Coleman 400 UTV Review – Waste Of Money Or Good Value?

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The Coleman 400 UTV, also referred to as the Coleman Outfitter 400 UTV UT400, is one of the more recent models to make its debut on the utility vehicles market. 

This model, along with its sister model the Coleman Outfitter 550, is mainly offered through Tractor Supply locations.

But as this model is not so well-known, there aren’t many unbiased resources to help you make an informed decision before opening your billfold for one.

This guide will change that, reviewing both the good and bad with the Coleman 400 UTV including the following:

  • Build quality and performance
  • Key features and accessories
  • How well it handles
  • Types of driving it excels/struggles with
  • How fast it can go
  • What owners love about it
  • What owners don’t love about it
  • The lowdown on Coleman Powersports

About The Coleman 400 UTV

The Coleman 400 UTV is a utility vehicle manufactured by China-based HISUN Motors and offered by US-based Coleman Powersports. 

It is a mid-performance UTV made for work, but also offers some decent recreational ability.  Used models rank among the best side-by-sides for sales under $5,000.

It’s one of the more basic-looking UTVs out there these days, and similar models like the all-new SSR Bison 500, SSR Bison 400 and the CFMoto UForce 600 offer more attractive build styles.

Even so, the Coleman 400 includes comes standard with a number of accessories that are only included as extras with many of the more popular utility vehicles.

Though its engine and parts are all manufactured in China by HISUN, consumers seem willing to overlook that for the tradeoff in perceived value as this model’s popularity continues to grow. 

And for many owners who have given it a shot at approval, the Coleman 400 UTV has not disappointed.  

Coleman 400 UTV Build Quality & Performance


This model’s 393cc engine has plenty of power to motor up steep inclines and through most terrains, even softer ones like sand and mud. 

Being tuned for torque rather than speed, it’s not going to win you a race against some of the sportier UTVs, but does well hauling loads.

The engine is manufactured by HISUN Motors out of China.  It runs smooth and quiet without much vibration in any gear, emitting a purring sound at steady speeds. 

Electronic fuel injection provides top-end fuel efficiency, easy maintenance, and increased reliability.

Changing the oil or filters can be a little tricky with the engine setup, as the seat needs to be raised or removed to gain access to them. 

The full-length plastic skid plate under the vehicle must then also be removed in order to change the oil.

Engine TypeFour-Stroke SOHC, gas
Cylinder ArrangementForward-Inclined Single Cylinder
Displacement393 cc
Horsepower28 HP
Bore x Stroke Ratio83.0 x 71.6 mm
Compression Ratio9.5:1
Carburetion SystemElectronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
Engine CoolingLiquid Cooling
Fuel Capacity6.8 Gallons
Ignition SystemDC CDI
Battery 12V 32Ah
Spark PlugDR8EA
Lubrication SystemForced lubrication (wet sump)
Engine Oil TypeAPI SG, SH, SJ, SL or SM with JASO MA, MA1 or MA2


The Coleman 400 makes use of a fully automatic, V-belt CVT transmission.  Drive shafts provide power to the front and rear differentials. 

The Coleman 400 is unique as a single speed UTV, offering only one gear in Forward rather than both the High and Low gears offered in many other UTVs.

Like many other modern UTVs which have moved away from offering a Park setting in the transmission to reduce wear on the transmission, it is necessary to engage the parking brake in the Coleman 400 when stopped to prevent it from rolling.

It also offers selectable two-wheel and four-wheel drive via a button on the dash, along with complete differential lock modes to assist with different terrains and situations.

Drive System2WD/4WD w/ Drive Shafts, V-Belt (CVT)
Transmission TypeSingle Speed and Reverse, Automatic
Gear Shift PatternF-N-R
Primary Ratio 2.714 ~ 0.625
Transmission Gear RatioForward – 4.555Reverse – 4.512

Tires and Brakes

The Coleman 400 UTV is fitted with 25-inch All Terrain tires. 

Constructed of heavy duty 6-ply nylon and featuring a directional thread pattern that provides sufficient grip and low roll resistance in all terrains, these tires are good for a budget UTV.

But you’ll run out of traction in some terrains like wet mud and on steep, soft inclines.

Despite no automatic engine braking system, the four hydraulic disc brakes are plenty capable of slowing the vehicle in any terrain.

Front TiresAT 25 x 8-12
Rear TiresAT 25 x 10-12
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc


The Coleman 400 UTV features a double wishbone independent suspension system at all four corners, along with spring preload adjustable shocks. 

These adjustable shocks enable owners to reduce preload for a softer ride, or increase preload to prevent the vehicle from bottoming out in rough terrain.  

An impressive standard ground clearance of almost 12 inches provides plenty of ability to negotiate rough terrains that include rocks, logs, and ruts in the trail.

Frame TypeSteel Tube
Turning Radius11.4 ft.
Wheelbase72 in
Ground Clearance11.8 in
Front Suspension/Wheel TravelDouble wishbone
Rear Suspension/Wheel TravelDouble wishbone

Dimensions and Capacities

At a width of 52 inches and weight of 1,168 lbs, the Coleman 400 is more compact than most UTVs. 

This small size makes it easy to handle without power steering, and adept at maneuvering through tight, winding trails.

Don’t let its size fool you though, as this machine is built to perform work tasks. 

With 330 lbs of cargo bed capacity and 1,200 lbs of towing capacity, it won’t let you down when doing everyday work around the farm, ranch, or jobsite.

Length106 in
Width52 in
Height74 in
Seat Height33 in
Curb Weight1,168 lbs
Load Weight Capacity814 lbs
Cargo Bed Capacity330 lbs
Towing Capacity 1,200 lbs

Coleman UT400 Key Features & Accessories


Though not as flashy as some modern utility vehicles, the Coleman 400 UTV still boasts an appealing exterior build. 

