CFMoto Side By Side Reviews (Worth The Hype?)

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Over the last few years, CFMoto has really begun to make a name for itself among the off-roading community.

Their line of CForce ATVs and UForce utility vehicles are scoring more and more points with owners.

But what about the line of CFMoto ZForce sport side by sides?

Do they also make for one of the best cheap side-by-sides in the industry?

If you’re eyeing a CFMoto ZForce side by side, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know in this guide, including:

  • Available models & prices
  • Specs & features w/ pros and cons of each
  • Performance
  • Top speeds
  • Common owner likes
  • Common owner dislikes

About CFMoto Side By Sides

CFMoto technically offers two classes of side by side in their sport side by sides (ZForces) and their utility side by sides (UForces).

While a full review of the UForce utility side by sides can be found here, this guide will focus on the ZForce sport side by sides.

CFMoto currently offers five pure sport side by sides for 2023:

  • ZForce 800 Trail ($12,799)
  • ZForce 950 Trail ($13,999)
  • ZForce 950 Sport ($14,999)
  • ZForce 950 H.O. Sport ($13,999)
  • ZForce 950 H.O. EX ($15,499)

There are also some past ZForce side by side models no longer in production for 2023 but that you may find on the used UTV market:

  • CFMoto ZForce 500
  • CFMoto ZForce 1000

Specs, Key Features & Performance


800950 Trail950 Sport950 HO Sport950 HO EX
Engine Displacement800 cc963 cc963 cc963 cc963 cc
Max HP62 HP85 HP85 HP90 HP90 HP


  • The engine pulls hard through the mid and upper RPM ranges, offering plenty of oomph to power through rough/soft terrain or up the steepest of hills.
  • Throttle response is excellent once past about 15 mph, all the way through the top speed.
  • Though the throttle response is iffy upon initial acceleration, there’s still plenty of lower RPM power to crawl obstacles.
  • The big V-Twin is pretty quiet and there’s not much engine vibration.


  • Throttle response can be a bit delayed from around 0-15 mph, making for a somewhat jerky ride at lower speeds.
  • Not quite as powerful as competitors like the Polaris RZR or the Can Am Maverick.


800950 Trail950 Sport950 HO Sport950 HO EX
Drive System2WD/4WD/4WD Lock2WD/4WD/4WD Lock2WD/4WD/4WD Lock2WD/4WD/4WD Lock2WD/4WD/4WD Lock
TransmissionAuto CVTAuto CVTAuto CVTAuto CVTAuto CVT


  • The frames of these vehicles are based on a one-piece HSLA (high-strength, low-alloy) steel frame which is extremely strong and holds up to the abuses of off-road riding well.
  • Selectable 2WD/4WD with a locking front differential give these models excellent off-road capabilities.
  • The fully automatic CVT features a centrifugal clutch which smooths engagement and softens shocks to the belt.


  • The CVT is tuned aggressively making it engage quickly, which can make rock crawling or slick terrain a little tricky.
  • The stock clutch is known to cause some issues with poor throttle response when accelerating from a stop, leading to the need to have a clutch kit installed and/or the ECU tuned to help overcome this.
  • The shift linkage has a tendency to move to an incorrect position over time, leading to the gear shift sticking and being hard to shift.

You can find more information on these clutch issues in this guide to the ZForce 950’s most common problems.


800950 Trail950 Sport950 HO Sport950 HO EX
Front SuspensionArched Dual A-ArmArched Dual A-ArmArched Dual A-ArmDual A-ArmDual A-Arm
Rear SuspensionTTATTATTAQuadLink Trailing ArmQuadLink Trailing Arm
Ground Clearance10 in10 in12 in12.2 in13 in


  • Independent dual A-Arms in front and a Quadlink (trailing arm) system in the rear offer a smooth ride in any terrain.
  • Fully adjustable gas shocks in the front and rear have separate high and low speed compression adjusters plus rebound, offering plenty of ability to customize the ride.
  • Front and rear torsion bars help to fight body roll and make the CForces that much more stable when turning.
  • Couple with the power steering, the suspension system makes handling very easy while also ensuring you can actually still get a good feel for what is happening while riding.


