Tracker 600 ATV Reviews (Recent Changes Have Big Impact)

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Tracker Off Road and their line of six different ATV options for 2024 continue to grow in popularity each year.

Though Tracker claims these ATVs as “American-made”, a look into who makes Tracker ATVs shows that’s not necessarily the case.

Regardless, a review of Tracker ATVs shows the overall quality of these ATV models and highlights the key differences among them.

The biggest and most powerful of these is the Tracker 600, which is unique in that it consists of three different trim levels while the smaller Tracker 300, Tracker 450 and Tracker 90 models only offer one option each.

This review of the Tracker 600 ATV will highlight all of the good and bad around these models in detailing the following:

  • Models available for 2024 and their differences
  • Impactful recent changes to these models
  • Build quality
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Durability
  • What owners love
  • What owners don’t love

Tracker 600 Models For 2024:

There are no changes to the Tracker 600 lineup for 2024, as the same three models are available and include:

  • Tracker 600 (Base)
  • Tracker 600 EPS (Electronic Power Steering)
  • Tracker 600 EPS LE (Limited Edition)

The Tracker 600 and 600 EPS models are essentially identical, aside from the inclusion of power steering on the EPS model which is highly recommended for these bigger quads.

The Tracker 600 EPS LE includes a number of upgraded features and accessories that you won’t find on the other two models, including:

  • 3,500 lbs front winch
  • Tubular steel front bumper/brush guard
  • Aluminum wheels

While changes for this year are minimal, there were some recent changes to these models that had a huge positive impact.

Tracker 600 Recent Changes

Just two years back, Tracker made some big changes to the 600 models to help alleviate a number of owner complaints around some recurring issues.

These changes included the following, which are still in effect in every new Tracker 600:

  • The 2WD/4WD cable was upgraded from cable-controlled switch to an electronic actuator.  This is a  much more feasible design and eliminates the old problem with the cable breaking in these models.  It also means that the drive mode now shows up on the display.
  • The engine location was moved back from the front to the mid/rear of the quad, almost directly under the seat.  This gives easier access to the engine and its components for maintenance and provides better stability for the ATV.
  • Exhaust pipe was rerouted backwards and shortened, which has helped to minimize complaints about excessive heat on the legs and outer plastics while riding.
  • Coolant fill area and cap was moved so that it’s no longer directly below the storage rack, making it much easier to access and fill.

These changes really helped boost these models’ build quality and owner satisfaction, but let’s take a closer look at the overall build quality and capabilities that land these models among the best ATVs for the money these days.

Build Quality & Performance


The Tracker 600 is powered by a 600cc single-cylinder engine made by Textron, which is the same engine used in some of the Arctic Cat vehicles.

This fuel-injected engine has proven to be high quality over the years, and provides excellent low-end power of up to 45 HP.

Mud, sand, snow, and steep hills cause zero issues for this machine thanks to the awesome engine power, even in your standard 2WD mode.

Throttle response is also excellent, giving the Tracker 600 some real snap right off the line.

Reading a review of Tracker UTVs, you’ll see one of their biggest focuses is on having some of the quietest vehicles in the industry.  

The same goes for this model, with the engine being noticeably quiet without much vibration, which comes in quite handy when hunting.

Engine Type4 Stroke, SOHC
Cylinder ArrangementSingle-Cylinder
Horsepower45 HP
Engine CoolingLiquid-Cooled
Fuel DeliveryEFI
Fuel Capacity5.7 US Gallons


This model features a frame made of high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel, which is about as durable as it gets.

You can select from 2WD or 4WD via an electronic switch on the handlebar, a welcome recent change from the old cable-operated switch that was problematic and inconvenient.

You get both High and Low ranges, along with Reverse, Neutral, and Park settings.

When you throw the 600 into 4WD and Low range, it’s hard to find a terrain or work task it can’t conquer, including snow plowing.

The automatic CVT transmission makes for smooth, easy shifts.  And the engine braking system in these models is excellent.

Put this machine in Low gear when you’re heading down the steepest terrain, and this machine will crawl you down without any effort on your part thanks to the engine braking.

