Hisun UTV Reviews – Why Are They So Cheap?

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The US is starting to see more and more Hisun UTVs out riding the streets and trails, as this lesser known brand continues to expand its dealer network and become more familiar.

If the appealing and modern build styles of one of these Hisun UTVs has caught your eye recently, its reasonable price tag may have baited you in even more – with one model even making the list of best UTVs for the money.

And your brain is probably now in defense mode, trying to rationalize why this attractive UTV is actually one of the cheaper options available.

Could it be that they’re Chinese-made with low quality parts?

Maybe they don’t drive and handle worth a lick?

Or might it simply be that Hisun, as a less-familiar company, has decided to offer their quality UTVs at a budget price to try and build credibility as they look to gain traction in the ever-competitive UTV market?

This guide will answer those questions and more in this full review of Hisun UTVs, including:

  • A comparison of the available models and their prices.
  • Who actually makes Hisun UTVs?
  • How well-made are they?
  • How well do they perform and handle?
  • What features and accessories come standard?
  • A comparison of all Hisun UTV speeds.
  • The main pros and cons of owning one.

Hisun UTV Models & Costs

Hisun currently offers twelve different UTV models in their 2023/2024 lineup:

Hisun Sector 250 (youth)$5,649
Hisun Strike 250R (youth)$5,599
Hisun Sector 400$8,899
Hisun Sector 450$9,649
Hisun Sector 550 EPS$10,999
Hisun Strike 550R$10,999
Hisun Sector 750 EPS$11,999
Hisun Sector 750 Crew EPS$14,299
Hisun Strike 1000R$14,599
Hisun Sector 1000 Crew EPS$18,599
Hisun Sector E1$13,199
Hisun Ace NV$8,499

This guide will focus on reviewing Hisun UTV models as a whole, but will touch on how these models differ as well.

Hisun Sector Models

The Hisun Sector models make up Hisun’s utility-focused line of UTVs and are the majority of models available.

The Sectors are bigger overall in size compared to the sportier Strike models, and offer a spacier cargo bed in the rear that dumps.

The seating in the Sectors is also more upright and is bench style seating with an elevated middle in between the driver’s and passenger’s seats.

Hisun Strike Models

Hisun currently offers three Strike models with one being a youth model.

The Strike models are Hisun’s more sport-focused UTVs, with more compact overall builds and sportier body styling.

They offer a bit better throttle response, acceleration, and agility than that of the Sector models.

Their seating is also sportier and more contoured, with individual seats rather than bench seats.

Hisun Electric Models

Hisun offers two electric UTV models in the Sector E1 and Ace NV.

The Ace NV is more of a glorified golf cart, while the Sector E1 looks and performs like a true electric utility vehicle.

Check out this full review of the Hisun Sector E1 for more detail.

Who Makes Hisun UTVs?

HISUN Motors manufactures the engines, components, and most other parts that make up Hisun utility vehicles.

HISUN Motors is based out of Chongqing, China.  

The parts made there are then shipped to Hisun Motors Corp., USA where the UTVs are fully assembled at their United States headquarters in Mckinney, Texas just outside of Dallas.

Build Quality & Performance



  • High quality, durable engines
  • EFI
  • Good low-end power and torque

Every gas-powered Hisun UTV is equipped with Hisun’s signature four-stroke, single-cylinder engine that feature various cylinder displacements and are all liquid cooled.

While the engines being manufactured in China may give you the willies, Hisun engines are known for being good quality and durable making them a strength of these vehicles.

Each of Hisun’s UTVs and engines are fuel injected (EFI), making them reliable and giving them good fuel efficiency.

The various engines in the many different Hisun models offer different amounts of torque, horsepower and speed.


  • Not as fast as some competition
  • 550cc and smaller engines may struggle up steep hills

The engines in the Sector models offer better low end torque and power, with more of an emphasis on working tasks and towing/hauling capacity.

The engines in the Strike models offer good low end torque and power as well to make them good trail riding options, but the engines also provide a bit better pull in the upper RPM ranges with better recreational and fast riding in mind.

Each engine and model offers plenty of oomph to power through most terrains, though steep hills will slow down the 550 cc and below models a bit.



  • Selectable 4WD
  • Front locking differential
  • Automatic CVT Tranny

The two youth models in the Sector 250 and Strike 250 differ in that they are chain-driven and only offer 2WD.

The rest of the Hisun full-size models are shaft driven, with a drive belt powering the shaft that provides power to the wheels.

Each model offers selectable 4WD with front locking differential for added traction.  Only the Sector 1000 offers both a front and rear locking differential.


  • No Park Setting

All models are equipped with an automatic CVT transmission and gear settings of Low, High, Neutral, and Reverse.

