Kymco engines also power these models.

The engine offers excellent low-end power and torque, so you get off the line pretty quick on this quad and it has no problem with mud, snow, sand, or the steepest hills.

And even for bigger riders, you’ll have no problem getting to where you want to go without sacrificing performance thanks to the engine power.

This model is fuel-injected, giving it a slight leg up on the carbureted Tracker 300.

Just as a review of Tracker UTVs show how they pride themselves on being quiet, the engine noise from the Tracker 450 ATV is minimal.

Engine Type4 Stroke, SOHC
Cylinder ArrangementSingle-Cylinder
Engine CoolingLiquid-Cooled
Fuel DeliveryEFI
Fuel Capacity4.3 US Gallons


This model offers you the ability to select from either 2WD or 4WD via a cable-operated switch on the right handlebar.

This switch is one of the weak spots of this machine, as the cable is prone to breaking and its location is pretty inconvenient.

The same design was used in the Tracker 600 but was replaced a couple of years ago, so hopefully Tracker will make the move to the better-designed electric switch in this model soon as well.

You can select between High and Low ranges, and when you throw this model in Low and 4WD there’s not many places it can’t go.

When in Reverse, this vehicle will only be able to go a certain speed unless you use the “reverse override” button located on the left handlebar which will permit it to go faster.

This model also comes equipped with a throttle limiter screw on the throttle, so if you have younger kids riding you can adjust the achievable speed of the 450.

Mated to the engine is an automatic CVT, which makes for easy and smooth shifts.

Drive System2WD/4WD
Transmission TypeAutomatic CVT
GearsH – L – N  – R – P


In both the front and rear, the Tracker 450 is equipped with a Double A-Arm suspension set-up which offers 7.5 inches of front travel and 7 inches of rear travel.

This suspension style makes trail riding and rough terrain about as smooth and comfortable as it gets for a utility ATV, doing a good job of soaking up chop and bumps.

You get an impressive 10 inches of ground clearance, so rutted trails and driving over obstacles should be no problem on this model.

Even so, the wheelbase is long enough and the machine sits low enough to provide good stability when cornering or tackling uneven mountainous terrain.

Wheelbase48 in
Ground Clearance10 in
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm
Front Travel7.5 in
Rear Travel7.0 in

Tires & Brakes

The stock tires in all four corners are 25-inch diameter Kenda Pathfinders, with the rear tires being a bit wider than those in front.

The tires feature an aggressive tread pattern and are great on any surface including pavement, dirt, rocks, sand or snow.

There are hydraulic disc brakes at all four wheels, with a single-lever brake lever on the handlebar and foot brake in the footwell.

Together these brakes can stop this model on a dime in just about any terrain.

Front Tires25 x 8-12 Kenda Pathfinder
Rear Tires25 x 10-12 Kenda Pathfinder
WheelsPowder Coated Steel
Front Brake TypeHydraulic Disc 
Rear Brake TypeHydraulic Disc 

Dimensions & Capacities

For a mid-size ATV, this model is fairly compact and does just fine on tight trails and in zipping through the woods.

And even at 615 lbs, most smaller riders shouldn’t have an issue handling or controlling this machine despite its lack of power steering.

That said, if you’re out for a long trail ride, your arms and shoulders may be a little worn out at the end of the day if you’re in 4WD often.

With the engine’s good low-end grunt, this model features an impressive towing capacity of up to 1,050 lbs and can haul up to 225 lbs between the two storage racks.

But you can likely load the racks down with a bit more weight than that and still be fine.

Like all Tracker ATV models, you do sit up a little higher and further back on this model, so shorter riders may find the stance a little awkward.

Length83.9 in
Width44 in
Height46.8 in
Weight615 lbs
Towing Capacity1,050 lbs
Front Rack Capacity75 lbs
Rear Rack Capacity150 lbs

Key Features & Accessories

The Tracker 450 doesn’t come flush with accessories by any means, but offers enough in the way of features to get any job done or tackle any terrain straight from the dealer.

This model’s main features include:

  • Winch/plow mount in front
  • Front and rear storage racks
  • Halogen headlights
  • Halogen tail/brake lights
  • Digital display
  • Speedometer
  • Odometer
  • Fuel gauge
  • Temperature gauge
  • Gear indicator lights
  • Warning lights and error code displays
  • Two-inch rear hitch receiver
  • Full footwells

Tracker 450 ATV Reviews – Owner Likes

  • The Kymco engine is high quality and offers excellent low-end power, even in 2WD.
  • The suspension offers a smooth ride in pretty much any terrain.
  • Ground clearance is as solid as you’ll find in this class.
  • Full-length polymer skid plate runs the underside for added protection just in case.
  • Full footwells on either side offer excellent grip to help your feet stay in place and stable.
  • Reverse gear includes an override button to give you a higher speed if you want.
  • This model is quite roomy for an ergonomics standpoint, offering plenty of room for long legs.
  • Front and rear storage racks provide plenty of hauling capacity.
  • This model is greaseless so you don’t need to constantly apply grease to the parts to keep them from squeaking and rattling.
  • Under the easily removable seat is your battery and a space for a second battery that can be added to support any extra electronics.

Tracker 450 ATV Reviews – Owner Complaints

  • Since the 4WD is controlled by a manual lever, there’s no electrical sensor for the dash so your display won’t show you whether you’re in 2WD or 4WD which can make it tricky to know which drive mode you’re actually in.
  • The halogen headlights don’t give you a whole lot of light for night or dusk riding.
  • There are no storage compartments in this model.
  • Tracker is known to deny warranty claims on parts and components that are damaged during off-road riding.
  • Getting replacement parts in through Tracker under warranty can take quite a long time, with your ATV stuck in the shop for weeks and sometimes months while you wait.
  • If you buy through Bass Pro or Cabela’s, the service and repair work can be hit or miss.

Three Most Common Tracker 450 Problems

2WD/4WD Cable Prone To Breaking

The 2WD/4WD switch is cable-operated via a switch on the right handlebar.

Aside from the design being bad in that it can be easy to accidentally flip into a different drive mode while driving, the cable is prone to breaking over time.

When this happens, you’ll have to replace the cable and likely the whole mechanism before you can change drive modes again.

Water Pump Seals Causing Coolant Leaks

The two water pump seals in these models are prone to wearing down after just a few hundred miles of riding.

This will result in coolant leaking out through the weep hole and onto the parts of your ATV below.

When this happens, you generally have to replace the seals, cover, and sometimes even the whole water pump which can be quite costly if not under warranty.

4WD Won’t Engage

Back to that tricky 2WD/4WD switch.  

Owners commonly find that their 4WD won’t engage properly, which can be hard to determine in the first place since the display doesn’t indicate your drive mode.

This almost always happens due to the 2WD/4WD cable being installed incorrectly while being assembled, and you’ll need to have it adjusted in order to be able to go into 4WD properly.

Final Note

The Tracker 450 makes for a solid mid-size ATV option, but like any model, it has its flaws.

For more info on where these models are made, check out this guide to who makes Tracker ATVs before you go.