Axis 500 UTV Reviews – The Good & Bad

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Even as a less familiar model, the Axis 500 UTV gets plenty of exposure being offered through Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

As it comes standard with a number of accessories only included as “extras” in some of the bigger-name models, it makes the list of best cheap side-by-sides for this year.

And there are plenty of add-ons you can make from the list of best Axis 500 UTV accessories to really transform these models.

But the Axis 500 is not without some noted drawbacks, all of which will be highlighted along with its strengths in this full review of the model.

We’ll have a look at the following:

  • Build quality and performance
  • Design and durability
  • Key features and accessories
  • Handling
  • Top speed
  • Pros and cons
  • Helpful positive and negative owner reviews
  • Key differences between Axis 500 and 700

About The Axis 500 UTV

The Axis 500 UTV is a utility vehicle introduced in 2020 as Lowe’s “store brand” UTV. 

Featuring a compact design, durable body styling, selectable four-wheel drive, and numerous accessories considered upgrades with more popular UTV models, the Axis 500 is viewed as one of the better values on the UTV market among consumers who want a vehicle with a good combination of working and recreational abilities, but who don’t want to break the bank.

Manufactured by Chinese-based HISUN Motors, the “made in China” stigma leads some to view this machine with skepticism. 

But this model stacks up well with some of the best budget utility vehicles in the industry and for the overwhelming majority of folks who have given it a shot, it has quickly earned their approval.  

Whether looking for best practices as a current owner, or considering becoming an owner of an Axis 500 UTV, read on to get up to speed with everything you’ll want to know about this vehicle.

Axis 500 UTV Specs and Features


The Axis 500’s 471cc engine and claimed 24 horsepower is tuned for torque rather than speed, so it won’t keep up with some of the more powerful UTVs in the industry

While it does have enough power to motor up most hills and through soft terrain, it doesn’t tackle steep inclines quite like its more powerful sibling model.

The fuel injected engine keeps maintenance on the simple side and offers solid fuel efficiency and overall dependability.  Manufactured by HISUN, the engine is a little noisy but runs smooth without much engine vibration.

If you’re looking for a utility vehicle that runs completely silent, this model is likely not for you.

Checking or changing the oil and filters is a little awkward as you’ll need to snake your hand down into a small space to access them.  Both the seats and center console need to be removed to access the oil tank and filters.

Engine TypeFour-Stroke SOHC, gas
Cylinder ArrangementForward-Inclined Single Cylinder
Displacement471 cc
Horsepower24 HP
Engine Torque23.87 ft-lbs
Bore x Stroke Ratio84.5 x 84 mm
Compression Ratio9.4:1
Carburetion SystemElectronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
Engine CoolingLiquid Cooling
Fuel Capacity7.6 Gallons
Ignition SystemElectronic Control Unit (ECU)
Battery 12V 32Ah
Spark PlugDR8EA
Lubrication SystemForced lubrication (wet sump)
Engine Oil TypeAPI SJ with JASO MA, MA1 or MA2


Mated to the Axis 500’s engine is a belt-type continuously variable transmission. 

Drive shafts supply power to the front and rear differentials.  There are both Low and High gear settings, as well as Reverse and Neutral.

Like many other modern UTVs which have moved away from offering a Park setting in order to reduce wear on the transmission, it is necessary to engage the parking brake in the Axis 500 to prevent it from rolling when parked.

It also offers on-demand four wheel drive via a button on the dash, along with selectable locking differentials for different situations and terrains.

Drive SystemShaft Drive w/ On-Demand Four Wheel Drive
And Locking Differentials
Transmission TypeAutomatic CVT, V-Belt
Gear Shift PatternL-H-N-R
ClutchWet, Centrifugal

Tires and Brakes

The Axis 500 UTV is fitted with aggressive, 26-inch tires made of heavy duty 6-ply nylon. 

They feature a directional tread pattern that supplies ample grip and stability in all terrains.  These smaller tires help to make the standard manual steering less demanding.

This machine does not offer automatic engine braking, but the four hydraulic disc brakes are more than capable of slowing the vehicle in any terrain.

