CFMoto ZForce 950 Top Speed (For EVERY Model!)

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CFMoto’s line of ZForce sport side-by-sides are becoming more and more popular.  Among the highest-performance and most popular of these is the ZForce 950.

The CFMoto ZForce 950 consists of four different models, each with minor differences in specs, features, dimensions, and accessories.

  • ZForce 950 Trail
  • ZForce 950 Sport
  • ZForce 950 H.O. Sport
  • ZForce 950 H.O EX

While each of these models do differ in a number of ways, their achievable top speeds are consistent across the board.

So how fast can the ZForce 950 models go?  This guide will review the CFMoto ZForce 950 top speed and how it stacks up with every other ZForce model, along with some common modifications owners make to increase this overall speed and performance.

CFMoto ZForce 950 Top Speed

Each of the four ZForce 950 models are powered by a 963cc V-Twin engine, but they do offer slightly different power outputs.  

The ZForce 950 Trail and 950 Sport offer 85 horsepower, while the ZForce 950 H.O. Sport and H.O. EX offer 90 horsepower.

And while this difference in horsepower enables the H.O. models to accelerate slightly quicker, it doesn’t affect their top speeds.

The CFMoto ZForce 950 top speed is 71-72 mph in fully stock condition.

This top speed is pretty impressive, but the acceleration is solid as well.  The ZForce 950 models can go from 0-60 mph in around eight seconds.

How Does It Stack Up?

Let’s review the top speeds of the four other ZForce models to see how the ZForce 950 compares with them.

CFMoto ZForce 1000

The CFMoto ZForce 1000 is an older model that was phased out a few years back as the 950 models came along to take its place.

It is powered by the same 963cc V-Twin engine with an output of around 80 horsepower.  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the CFMoto ZForce 1000 top speed is 72 mph.

CFMoto ZForce 800 Top Speed

A slight step down in performance from the ZForce 950 is the ZForce 800, which is the only other ZForce model besides the 950 that is currently still in production for 2023.

Powered by a 800cc V-Twin engine with an output of 62 horsepower, the CFMoto ZForce 800 top speed falls between 60 and 62 mph.

CFMoto ZForce 500 Top Speed

Last up is the ZForce 500, which has also been phased out as of 2023.

As the smallest of the ZForces, it boasts a 495cc single cylinder engine with an output of 38 horsepower.  The CFMoto ZForce 500 top speed is 55 mph.

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Modifications To Increase The Speed

For those owners who need more speed than the ZForce can offer in fully stock condition, there are some common modifications owners make to increase the overall performance and speed.

Upgrade The AirBox & Air Filter

Otherwise known as the air intake system, the airbox and air filter work together to supply the engine with clean air so it can function.

By upgrading to an aftermarket airbox and air filter, owners will increase the amount of clean air able to be cycled into the engine.

More air in will increase the amount of fuel that can be supplied to the engine, which will increase its performance.  But you’ll need to give this added airflow an efficient exit once used up by upgrading the exhaust as well.

Upgrade The Exhaust System

To give this added airflow an efficient escape, owners should consider upgrading from the stock exhaust system.

Not only will this help maximize the airflow in and out of the engine, but depending upon the upgrade you go with it should make your vehicle sound better as well.

Both MBRP Performance Exhaust and RJWC Powersports make highly recommended exhaust upgrades for the line of ZForces.

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Tune The Electronic Control Unit

Owners can also have their ECU tuned in order to increase the power and speed.  This is especially important if making modifications to the air intake and exhaust systems.

A tune will round out those upgrades by calculating the proper air to fuel ratios and optimizing them for each level of RPMs.

This will ensure your vehicle gets the best horsepower and throttle response that it possibly can, along with minimizing the amount of engine heat.

Upgrade The Clutch System

Similar to the issues experienced in the UForce 1000 and the CForce ATVs, the stock clutch in the ZForce models is known to cause poor throttle response when accelerating and has a tendency to wear the drive belt down quickly.

Owners should consider upgrading the clutch system by either re-clocking the secondary clutch or installing a clutch kit.

The secondary clutch features an adjustable spring with a number of different settings, each with a different combination of power and speed.

This spring is factory-set to the B-1 setting, but should be changed to either the A-1 or C-1 setting for more of an emphasis on speed.

The other option, which can also be done alongside a re-clocking of the secondary clutch, is to install a clutch kit that usually contains upgraded springs, weights, and a helix for the primary clutch.

The clutch kits made by Main Street Cycle and RNG Performance specifically for the ZForce models are known to make a big difference in the throttle response, acceleration, and overall performance of these sport side-by-sides.


The CFMoto ZForce 950 top speed is right around 71 or 72 mph for all four different models, assuming they’re in stock condition.

For a budget sport side-by-side, this is pretty darn impressive considering it rivals that of sport side-by-sides like the Can Am Maverick X3 and sport ATVs such as the Yamaha Raptor 700.

For more on CFMoto top speeds, check out this CForce Top Speed Guide to see how the ZForces stack up with the line of ATVs.