  • With less wheel travel than most other sport side-by-sides, the top-end speed of the CForce models are limited making them a bit slower than their counterparts.
  • The suspension is known to be a little stiff for some riders, even with the shocks fully adjusted.


800950 Trail950 Sport950 HO Sport950 HO EX
Front Tires26 x 9-1426 x 9-1427 x 9-1427 x 9-1429 x 9-14
Rear Tires26 x 11-1426 x 11-1427 x 11-1427 x 11-1429 x 11-14
Wheels14” Alloy14” Alloy14” Alloy14” Alloy14” Alloy
BrakesHydraulic DiscHydraulic DiscHydraulic DiscHydraulic DiscHydraulic Disc


  • The stock tires are aggressive and offer plenty of traction in most terrains and conditions.
  • The tires also help to soak up chop in the trail, while also providing good stability during turns.
  • The hydraulic brakes provide plenty of stopping power in most terrain.


  • The brake rotors are non-perforated which can cause issues slowing in muddy conditions if they become caked with mud.
  • The brakes are known to squeak or squeal in some units, even when not being used.



  • For sport side by sides, the CForces feature generally compact builds making them capable of snaking through tight trails and wooded areas.
  • Though about average in terms of weight, they are easy to handle and control thanks to electronic power steering.


  • All models are too wide to tackle BLM trails, most of which have 50-inch width restrictions.
800950 Trail950 Sport950 HO Sport950 HO EX
Length120 in120 in120 in118 in118 in
Width54.5 in54.5 in60 in60 in64 in
Height71.6 in71.6 in73.6 in71 in71 in
Curb Weight1,390 lbs1,390 lbs1,433 lbs1,499 lbs1,510 lbs

Build & Ergonomics


  • The seats are comfy and secure with deep side bolsters and grippy material that feel sporty and keep you firmly in place when riding hard.
  • The doors have a release button and grab bar to make entering and exiting easy.
  • A rear bed and cargo box offer good space for hauling gear.
  • High-intensity LED headlights offer plenty of light for night riding.
  • 3,000 lb rope winch comes in handy for sticky situations.
  • The front bumper, body sidebars, and external body tubing offers plenty of protection.


  • The cab will feel cramped and a bit awkward for taller riders, with legroom not always sufficient.
  • The seat belts leave a little to be desired in terms of security, leading to many owners replacing them with four-point harnesses.
  • Stock seat belts are also susceptible to the elements and prone to retracting and locking up every so often.

Top Speeds

CFMoto’s line of ZForce sport side-by-sides are built with recreation in mind, offering some pretty impressive acceleration and speed.

Aside from the soft throttle response when starting from a stop, these models hold their own on the trails and are quite nimble.

While they’re among the fastest side-by-sides available, as mentioned earlier they tend to be a bit slower than their bigger name competitors thanks to their limited wheel travel.

ModelTop Speed
ZForce 50055 mph
ZForce 800 Trail62 mph
ZForce 950 (All Models)72 mph
ZForce 100072 mph

What Owners Like

  • These models make some of the best values in the industry thanks to performance that isn’t far off from the big boys at a lower price.
  • These models are equipped with numerous accessories making them off-road ready in stock form.
  • Standard power steering makes handling and steering simple.
  • Recent upgrades to the suspension system offer a comfortable ride and give owners the ability to find the perfect setting for their riding styles and terrains.
  • The build styles and ergonomics make these models just as attractive and comfortable as some of their bigger name competitors.

What Owners Don’t Like

  • Prone to jerky rides at lower speeds due to issues with the clutch systems and poor throttle response.
  • Shift linkage tends to transfer to an incorrect position over time, leading to the gear shift sticking and sometimes grinding when changing gears.
  • The cab areas are a bit cramped for taller riders.
  • The stock seat belts don’t offer enough security for many riders, who eventually replace them with four-point harness style belts.
  • The brakes in some units are known to squeal for various reasons, sometimes even when not using them.

For more detail on the common issues found in some ZForces, check out the guides below:

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a purely recreational side by side at a reasonable cost, CFMoto’s line of ZForce side by sides make for excellent values.

But like any model, they do come with their drawbacks.

But these negatives are pretty easy to look past considering ZForce models come loaded with accessories and aren’t far off from the biggest names in the business in terms of appearance and performance.

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