Front Tires26 x 9-14
Rear Tires26 x 11-14
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Disc


The Axis 500 UTV features a double wishbone independent suspension system at all four corners, along with spring preload adjustable shocks. 

The adjustable shocks allow owners to reduce preload for a softer ride, or increase preload for a more firm ride and higher ground clearance.

But with a standard ground clearance of 11 inches, there is already plenty of ability to negotiate rocky or rutted terrain, within reason of course. 

Even with an impressive ground clearance, these machines are not meant for rock climbing.

Frame TypeSteel Tube
Turning Radius13 ft.
Wheelbase74 in
Ground Clearance11 in
Front Suspension/Wheel TravelDouble wishbone / 5.12 in
Rear Suspension/Wheel TravelDouble wishbone / 5.91 in

Dimensions and Capacities

With a 350 lb cargo bed capacity and the ability to tow up to 1,200 lbs, the Axis 500 UTV can assist in most work tasks.  And its compact size also makes it fairly agile and maneuverable on wooded trails. 

Even without power steering, it’s lighter weight makes it easy enough to handle for drivers of all sizes and experience levels.

Length119 in
Width58 in
Height76 in
Seat Height32 in
Vehicle Weight1,197 lbs
Load Weight Capacity880 lbs
Cargo Bed Capacity350 lbs
Towing Capacity 1,200 lbs

Exterior Features

The exterior of the Axis 500 UTV is both attractive and functional.  It is offered in three different body colors – red, green, and camo. 

Many accessories that would otherwise be considered extras with most other brands come standard with the Axis 500.  These accessories not only make it more capable of driving in all conditions, but make it street legal in several states as well.

In front, the Axis 500 features a steel-tube front bumper, two halogen headlights with high and low beams, and two hazard lights that also serve as front turn signals.  There is also a 3,500 lb winch with remote control that plugs in under the dash.

The cab area features driver and passenger seats separated by a center console.  There are removable sidebars located on the outside of each seat. 

The parking brake release and gear shift are both located centrally on the console area.  The dash includes a central display area and glove box.

The cab is enclosed by two plastic half-doors, a two-piece windshield, and hard-top plastic roof.  It is encircled by a roll cage as well.

In back, there’s a cargo bed that releases and tilts up to dump via gas assisted shock.  The tailgate features dual-latch locks. 

Two tail lights also provide brake lighting and rear turn signals.  Also included is a two-inch hitch receiver for towing.

Axis 500 UTV Top Speed

With low-end torque meant more for hauling capacity than speed and acceleration, the Axis 500 UTV has an advertised top speed of 40 MPH.  However, some owners have reported reaching upwards of 45 MPH in these machines on downhill paved roads.

While it’s not going to keep up with some of the faster UTVs in its class, it offers just enough speed that owners can enjoy some light recreational riding when they desire.

Axis 500 UTV Price

A brand new Axis 500 UTV can be purchased for between $9,000 and $10,000 at Lowe’s.

As models only date back to 2020, there is little variation in price for used models being offered through online marketplaces. 

Most used models are priced between $7,000 and $9,000 depending upon the year, mileage, and condition.


The Axis 500 UTV is a breeze to handle despite its lack of power steering, although drivers may need to use a little more strength when steering in four wheel drive. 

It provides a comfortable ride thanks to its independent suspension system, with chop barely felt at lower speeds.

And this thing performs surprisingly well on the trail.  Its compact size enables easy cornering, while the impressive 11 inch ground clearance offers room to navigate rocks, logs, and shallow water. 

Even with a decent load in tow, the Axis 500 will slowly but surely top steeper hills.  This ability only becomes iffy on steep, soft climbs with mud or sand involved.

Axis 500 UTV Pros & Cons


  • Comes standard with accessories such as windshield, hard top roof, side mirrors, winch, and turn signals.
  • Half-doors on the side protect riders from mud, brush, and branches.
  • Included accessories make it street legal in some states.
  • Good storage space, with glove box and underseat compartment.
  • Gas-assist shocks under the dump bed make for easy lifting and dumping.
  • Two-year warranty from Lowe’s.


