Electric Hunting Vehicles (A Buyer’s Guide)

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There’s nothing quite like the peacefulness of watching the sun rise or set from a deer stand or a duck blind in the wilderness.

But many times getting there means traversing backwoods trails and wooded areas, and needing to do it quietly.

Electric hunting vehicles are perfect for this, with their silent motors and ability to tackle rough terrain.  

If you’re one of the many folks who enjoy hunting and are considering a trusted companion to carry you, your gear, and your trophy from a successful hunt to and from your favorite spot, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will review the top electric hunting vehicles for 2023, along with some of the main factors to consider when evaluating which one is best for you.

Important Considerations For Electric Hunting Vehicles

The growing variety of electric hunting vehicles is a big plus for hunters.  But with more and more options available, it’s important to consider the following when narrowing down your options.

  • Range – how far can it travel between chargings?
  • Size – how well can it maneuver tight trails and wooded areas?
  • Performance – how well does it handle mud, hills, and rough terrain?
  • Hauling – can it fit and haul game and gear?

Electric Hunting Vehicles for 2023

With many different vehicles and factors to consider, this guide has made it easy on you by narrowing down the top seven electric hunting vehicles for 2023.

We’ll highlight the pros, cons, and key features of each.

Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic – Best All Around

The Ranger XP Kinetic is Polaris’ newest electric UTV, offered in two trims – Premium and Ultimate.  

Trail Ability 

Both options boast 110 horsepower, high and low gears, and a top speed of 60 mph.  Their performance rivals those of many gas models.

Both trims have plenty of low-end power to motor through the toughest of trails, with muddy and mountainous terrain being no problem.

At a slightly bigger size than some other electric UTVs, the 62.5-inch width may not be the best for squeezing through those really tight trails or wooded areas, but these models are plenty nimble.

Battery ranges are also some of the best in the business, with the Premium getting 45 miles and the Ultimate getting 80 miles between charges.  

Even so, you won’t want to take it too far into the backcountry as you can’t charge it in the field.


Both models have a bed box measuring 37 by 54 by 12 inches with a capacity of 1,250 lbs.


  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Top battery range
  • Excellent performance


  • Inability to charge in the field
  • Very expensive
  • Limited availability

Specs & Features

Horsepower110 HP
Top Speed60 mph
Battery System & CapacityPremium – Lithium Ion, 14.9 kWhUltimate – Lithium Ion, 29.8 kWh
RangePremium – 45 milesUltimate – 80 miles
Drive System4WD/2WD/Turf w/ On-Demand 4WD
Length x Width x Height120” x 62.5” x 78”
Bed Box Dimensions46.75” x 54.25” x 12.5”
Box Capacity1,250 lbs
Payload Capacity1,500 lbs

HuntVe Game Changer 4×4 – Best For Longer Trips

While it has the best name of any electric utility vehicle, many folks aren’t familiar with HuntVe or its Game Changer 4×4 model.

Trail Ability

Located in Texas, HuntVe focuses strictly on electric UTVs.  Their most popular model, the Game Changer 4×4, features powerful 72V dual-motors with an output of 40 horsepower.

This power enables it to conquer most terrains you’d encounter as a hunter, be it mud, sand, snow, or mountains.

It’s about middle of the pack as far as battery range goes, getting 20-25 miles between charges.  But it does feature an on-board battery charger so you’re able to recharge it at your destination.

This model excels in wooded areas, able to squeeze through trees and backwoods trails with its compact size.


The HuntVe offers a rear dump bed with a 500 lb capacity, and offers plenty of power to haul game from your hunting spot.


  • Powerful dual-motor system
  • Compact size for wooded trails
  • On-board battery charger


  • Limited dealer network and availability
  • Turn radius not great
  • Dump bed doesn’t tilt very high

Specs & Features

Horsepower40 HP
Top Speed25 mph
Battery System260 amp hour rated battery packMax Ranger Batteries
Range20-25 miles
Drive System2WD/4WD
Length x Width x Height114” x 57” x 76”
Payload Capacity950 lbs

Polaris Ranger EV – Best For Short Trips

The Polaris Ranger EV has been a go-to in the electric UTV industry since 2010, but is being phased out in 2023 to make room for the new Ranger XP Kinetic.

Trail Ability

The Ranger EV can hold its own on most trails, with around 30 horsepower and good low-end torque.  It handles well in mud or snow.

And with a width of 58 inches and a compact overall size, it has no issue snaking through wooded areas or tight, twisty trails.

But with a battery range of 20-25 miles, you’ll be limited to sticking close to the hunting club as it does not offer the ability to charge while in the field.


This model features a decent-sized bed box with a capacity of 500 lbs, and an overall payload capacity of 1,000 lbs. 


