Hisun Sector E1 Review

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Electric vehicles have never been more popular, especially among outdoor enthusiasts.  

As the demand for electric utility vehicles continues to grow, so does the number of options available to consumers.

One of the more underrated and lesser known options is the Hisun Sector E1.

This Hisun Sector E1 review will detail the following on the model:

  • Specs & Features
  • Performance
  • Standard Accessories
  • Pros & Cons

Specs & Features

Motor & Power

The Hisun Sector E1 features a 48V single motor with an output equivalent to around 30 horsepower.

With good low-end torque, when throwing this model in low gear it makes for an excellent hauling vehicle.  It has plenty of oomph to tow heavy stumps or haul loads of rocks or firewood in the dump bed.

And the acceleration is immediate and impressive.  While it only reaches a top speed of 24.5 mph, it gets there quickly.  The Sector E1’s power and speed are about average as far as electric UTVs go.

Motor Type48V AC (Alternating Current)
Horsepower30 HP
Top Speed24.5 mph

Battery System & Range

This motor is mated to eight 6-volt dry cell batteries.  This dry cell battery system is unique as most electric utility vehicles use lead-acid batteries.

Dry cell batteries require less maintenance as they don’t need to be refilled with water like lead-acid batteries, and are generally regarded as being higher quality.  

The battery system provides a claimed range of 42 miles between charges, but many owners claim that this is overstated and the more realistic range is 30-35 miles.  The needed charge time is between six and ten hours.

Many of the newer models include an onboard battery charger so that you can charge in the field if needed.

Battery SystemEight 6-Volt Discover Dry Cell Batteries (48V)
RangeClaimed* 42 miles
Charge Time6-10 hours

Drive System & Suspension

The Sector E1 features selectable two-wheel and four-wheel drive via a switch on the dash.

The suspension system features double A-Arms in the front and rear, both offering seven inches of travel.  

And while it can feel a little stiff at times, overall it does an excellent job of soaking up bumps and holes to provide a smooth ride.

Drive System2WD/4WD
Front SuspensionDouble A-Arm, 7” travel
Rear SuspensionDouble A-Arm, 7” travel
Ground Clearance11 inches

Tires & Brakes

The Hisun Sector E1 features hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels.  These brakes provide plenty of stopping power in all conditions and terrains.

The tires have been upped from 26-inch to 27-inch tires in 2023.  They have a tread pattern that provides the Sector E1 good traction in any terrain.

Front & Rear BrakesHydraulic Disc
Front Tires27 x 9-14
Rear Tires27 x 11-14

Dimensions & Capacities

The Hisun Sector E1 is right around the industry average in terms of size for electric UTVs, though it is on the heavier side.

Even so, its compact size enables it to navigate narrow trails and it is plenty nimble while doing so.

It features a rear dumping cargo bed with a capacity of 500 lbs.  And in low range it has a great towing ability, with a towing capacity of up to 1,500 lbs.

Length x Width x Height110” x 62” x 73”
Weight2,061 lbs
Cargo Bed Dimensions30” x 41” x 11”
Cargo Bed Capacity500 lbs
Towing Capacity1,500 lbs


The Hisun Sector E1 is pretty versatile in its abilities.  It offers excellent working ability when it comes to tasks around one’s property, such as hauling firewood or rocks and dragging logs or stumps.

Like most electric utility vehicles, it’s no speed demon, but it does offer good acceleration and enough speed to enjoy some light recreational driving out on the trail.

And it performs well in any terrain.  Mud, snow, and steep hills are no problem for the Sector E1.

Additionally, it makes for one of the best electric hunting vehicles with its near-silent motor and dump bed for hauling gear and game.

Standard Accessories

The Hisun Sector E1 also comes standard with a number of accessories usually considered extras with other models.  These standard accessories include:

  • Hard top roof
  • Two-piece windshield
  • 3,500 lb. winch
  • Side mirrors
  • Turn Signals
  • Horn

Hisun Sector E1 Pros & Cons

Owner feedback has identified a number of pros and cons relative to the Hisun Sector E1.

While the overwhelming majority of this feedback has been positive, there seem to be some negatives and common problems voiced among owners as well.


  • Motor is dead silent
  • Dry cell battery system superior to lead-acid batteries
  • Inclusion of windshield, roof, winch, side mirrors, etc.
  • Excellent low end torque
  • Torque and acceleration are immediate
  • Environmentally friendly with low emissions
  • Low maintenance – no refueling, oil changes, air filters, spark plugs, etc.
  • Standard two-year warranty through Hisun 


  • As the batteries start to drain, the power drops off increasingly
  • Dry cell batteries wear out faster than lead-acid and are more expensive to replace
  • Battery terminals can be a hassle to clean due to location
  • Claimed 42-mile battery range a little overstated
  • Mud flaps not wide enough, resulting in mud spray from wheels
  • Mud has tendency to cake on the underside of vehicle and down sides of batteries
  • Vehicle has tendency to squeak and chirp when nuts or bolts are loose or need grease
  • Warranty process through Hisun can be inefficient and frustrating


At a price of $13,199 for 2023, the Hisun Sector E1 is one of the cheapest electric utility vehicles you’ll find.  

And with its impressive performance and inclusion of a number of accessories generally designated as extras in other models, it makes for one of the better values.

If you’re in the market for an electric utility vehicle and want to see how the Hisun Sector E1 compares with the rest of the industry, check out the Top Ten Electric Side By Sides and UTVs for 2023.