  • Final assembly done at Lowe’s, rather than by an official dealer or mechanic.  This can lead to minor issues with loose bolts, wiring, or misassembled parts.
  • Prone to rattling and squeaking.  Owners will need to tighten all bolts and grease fittings and zerks on new machines.
  • The grab handles/sidebars on the outside of both seats can do a number on your rear end when attempting to sit down.  Riders almost have to hop over them.  Can be removed but not easily.
  • Seat belt safety feature prevents the vehicle from going over 5 MPH without the driver’s side seat belt engaged.
  • Lack of repair centers or mechanics willing to work on these vehicles force owners to be self reliant when troubleshooting issues.

For more information on the drawbacks of the Axis 500, check out the most common problems owners will encounter with this model.

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Helpful Positive Owner Reviews:

Review One

“I read the reviews and as usual some people should not write them if they don’t know how to use the machine! I bought the Axis 500 two weeks ago and put it through its paces. 

The gas gauge works well, just looks weird. When shifting I have to press the brake firmly to get into reverse. Have to push the shifter firmly forward and to the right to keep it in low gear.

It’s no powerhouse but it will go straight up hill in low, I mean very steep hills with 500 lbs of passengers. It does good in high but you have to get on the gas.

So having had a few ATVs, I would say this is worth the money. If you want more power and speed spend 30k and buy a name brand. If you want to work around the farm it’s a great machine.”  -Jeff A. 

Review Two

“I’ve had this machine for about 6 months now ( I have driven 55 miles) and it has done great. I did the 50 mile oil change and am pleased that it has held up without any problems.

Furthermore, I initially thought it was way underpowered but have found that if I use High gear for the road and Low gear for everything else, the power isn’t a big issue.”  -Dennis R.

Helpful Negative Owner Reviews:

Review One

“The best thing about the Axis 500 is its price, the worst is you could get seriously injured driving it the way it was assembled. Loose and missing screws and bolts, many of which were NOT tightened enough. 

BUT, once you have everything corrected—it’s a GREAT machine. Have driven the UTV some, absolutely love it! Just make sure you have someone check the assembly of it!” -Matt C.

Review Two

“This UTV is cheaper than most and comes with a roof and windshield that are not included in the base price of most brands. It looks nice and rides fine.

Like most gas-powered UTVs, it is relatively quiet at idle and low speeds, but loud at higher speeds and whenever you need power (going uphill). For some unexplained reason, the hitch is different from every other hitch on the market, requiring an adapter from Hisun (the manufacturer), which is currently not in stock, or drilling holes, etc.

Most important thing to consider: who is going to service this vehicle?? My local ATV repair shop does not work on foreign/off brands! This could be a major problem if you are not a mechanic. Resolve this issue before you buy.”  -Lawrence S.

Axis 500 vs Axis 700 Key Differences

The Axis 500 and Axis 700 are very similar models, save for a few key differences.

The Axis 700 is equipped with a more powerful 686 cc engine, which makes it more capable of climbing steep hills and powering through softer terrains.

For those who live or ride mostly in hill country, the Axis 700 model will be your best bet.

Additionally, the Axis 700 is capable of reaching top speeds anywhere from 10-15 mph higher than that of the Axis 500 in stock form.

For those who like to cut loose recreationally, the Axis 700 may be your best bet in this regard as well.

That said, you’ll be paying around $1,000 more for a new Axis 700 than you will for an Axis 500.

Axis 500Axis 700
Engine Displacement471 cc 686 cc
Max Horsepower24 HP27 HP
Top Speed (Stock)40-45 mph55-60 mph
Price$8,999 – $9,999$9,999 – $10,999

Final Thoughts

The overall satisfaction owners will experience with the Axis 500 UTV likely boils down to initially setting proper expectations. 

Though an excellent entry level option at its price point, this machine is not going to provide the same functionality of some of the bigger name models that are twice the price. 

And with a potential lack of service locations and assistance from customer service, it’s important for first-time UTV owners to consider their willingness and ability to troubleshoot any issues on their own.

That said, for folks who want a practical utility vehicle that can assist in performing work tasks, carry them around the neighborhood or farmland, and offer some light recreational ability when desired, the Axis 500 UTV makes for a solid choice.

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