The lack of a Park setting in any Hisun UTV is a bit of a drawback, as these models have a tendency to roll unless you engage the parking brake.



  • Dual A-Arms provide smooth ride
  • Nitrogen assisted shocks soak up bumps/holes well
  • Great ground clearance

The two youth models feature Dual A-Arms up front and a swingarm style suspension in the rear, which is the most common combo for youth models.

The rest of the Hisun UTVs make use of a Dual A-Arm suspension in both the front and rear.

Hisun suspension systems are known to ride a little stiff at times, but overall they are solid and offer a pretty smooth ride with the nitrogen assisted shocks soaking up holes and bumps so they aren’t overly jolting.


  • Suspension feels stiff at times
  • Electric models only get 7 inches ground clearance

Hisun’s full size UTVs offer around 12 inches of ground clearance, which is excellent when compared to most UTVs and gives them an edge on the trails when clearing obstacles.

The youth models offer around 8 inches of ground clearance, while the electric models have around 7 inches.

Design & Durability


  • Appealing, modern build styles
  • Plenty of sharp color options
  • Fully rigged with accessories

Hisun UTVs offer appealing, modern build styles with some striking plastics and color options that really complement their black exterior features.

The Sectors offer five different colors to choose from while the Strikes offer four.

The Sectors look like your typical modern utility-focused UTV, with a rugged yet stylish build.

The Strikes look more sporty and compact, ready to rip up the trails with the best of them.

And like many lesser-known UTVs, the Hisuns offer a number of appealing accessories that come standard, adding to their appealing look and making them road-ready and trail-ready from the jump.


  • Tend to suffer from squeaking and rattling over time
  • Some plastic parts are flimsy

While these vehicles do stand up well to all types of driving over time, some of their parts are known to be a bit flimsy.

The factory nuts and bolts have a tendency to vibrate loose over time, causing some squeaking and rattling from various parts of these vehicles.

And the plastic skid plates underneath aren’t that strong, so if you bottom out on something sharp/hard enough you’re likely to put a hole in the plastic floorboards.

Exterior Features & Accessories

Hisun UTVs come equipped with quite a few standard features and accessories that may only be included as extras on some of the bigger-name base model UTVs.

The features and accessories include:

  • Hard top plastic roof
  • Two-piece removable windshield
  • Plastic side doors
  • Side mirrors
  • Front bumper/brush guard
  • 3,500 lbs front winch
  • High/Low beam headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Brake lights
  • Horn
  • Rear dumping/cargo bed

The inclusion of plastic half side doors, a roof, and a windshield offers you the ability to take on any elements from the get-go.

The 3,500 lbs winch up front is controlled by a switch on the dash and gives that added security while off-road riding.

Hisun UTVs still make use of your more old-school analog speedometer/odometer display, but also do feature a small digital display between them.

There are rear cargo bed areas on each of the Hisun UTVs, but the Strikes’ cargo beds are a good bit smaller and do not dump.

The Sectors offer a good-sized rear cargo bed with gas-assisted shocks for dumping and a 500 lbs hauling capacity.

What Owners Like

  • Some of the more reasonably priced UTVs on the market.
  • Their performance and the accessories they come standard with is hard to match for the price, making them good values.
  • Good mix of working ability and recreational appeal makes them quite versatile.
  • Good hauling and towing capacities.
  • Very visually appealing w/ plenty of color options.
  • Excellent throttle response and low-end torque.
  • Each is covered under a standard two year warranty through Hisun.

What Owners Don’t Like

  • Some of the components are flimsy and cheap, leading to some damage over time.
  • Known to rattle and squeak over time as nuts and bolts need tightening and grease.
  • Hisun UTVs suffer from overheating, as their fan switches are not set to engage until the engine reaches temps of 220 degrees, w/ the fans not engaging in time to keep engine temps low enough.
  • The gear shift has a tendency to stick in Hisun UTVs, which is usually caused by shift linkage transferring to an incorrect position after the locking nuts vibrate loose over time.
  • Hisun customer support tends to be lacking.
  • Warranty process through Hisun can tedious and frustrating

For more detail, check out this guide to the common Hisun UTV problems.

Hisun UTV Speeds

The table below compares the top speeds of each Hisun UTV:

Hisun ModelTop Speed
Sector 25040 mph
Strike 25040 mph
Sector 40042 mph
Sector 45045 mph
Sector 55048  mph
Strike 550R48 mph
Sector 75055 mph
Sector 100066 mph
Strike 1000R70 mph
Sector E125 mph
Ace NV15 mph

Final Word

While Hisun UTVs are some of the cheaper UTV models in the industry, their overall performance and build quality don’t reflect that.

If you’re looking for a budget UTV, these models make for some of the better values you’ll find available today.

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