Mini Four Wheelers (5 Best For 2023)

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If you’re looking to give your kiddos their first taste of off-road life, starting them on a mini four wheeler is a fun way to do it.

And with the youth ATV market at an all-time high in popularity, there seem to be endless options to choose from for young riders.

So much so that it can be a bit overwhelming to narrow down which option makes the most sense for you, your budget, and most importantly your kids.

This guide will take much of the work out of it for you by narrowing down the five best gas-powered mini four wheelers for 2023.

Most Important Factors To Consider

Before we dive into the five best options, there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider when buying a mini four wheeler.

And these factors played a big role in narrowing down the top options on our list below.

  • Safety Features – Obviously safety is a top priority for young, inexperienced riders.  Features such as speed limiters, adjustable throttle response, and tether kill switches go a long way here.
  • Engine Size & Power – Mini four wheelers will have smaller engines with limited power, but options do vary.  Your child’s experience level, age, and size should factor in here.
  • ATV Size & Weight – Mini four wheelers will have minimal sizes and weights, but options will vary.  You want your kids to be able to easily handle and maneuver the vehicle, but for the vehicle to be heavy enough that it’s still stable.
  • Durability & Overall Quality – With mini four wheelers being cheaper and easier to manufacture, there are plenty of options and you’re bound to find some stinkers among them.  You want to make sure your kids’ vehicle will hold up from a safety perspective but also to ensure the money you invest is money well-spent.
  • Price – What you’re willing to pay for a machine that your young rider may outgrow fairly quickly is a big consideration.  With a few exceptions, you usually get what you pay for with mini four wheelers.

Best Gas Mini 4 Wheelers

5) Kayo Fox 70

Intended Ages6 years and up
Safety FeaturesAdjustable Throttle LimiterSafety TetherElectronic Engine Kill Button
Engine70 cc
Dimensions/Weight50 x 31 x 35 in / 159 lbs
Quality3 out of 5 Stars

The Kayo Fox 70 really puts the “mini” in mini four wheeler, being the smallest and lightest model on this list.

It is geared toward younger riders, ages six years old and up.

As such, it offers three key safety features.  The first is an adjustable throttle limiter that restricts its top speed and power out of the box.

This model is also equipped with a wearable safety tether that will kill the engine when disconnected, and an electronic kill button that parents can hold and push to kill the engine via remote control.

The Fox 70’s engine is the least powerful on this list, but with the throttle limiter fully adjusted it has plenty of power to top hills and reach speeds just fast enough to thrill riders.

There are some common issues found in this model which lowers its quality rating, but these can be resolved with some minor modifications.

And at a very reasonable price, it actually makes a good value for smaller first-time riders who may outgrow it or lose interest within a year or two.

For a youth ATV with a little more size and power, consider the Kayo Bull 125 and Kayo Bull 200 as well.

4) Polaris Outlaw 70 EFI

Intended Ages6-10 year olds
Safety FeaturesAdjustable Speed LimiterSafety Tether
Engine70 cc
Dimensions/Weight56 x 35. x 35 in / 278 lbs
Quality5 out of 5 Stars

The Polaris Outlaw 70 EFI offers an adjustable speed limiter than parents can set to an attainable speed of anywhere from 1-15 mph.

It also features a safety tether engine kill switch your kid can wear, which will kill the engine if disconnected should they tip over or fall off.

This model is not all that powerful, with a 70cc engine and the ability to reach speeds of up to 15 mph.

But at the max power and speed setting, it has enough oomph to give children a thrill and motor up hills and around reasonable terrain.

And unlike many youth four wheelers, it is electronically fuel injected rather than carbureted which is a big plus for easier starting and idling.

Polaris machines are known for their build quality, and this one lives up to that reputation with the ability to withstand a good beating time and again.

There is also the Outlaw 100, which is just a step up in size and power from this model.

Though a great overall model, considering the price and performance there are better options out there.

For a youth model with a little more size and speed, check out the Polaris Phoenix 200. Polaris also offers two excellent youth utility vehicles, in the Polaris RZR 170 and Polaris RZR 200.

3)  Kawasaki KFX50

Intended Ages6 years and up
Safety FeaturesAdjustable Throttle LimiterEngine Shut Off Switch w/ Lanyard
Engine50 cc
Dimensions/Weight55 x 35 x 38 in / 245 lbs
Quality5 out of 5 Stars

The Kawasaki KFX50 is intended for riders of ages six years and older.

In terms of safety, it offers an adjustable throttle limiter to enable parents to select their desired reachable speed for their kids.

It also offers an engine shut off switch with an extended lanyard so parents can tag along behind their child as they ride and shut off the engine if need be.

With the throttle limiter completely turned out, it can reach a top speed of around 15 mph, which may be a bit disappointing to some.

With the smallest engine on this list, this model is best used to ride on pavement or around the yard as it may struggle on some hills and in soft terrain.

The overall quality is as good as they get, with this machine able to stand up to the abuses of new riders who have a tendency to bump into things.

It’s one of the cheaper models, but also one of the lowest performers.

2) Yamaha Raptor 90

Intended Ages10 years and up
Safety FeaturesAdjustable Throttle LimiterAdjustable Speed Limiter Plate
Engine90 cc
Dimensions/Weight58 x 40 x 38 in / 279 lbs
Quality5 out of 5 Stars

The sporty Yamaha Raptor 90 is a bit more powerful and advanced than other models on this list, and is meant for riders ages ten and up.

It offers two key safety features in an adjustable throttle limiter and an adjustable speed limiter plate, which together restrict this model’s top speed to 15 mph out of the box.

But parents can adjust both so the ATV reaches a top speed of between 25 and 30 mph.

When adjusted, this powerful little engine makes the machine a good trail rider.

Yamaha’s line of Raptors are all of good build quality, with this one being no different.  It is built to withstand the abuses of trail riding or racing.

At $3,299 it’s pretty pricey, but also the highest performing model on this list.

For those interested in a used model with a little more oomph than the Raptor 90 and likely cheaper, check out the Yamaha Raptor 125.

1) Can Am Renegade 70 EFI

Intended Ages6 years and up
Safety FeaturesAdjustable Throttle Limiter
Engine70 cc
Dimensions/Weight59 x 38 x 36 in / 290 lbs
Quality5 out of 5 Stars

The Tracker 90 ATV once topped this list, but as it was phased out in 2022 the Can Am Renegade 70 is now the top little dog.

This model is meant for ages six and up, and is another electronic fuel injected model.

It offers an adjustable throttle limiter safety feature that lets parents decide on the top reachable speed of the vehicle.

With the throttle limiter adjusted to the max, it’s the fastest 70cc model and can reach speeds of around 30 mph.

And its 70cc engine is plenty powerful and capable of carrying riders along trails and up steep hills.

Can Am’s build quality in all areas is known for being second-to-none, so this model is built to last.

If you want your kids to be able to explore tougher trails with you, and not at a crawl, the Renegade youth line is your best bet.

For the price and overall performance, the Can Am Renegade 70 is the top choice for 2023.


While there are many other mini four wheelers to choose from, these five represent the best value from an overall perspective with all of the most important factors considered.

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