Massimo UTV Reviews – Why Are They So Cheap?

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If you’ve been by your local Tractor Supply store recently, may have seen a Massimo model among the UTVs on display there.

And after noticing the reasonable price tag with these visually appealing vehicles, you may have asked yourself the following:

Why are Massimo UTVs so cheap? And do they make for one of the best cheap UTVs money can buy?

Is it because they’re assembled of cheap parts from China?  Is it because they run poorly?  

Or is Massimo following the lead of other less familiar UTV lines like the CFMoto UForces or Hisun’s UTVs who offer their vehicles at a reasonable price in order to build credibility and carve out a piece of the market?

If those questions are running through your head, you’ve come to the right place.  This guide will answer them along with reviewing the following around Massimo UTVs:

  • Who actually makes Massimo UTVs (hint: it’s not Massimo).
  • How well are they made and how well do they perform?
    • Engines
    • Drivetrains
    • Tires & Brakes
    • Suspensions
    • Design & Durability 
  • The exterior features and accessories they come standard with.
  • The main pros and cons of buying one.
  • A brief overview of the several different models and their prices.
  • The most helpful positive and negative owner reviews.

Who Makes Massimo UTV?

While Massimo Motor Sports sells and distributes the line of Massimo utility vehicles, they are technically not the manufacturer.

Through 2018, Massimo UTVs were manufactured by Hisun Motors Corporation out of China.  Massimo ended this partnership with Hisun in 2018 and moved into a partnership with Linhai Corporation, another manufacturer in China.

This move came after years of customer complaints about engine performance in Massimo UTVs, with Massimo making a change as they worked to focus on upgrading in this area and increasing customer satisfaction.

Linhai currently manufactures the engines and most other parts for Massimo’s line of utility vehicles and other off-road vehicles in China.

The parts and components are then shipped to Massimo Motor Sports’ US headquarters in Garland, Texas where they are then assembled and tested in their 325,000 square foot factory.

While they’re not truly American-made beasts like Intimidator UTVs, final assembly taking place here in the States has helped to improve their overall quality recently.

Build Quality & Performance


Most Massimo UTV models are equipped with a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine that is liquid-cooled.

That said, the Massimo Warrior and MSU 850 models are equipped with a more powerful V-Twin engine and the T-Boss 1100 features a three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine.

All of the engines are manufactured in China by Linhai.  But don’t let the “made in China” stigma fool you, as these engines are known for being a strength of the Massimo UTVs.

Made with a focus on work rather than recreation, these engines are tuned for torque and low-end power more than for speed, so you won’t win many races in these models.

But the engines do provide plenty of low-end grunt to motor through muddy or sandy terrains, up steep hills, and perform most working tasks you throw at them.

And the fact that they’re all fuel injected means they offer impressive fuel efficiency and overall reliability.

Additionally, the engine noise and vibration is not overwhelming when riding so you can carry on a conversation with your passenger.


Massimo UTVs are shaft-driven, with an encased drive-belt that drives that shaft.  

Being encased helps to prolong the life of the belt by keeping it clear of mud, dirt, and water that may otherwise damage it over time.

Every model offers an automatic CVT transmission.

Most models feature a wet clutch, meaning the clutch is cooled with oil.  It’s important to use a wet-clutch compatible oil with Massimo models rather than regular motor oil.

Almost every model also features selectable four-wheel drive with locking differentials for added traction when needed.

And each Massimo UTV offers a High and Low gear, along with Neutral and Reverse.  The Warrior does offer a Park setting.

The lack of a Park setting in most models is a bit of a drawback, as you’ll need to use the parking brake when the vehicle is not on or in gear to prevent it from rolling.

Tires & Brakes

The various Massimo UTVs are fitted with a number of different-sized all-terrain tires, ranging from 24-inchers on the smaller Buck 250 to 29-inchers on the biggest model, the Warrior.

The stock tires are pretty aggressive and offer good grip and stability on the pavement and in most off-road terrains.

Most models offer hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear which give these models plenty of stopping power, regardless of the terrain.

Suspension Systems

Each of the Massimo UTVs makes use of a double A-Arm independent suspension in the front and rear.

This suspension style is known to offer an ultra smooth ride in most terrain and does a good job of soaking up bumps or chop while riding.

Adding to the comfortable ride is the fact that each Massimo UTV model is equipped with preload adjustable shocks so that riders can find the perfect setting for their riding styles or the terrain they most often drive in.

The ground clearance among these models ranges from around 9 inches to almost 14 inches in the Warrior.

