Can Am Maverick R Top Speed (Fastest SXS EVER)

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The summer of 2023 will go down in the history books as one of the fastest of all time.

It all started in July with Polaris revealing the fastest utility side-by-side ever in the Ranger 1500.

Not even a month later, and Can Am has already one-upped them with the new biggest announcement of the summer of 2023.

They just unveiled the 2024 Can Am Maverick R – and it will soon top the list of the fastest, most powerful sport side-by-sides the industry has ever seen.

Thus begs the question, what is the Can Am Maverick R top speed?

And just how powerful is this new model’s turbo-charged engine?

This guide will answer those questions, along with detailing the following:

  • 2024 Can Am Maverick R Sport Top Speed
  • How much HP the new engine packs (best in class)
  • How its speed and power compares to other Mavericks
  • How its speed and power compares to Polaris RZRs
  • Ground-breaking new features that set it apart

2024 Can Am Maverick R Top Speed

The Can Am Maverick R line will consist of four different models, all equipped with a new turbo-charged 999 cc, 3-Cylinder Rotax engine with some impressive upgrades (more on this later).

This new engine will provide the Can Am Maverick R a maximum power output of a whopping 240 horsepower – which is the new best-in-class.

This new turbo-charged engine and all of that added horsepower give the new Can Am Maverick R a top speed of 100 mph in stock form, making it the new king of fast among sport side-by-sides.

Not even the fastest ATVs in the industry can keep up with this bad boy.

Word also has it that with a tune, there’s room for the Maverick R to potentially top out around 300 HP with a top speed well above 100 mph.

Can Am Maverick R Top Speed Vs Other Mavericks

Can Am’s line of Mavericks have always been some of the fastest in the industry, yet still just a hair slower than the Polaris RZR Pro R models.

That’s no longer the case with the introduction of the Maverick R and its top speed of 100 mph out of the box.

Compare that with the rest of the Can Am Mavericks and their top speeds, and this new machine bests the top one by 11 mph without the need for any modifications.

Can Am ModelTop SpeedHorsepower
2024 Maverick R100 mph240 HP
Maverick X3 Turbo89 mph120 HP
Maverick X3 Turbo R89 mph172 HP
Maverick X3 Turbo RR89 mph200 HP
Maverick Sport 1000 R75 mph100 HP

Maverick R Top Speed vs. Fastest Polaris RZR

Up until now the Polaris RZR Pro R was the king of speed and power among sport side-by-sides.

No longer the case, even with its four-cylinder 1,997cc engine.

The Maverick R will now best the RZR Pro R by around 10 mph in terms of top speed, and also gets it in the horsepower department by around 15 ponies.

Needless to say, the pull of the new Maverick R is going to be insane.  

ModelTop SpeedHorsepower
2024 Maverick R100 mph240 HP
Polaris RZR Pro R90 mph225 HP
Polaris RZR Pro XP90 mph181 HP
Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo90 mph181 HP

Three Drive Modes With Varying Speeds

The Maverick R will feature three different drive modes that each offer varying levels of acceleration and speed – Normal Mode, Sport Mode, and Sport+ Mode.

Normal Mode

Normal mode shifts between 3,500 and 4,500 RPMS, and will offer the full range of top-end speed.

But the acceleration will be dampened and more like what you’d expect when driving a utility-based side-by-side.

Sport Mode

Sport mode will deliver much sharper throttle response and higher shift point of up to the top 8,500 RPMs level for the full range of speed and acceleration.

Sport+ Mode

Sport+ mode activates Can-Am’s anti-lag system, referred to as ART (Advanced Response Technology).

The ART system should eliminate any potential lag from the turbo-charger.

The system works by cutting fuel to the middle cylinder and delaying the engine’s ignition curve, which causes the turbo to produce boost pressure at idle and essentially preloads the turbo.

When you let the throttle rip, the middle cylinder reactivates and the engine instantly sends max power to the transmission resulting in the Maverick R rocketing forward.

Can Am Maverick R Top New Features

  • New 999 cc turbocharged, three-cylinder Rotax engine
  • Seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is gear on gear rather than using a CVT belt
  • New and improved chassis, constructed of high-strength dual-phase tubular steel for added strength
  • 77 inches in width leads the class
  • 108-inch wheelbase
  • Fox Live Valve adaptive suspension system using Fox 2.5 and 3.0 Podium shocks
  • Claimed 25 inches of suspension travel in front and 26 inches in the rear
  • 17 inches of ground clearance
  • 30 or 32-inch tires on 15 or 16-inch beadlock wheels
  • 10.25 inch touchscreen with front and rear cameras

Final Note

You’d think that to make yourself the proud owner of the new fastest sport side-by-side in the industry, you’d have to pay top dollar.

But the Maverick R starts at $35,499, which makes it expensive but far from the most expensive side-by-side out there.

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