CFMoto ZForce 950 Reviews (Major Upgrades For 2023)

CFMoto has come a long way over the last few years, really solidifying themselves as a major player in the powersports and off-roading industry. Their line of utility-focused UForce UTVs and CForce ATVs have gained a reputation of being solid overall vehicles and some of the better values in the … Read more

5 Main CFMoto UForce 1000 Problems & How To Fix

The UForce 1000 is known to experience 5 common problems including: poor throttle response leading to a jerky ride, shifting problems, an inaccurate speedometer and odometer, stiff brakes, and excessive heat in the cab and under the seats.

CFMoto Side By Side Reviews (Worth The Hype?)

Over the last few years, CFMoto has really begun to make a name for itself among the off-roading community. Their line of CForce ATVs and UForce utility vehicles are scoring more and more points with owners. But what about the line of CFMoto ZForce sport side by sides? Do they … Read more

CFMoto CForce 800 Problems (With FIXES!)

CFMoto and its line of CForce ATVs are seemingly gaining more popularity in the off-roading community by the day. With its powerful V-Twin engine, attractive build style, and ability to fit a rear passenger, the CFMoto CForce 800 is looked at as one of the best values in the ATV … Read more

CFMoto ZForce 950 Top Speed (For EVERY Model!)

CFMoto’s line of ZForce sport side-by-sides are becoming more and more popular.  Among the highest-performance and most popular of these is the ZForce 950. The CFMoto ZForce 950 consists of four different models, each with minor differences in specs, features, dimensions, and accessories. While each of these models do differ … Read more

CFMoto UForce 1000 Top Speed (Speedometer NOT Accurate!)

As CFMoto’s highest-performance utility vehicle, the UForce 1000 makes for an excellent all-around UTV with its combination of power and speed. And adding a few of the most popular CFMoto UForce 1000 accessories will turn it into a real beast. But even in stock condition, its V-Twin 963cc engine puts … Read more

CFMoto UForce 600 Top Speed (Speedometer Inaccurate!)

As the CFMoto brand becomes more and more familiar among the offroading community, so too does its line of UForce utility vehicles.  Among these is the UForce 600, one of CFMoto’s mid-size utility models. As a utility vehicle geared more towards working than recreation, the UForce 600 boasts impressive low-end … Read more