Massimo ATV Reviews (Big Value Or Big Headache?)

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Those who’ve visited Tractor Supply recently may have noticed an ATV on display with a name you’ve never heard before.

Some of these are Massimo ATVs, and though they’re getting plenty of exposure being offered at many of Tractor Supply’s 2,000+ stores in the US, many folks just don’t know much about them.

If one of these models caught your eye, you’ve come to the right place for the lowdown on Massimo ATVs and how legitimate they are.

This guide will offer a full review of Massimo ATVs, including answering the following:

  • Who actually makes Massimo ATVs?
  • Are they built well?
  • How do they perform?
  • What models are available and how much are they?
  • What features and accessories do they come with?
  • What are the pros and cons of owning one?

Massimo also offers utility vehicles at Tractor Supply, and you can get the lowdown on those as well in this guide to Massimo UTV Reviews.

Who Makes Massimo ATV?

Massimo ATVs are sold by Massimo Motor Sports, but they are manufactured elsewhere.

Starting in 2018, Massimo ended their previous partnership with China’s Hisun Motors and began partnering with Linhai Corporation to manufacture their line of ATVs and UTVs.

Linhai Corporation is based out of China, with the engines and most other parts that make up Massimo ATVs being manufactured there.

These components are then shipped to the US headquarters of Massimo Motor Sports in Garland, Texas where they are then assembled and tested by US workers.

Massimo ATV Build Quality & Performance


The Linhai engines used in Massimo ATVs are known for being good quality.

Every engine used among the various Massimo models is a four stroke, single-cylinder with liquid cooling.

Massimo ATVs are utility-focused, so they offer good low-end torque and power with a focus on working tasks.

While nowhere close to the best performers in the respective classes, Massimo ATVs do offer enough oomph to power through most soft terrain and make good trail riding quads.

All adult models come with electronic fuel injected, while the Massimo 150 youth model makes use of a carburetor.

The engines are overall reliable and offer good fuel efficiency, but they are known to be a little hard on the ears while out riding.


The Massimo 150 youth model is strictly 2WD, while each of the full-sized ATVs offer On-Demand 4WD with locking differential for added traction when needed.

This gives them a big boost on the trails and helps them to be able to power through softer terrain like sand and mud.

Between the engine power and 4WD capability, you’re more likely to run out of traction from the tires than power when riding a Massimo ATV.

Each model offers Forward, Neutral, and Reverse gears, with Reverse coming in handy while trail riding or if you happen to get stuck.

Suspension Systems

Most of Massimo’s ATVs offer independent Macpherson Strut in front and independent double A-Arms in the rear.

The Macpherson Strut style suspension does offer some advantages, but tends to lead to the ride on these models feeling a little stiffer than you’ll find on bigger name models.

Besides the youth models, Massimo ATVs all offer around 10 inches of ground clearance which is about average across utility focused quads.

That’s plenty of room to navigate obstacles in the trail within reason.

Design & Durability

Massimo ATVs feature a modern, appealing build style meant to catch your eye, which they succeed in doing – you can’t tell much difference when compared to other models.

While these machines look great, some of the plastic parts used are known to be a little on the “cheap” side, leading to some noisy riding over time from squeaking and creaking.

Aside from that, they hold up well to off-road riding.

These ATVs also offer a number of color options, with around seven different ones to choose from depending on the model.

And one of the main benefits of Massimo ATVs is that they come trail-ready with a number of accessories that might be considered extras on some bigger name models.

Massimo ATV Models & Their Costs

There are currently four Massimo ATV models offered through both Massimo and Tractor Supply.

Below are the models and their 2023 MSRP’s:

Massimo MSA 210$3,299
Massimo MSA 450F$5,699
Massimo MSA 550$6,999
Massimo MSA 760$8,999

The Massimo MSA 210 is a more youth-focused, smaller-size model while the rest of the MSA models are full-sized for older youth and adults.

Features & Accessories That Come Standard

For the full-sized options, you’ll find the following accessories included standard:

  • Electric power steering
  • 3,000 lb winch
  • Passenger backrest
  • Front bumper
  • LED lights
  • Handguards
  • Front/rear storage racks

Massimo ATV Reviews – Pros & Cons


  • Some of the more reasonably priced ATV models you’ll find.
  • Good versatility with a nice mix of working ability and recreational appeal.
  • Solid towing capacities up to 800 lbs for full sized models.
  • Appealing build style with many accessories to make them trail ready.
  • 7+ color combos to select from.


  • Though reasonably priced, there are other models like the CForce ATVs that make for better values in the same price range.
  • Some models only feature a fuel screen instead of an inline fuel filter, leading to fuel injectors becoming clogged over time.
  • Some low quality plastic parts are known to rattle and squeak over time.
  • When sold through Tractor Supply, they are also assembled there which can lead to poor assembly including loose nuts and bolts.
  • One-year warranty from Massimo doesn’t cover many of the parts and components that take abuse while off-road riding.
  • According to owner reviews, Massimo customer service is lacking.

Final Thoughts

Massimo ATVs are reasonably priced ATVs that provide good overall performance, durability, and an attractive build style.

But those who are considering purchasing one from their local Tractor Supply should consider that common consensus among current owners is that customer service is lacking and it can be hard to find a mechanic or service center to perform maintenance.

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