  • Good low-end power
  • Compact size for wooded trails
  • No issues in mud or snow


  • Inability to charge in the field
  • Only used models available
  • Limited battery range

Specs & Features

Horsepower30 HP
Top Speed27 mph
Battery SystemTraditional Lead-Acid
Range20 – 25 miles
Drive System4WD/2WD/Turf w/ On-Demand 4WD
Length x Width x Height110” x 58” x 73”
Payload Capacity1,000 lbs
Bed Box Dimensions32” x 42” x 11.5”
Box Capacity500 lbs

Tracker EV iS – Best For Tight Trails

If you’ve been to a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s lately, you may have run across a Tracker UTV or ATV.  The EV iS is Tracker’s electric UTV option.

Trail Ability

Powered by a 72V system with an power output of 38 HP, the Tracker EV iS has good low-end torque and can handle mud, snow, and hills.

This two-seater is as compact as you’ll find in the electric UTV industry, with a width of only 53 inches.  This makes it perfect for maneuvering the tightest of trails and squeezing between trees in wooded areas.

Like many electric rigs its battery range is a bit lacking, getting up to 16 miles between charges, so you’ll be limited to how far you can venture.


This model features a fold-down back seat that converts into an open bed with grab bars on either side.  It offers enough room to carry small to mid-sized game.


  • Excellent trail option with compact size
  • Good low-end power
  • 16-inch ground clearance


  • Limited battery range
  • No cargo bed
  • Steep, soft terrain can cause issues

Specs & Features

Horsepower38 HP
Top Speed24.5 mph
Battery SystemSix 12-Volt Deep Cycle Batteries (72V)
RangeUp to 16 miles
Drive System4WD
Length x Width x Height112” x 53” x 77”
Payload Capacity840 lbs

Hisun Sector E1 – Best Value

The Hisun Sector E1 is one of the more underrated electric utility vehicles available and benefits from the use of more superior dry cell batteries rather than lead acid batteries.

Trail Ability

The Hisun Sector E1 is powered by a 48V motor with around 30 horsepower.  Flip this three-seater into low gear, and there aren’t many hills it can’t climb.

This model is bigger in size dimension-wise than some of its electric counterparts, but is still compact enough to travel most trails.  And it performs well in soft terrains like mud or sand.

While Hisun claims the Sector E1 gets 42 miles of battery range, the more realistic number is closer to 30-35 miles, which is still one of the best in the industry.

An added bonus is that they come trail ready, with accessories such as a windshield, hard top roof, and 3,500 lb winch coming standard.


The Sector E1 comes equipped with a cargo dump bed measuring 30 by 41 by 11 inches and with a weight capacity of 500 lbs.  It makes for an excellent hauling vehicle.


  • Comes standard with windshield, roof, winch
  • Suspension soaks up chop easily
  • Dry cell batteries


  • Battery range overstated
  • Mud flaps not big enough to prevent spray
  • One of heaviest electric UTVs

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Specs & Features

Horsepower30 HP
Top Speed24.5 mph
Battery SystemEight 6-Volt Discover Dry Cell Batteries (48V)
RangeClaimed* 42 miles
Drive System2WD/4WD
Length x Width x Height110” x 62” x 73”
Bed Dimensions30” x 41” x 11”
Bed Capacity500 lbs

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Bakcou Mule – Best Overall Electric Hunting Bike

The Bakcou Mule is one of the top options in the electric fat tire hunting bike industry, which continues to grow rapidly in popularity among hunters.

Trail Ability

The Bafang mid-drive motor has plenty of power and torque to climb any hill you can keep traction on.  

The smart-motor delivers the ideal speed and controls based on the rider’s output which makes for a smooth ride.

The Mule gets up to 50 miles of range between charges, offering good flexibility for potential traveling areas.


The Mule features a rear rack for storage and boasts a load capacity of 300 lbs.  

The smart motor and  features like Walk Assist help provide added stability and control when hauling a load out after a successful hunt.  


  • Good battery range
  • Smart motor and Walk Assist mode offer stability and control
  • Rear storage rack carries heavy loads


  • Expensive

Specs & Features

Motor1000W Bafang Ultra Mid-Drive Motor
RangeUp to 50 miles
Load Capacity300 lbs.

QuietKat Apex – Best Electric Hunting Bike For Hauling

The QuietKat Apex is another great option in the electric hunting bike industry, and stands out in offering the best hauling ability among its counterparts.

Trail Ability

This QuietKat Apex offers two power options, with the more powerful 1000w model offering plenty of oomph to climb steep hills and power through muddy trails, even when hauling weight.

Depending on the terrain, this bike gets a range of 24-48 miles per charge.


When it comes to hauling, this is the hunting bike model you want.

It offers a load capacity of 325 lbs and has plenty of power to traverse any terrain with a heavy load in tow.

A pannier rack system with a variety of customized options to choose from offers plenty of flexibility in the types of loads this model can haul.


  • Best ability to carry large loads
  • Many options for carrying gear
  • Good power


  • Expensive
  • Can’t see what gear you are in
  • No headlights or fenders

Specs & Features

Motor750 or 1000W
Range24-48 miles
Load Capacity325 lbs.


This guide should help in familiarizing you with some of the best electric hunting vehicles available today and the features that make them ideal.

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