FrameHSLA Steel
Drive SystemSelectable 2WD/4WD
Transmission TypeAutomatic CVT
GearsH – L – N  – R – P

Suspension & Steering

The suspension set-up for the Tracker 600 is another strong point, with Double A-Arms in both the front and rear.

With nine inches of travel in front and back, this set-up makes the ride about as smooth as you could ask for on an ATV, absorbing impact really well even in rough terrain.

And you get an impressive 11.5 inches of ground clearance, so it’s pretty rare that you find your skid plates making contact with the terrain or obstacles.

And even with all of that ground clearance, the Tracker 600 features a wide, stable base so it rarely feels tippy and corners really well.

The electronic power steering (EPS) offered in two of the 600 models come in really handy on those longer trail rides to help your arms and shoulders avoid fatigue and soreness.

Wheelbase52 in
Ground Clearance11.5 in
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm
Front Travel9 in
Rear Travel9 in

Tires & Brakes

These models come equipped with 25-inch diameter tires in the front and rear, with those in back being a bit wider than those in front like usual for ATVs.

The tires offer aggressive tread patterns and provide plenty of traction whether you’re heading up a steep, slick hill or driving in the snow.

The front and rear brakes are hydraulic discs, operated with a single lever on the handlebars and a foot brake located in the footwell.

The braking system offers plenty of stopping power for this bigger ATV.

Front Tires25 x 8-12
Rear Tires25 x 10-12
WheelsPowder Coated Steel
Front Brake TypeHydraulic Disc 
Rear Brake TypeHydraulic Disc 

Dimensions & Capacities

Speaking of bigger, the Tracker 600’s weight is up there with some of the heavier ATVs in its class.

This does negatively affect its traction and handling slightly, while making power steering that much more of a plus.

But it’s not that big of a deal (no pun) as even the non-EPS base model is not all that hard to handle or control.  

The inclusion of EPS just makes it easier on your upper body on longer rides in technical terrain.

From a dimensions perspective, the 600 is about average measuring in at 86 x 50 x 48 (LxWXH) inches.

Thanks to the impressive low-end engine power, it offers a 1,050 lbs towing capacity and can haul up to 300 lbs between the front and rear storage racks.

Length86 in
Width50 in
Height48 in
Weight748 lbs
Towing Capacity1,050 lbs
Front Rack Capacity100 lbs
Rear Rack Capacity200 lbs

What Tracker 600 Owners Love

  • The Textron engine offers excellent low-end power so even in 2WD these vehicles will impress with what they can tackle.
  • The suspension set-up makes for a very smooth ride.
  • Plenty of ground clearance to take on the most rutted of terrains and crawl over larger obstacles.
  • The full footwells provide solid grip for your feet and extend outwards enough to help you remain stable through the sharpest turns.
  • A reverse override button gives you more speed in the Reverse gear should you need it.
  • Front and rear storage racks offer excellent hauling capacity.
  • You sit up high on these models, which makes for a comfortable stance for taller riders.
  • There are no grease zerks on this model, so you won’t need to continuously apply grease to keep them from squeaking.
  • The fuel tank offers one of the best fuel capacities in the class.
  • A tool kit is included under the seat that is said to provide every tool you would need to perform any kind of trail-side maintenance.

What Tracker 600 Owners Don’t Love

  • The foam seat can be a little stiff on your rear end during longer rides on the trail.
  • The turning radius isn’t quite as good as on some competitive models.
  • The polymer skid plates are actually a type of plastic and don’t offer all that much protection for the underside.
  • Halogen headlights don’t offer great brightness for riding at night or dusk.
  • Aside from the storage racks, there’s not much other storage space.
  • Tracker has been known not to cover damage or repairs that occur while riding off-road under warranty.
  • Replacement parts ordered through Tracker under warranty can take a long time to come in, with your 600 sometimes out of commission for weeks or months.
  • Maintenance and repair work through the Bass Pros and Cabela’s locations where many of these units are sold is not always up to snuff.

Final Word

The Tracker 600 may not be the most familiar model in the industry, but it’s right up there with some of the best in its class.

You can see how it stacks up with one of its closest competitors in this review of the CFMoto CForce 600 before you go.