And it comes loaded with accessories that both enhance its appearance and make it more capable of driving in all conditions and terrains.

Up front The Coleman 400 features a steel-tube front bumper and two Krypton headlights with both high and low beams. 

It is also fitted with an electric 3,500 lbs winch that includes a remote control which plugs up under the dash.

Cab Area

The cab is roomy and features an adjustable tilt-up steering wheel with rubber grips, and comfortable bench seating. 

Unlike similar models like the Axis 500 and Axis 700 that are offered at Lowe’s, the Coleman 400 offers bench seats that are sculpted so you stay in place better. 

Mounted on the dash are the gear shift and parking brake release. 

The dash also includes a central display area with the fuel gauge, clock, mileage, speedometer, tachometer (RPMs), and gear lights. 

The cab is enclosed by a hard top plastic roof, netted half-doors, and a three-setting front windshield


In back, there’s a steel cargo bed with diamond plated flooring that tilts up via gas assisted shock.  The cargo bed can be released and tilted upwards to dump. 

Two rear tail lights also provide brake lighting and turn signals. The bottom rear also features a two-inch hitch receiver.

Coleman 400 UTV Top Speed

As a vehicle built more for work than play, the Coleman 400 UTV has an advertised top speed of 38 MPH

However, multiple owners have reported reaching speeds between 40-45 mph on straight-away or downhill paved roads.

Coleman UT400 Price

A new Coleman 400 UTV can be purchased for between $8,000 and $9,000.  Most new models are only available through Tractor Supply Company locations. 

As Coleman 400 models only date back a few years, there is not much fluctuation in price for used models being offered through online marketplaces. 

The majority of used models fall somewhere between $6,000 and $8,000 depending upon the year, mileage, and condition.

Coleman 400 UTV Review – Handling

As a light and compact UTV, the Coleman 400 is fairly easy to handle despite lacking power steering. 

Drivers may need to use a little more muscle when steering in four wheel drive, but the difference isn’t that noticeable.   

As a compact machine, the Coleman 400 offers impressive agility on the trail. 

It corners well, but caution should be exercised as its smaller width and decent ground clearance leave it susceptible to rolling at higher speeds. 

However, body roll among riders when turning is minimal thanks to the sculpted seats.

And while the Coleman 400 has ample power to perform most work tasks, it may struggle up steep hills at more of a creeping pace when carrying a heavy load. 

And even with a lighter load, some steep climbs with mud or sand involved can be problematic.

What Coleman UT400 Owners Love

  • Offering similar ability but more accessories than many of its counterparts, while being one of the least expensive models, make it an excellent value.
  • Pre-installed with a three-setting windshield, hard top roof, winch, side mirrors, and turn signals which enable driving comfortably in all conditions.
  • A full-length, heavy-duty plastic skid plate runs the entire underside of the Coleman 400 offering added protection from bottoming out.
  • Mud guards are installed to prevent the rear tires from packing mud underneath the vehicle.
  • Sculpted bench seats help hold riders in place.
  • Steel cargo bed is extremely durable when hauling all types of loads.

What Coleman UT400 Owners Don’t Love

  • Most UTVs offered through Tractor Supply or other retailers are assembled there and not by a dealer or mechanic.  This can lead to issues with loose bolts, wiring, or misassembled parts.
  • Prone to rattling and squeaking.  Owners will need to tighten all bolts and grease fittings and zerks on new machines.
  • Plastic outer body of the vehicle may fade if left uncovered for extended periods in the sun.
  • Bottom skid plate must be removed in order to change oil.
  • Seat belt safety feature prevents the vehicle from going over 10 MPH without the seat belt(s) buckled.
  • Stock battery tends to drain fairly quickly, especially when supporting added electronic accessories.
  • There tends to be a lack of assistance from Coleman customer service when need for troubleshooting issues arises.
  • The one-year warranty does not cover some of the items that are more susceptible to regular abuse and prone to failing.

For more on some of the drawbacks with this model and how to overcome them, check out this guide the Coleman 400’s common issues.

Types of Driving Best and Least Suited For:

The Coleman 400 is made for work, plain and simple.  It does well performing tasks such as hauling dirt, rocks, and firewood. 

With its compact size, this UTV is fully capable of transporting one or two people around hunting trails or to a wilderness campsite. 

But the Coleman 400 UTV is also right at home cruising around paved neighborhood roads or a worksite. 

About Coleman Powersports

Coleman Powersports is a subsidiary of the larger Coleman brand, known for offering outdoor and camping products such as tents, propane stoves, lanterns, and coolers. 

The Coleman brand was founded in 1900 and is now owned by Newell Brands out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Coleman Powersports is based in Tempe, Arizona.  They offer a number of different offroad vehicles, from UTVs and ATVs to go-karts and dirt bikes. 

While they do offer their powersports products at dealerships, the majority of them are offered through big-name retailers such as Tractor Supply Company, Sam’s Club, and Lowe’s. 

The units offered through retailers do not ship assembled, so must be assembled by workers at these locations. 

Without a mechanic from an official dealer involved, there can be minor issues during assembly or with the pre-delivery inspection.  

It’s important to keep this in mind and self-inspect your vehicles when buying through a retailer.

Coleman 400 UTV Worth Your Money?

Is the Coleman 400 UTV as quality as some of the best-known models in the industry like Kawasaki Mules or Honda Pioneers? No. 

But, it’s also half the price, provides some of the same functionality, and comes equipped with many accessories you’ll pay extra for with those models.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a practical UTV that can fulfill work tasks, carry you across various terrains, and provide some light recreational ability on the side, the Coleman 400 UTV is well worth consideration.