While you won’t want to be rock crawling in most of them, there is still plenty of room to clear rocks, logs, ruts, and other obstacles in the trail.

Design & Durability

Looking at a Massimo UTV beside a similar model from the likes of Polaris, Can Am, or Honda, you really can’t tell much of a difference.

Massimo UTVs feature a modern, appealing build and design with eye-catching plastics and colors.  

And while they do feature a good bit of plastic parts, these models are quite durable and hold up well to the abuses of off-road riding and working tasks.

There are multiple different models to choose from, varying in size, engine power, and design.

The T-Boss and Buck models feature up to eight different color options to choose from as well, offering buyers plenty of variations.

Adding to the appeal and build quality, and making them even more road-ready and off-road ready than some of the competition, are the many accessories these models come standard with.

Exterior Features & Accessories

Massimo UTVs are looked at as some of the better values in the industry not only since they’re some of the lowest-priced in the industry, but also because they come equipped with a number of features and accessories that many other big-name models may consider extras.

  • Hard top plastic roof
  • Tilting full windshield
  • Plastic half-doors
  • 3,000 lb. front winch (steel cable)
  • Front brush guard
  • Side mirrors
  • High and low beam headlights
  • Digital Display

Massimo UTVs come equipped with a roof, windshield, and doors giving them the ability to be driven in any elements from the jump.

The 3,000 lb winch up front is remote controlled and comes in handy for sticky situations while out on the trail.

The digital display on the dash contains features like the speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, gear indicator, and 2WD/4WD indicator.

Additionally, each model is equipped with a good-sized rear dumping cargo bed that is lifted with a gas-assisted shock.

Pros & Cons

Massimo UTVs have a number of strengths that make them among the best UTVs for the money. But they don’t come without their weaknesses either.


  • You won’t spend an arm and a leg to buy one as they’re some of the least expensive utility vehicles on the market.
  • Not many other UTVs can match their overall performance for the price.
  • These UTVs offer good versatility, able to perform most work tasks you throw at them including farm work, snow plowing, hauling and towing, rides around construction sites, and even offer some light recreational ability when you want to cut loose.
  • Most models offer excellent hauling and towing capacities.
  • They are extremely visually appealing.
  • Most models offer 6+ color combinations to choose from.


  • Though they are among the cheapest utility vehicles on the market, there are other UTVs that make better overall values in the same price range.
  • Many models do not feature an inline fuel filter, only a screen.  This tends to result in a number of fuel injectors becoming clogged and giving out.
  • No Park setting in most models, so they have a tendency to roll when off or in neutral.  The parking brake should be used to prevent this.
  • Lack of standard power steering in most models can make them a little tougher to steer and handle, especially in 4WD.
  • Customer service is severely lacking according to a number of owner reviews.
  • One-year warranty does not cover a number of different parts and components, many of which are subject to abuse while riding.

Overview Of The Four Main Models

Massimo T-Boss

The T-Bosses are the most versatile line of utility vehicles offered by Massimo.  They span the 400 class all the way up to the 1000 class.

Currently among them are eight different models:

  • T-Boss 410
  • T-Boss 410X Golf
  • T-Boss 550
  • T-Boss 550F
  • T-Boss 550X Golf
  • T-Boss 750
  • T-Boss 750X Golf
  • T-Boss 1100D

A review of the T-Boss 550 shows these models offer excellent versatility, with a good mix of working and off-roading ability.

They each offer 4WD and one of the best standard accessories packages you’ll find across the industry.

Each of the standard models offer a rear dumping cargo bed, with the 550F offering a fold-flat oversized steel bed.

The “Golf” models all have a rear-facing bench for two additional riders that also converts to a flatbed.

And the T-Boss 1100D is a diesel model for those who need to tackle the toughest of work tasks.

The T-Boss line is available in eight different color combinations and seems to be Massimo’s fastest growing line in terms of popularity.

Massimo Buck

The line of Bucks are the least powerful Massimo UTVs and are meant for performing light working tasks around the property or carrying riders to a favorite backwoods hunting spot or fishing hole.

There are currently four Buck models available:

  • Buck 250
  • Buck 250X Golf
  • Buck 450
  • Buck 450X Golf

These models are the smallest and most compact models that Massimo offers, with the Buck 450 being the most popular among them.

They each offer 4WD and come standard with a number of accessories that make them ready to drive on the street or trails from the jump.

Same as the T-Boss models, the two standard Bucks offer a rear dump bed while the two “Golf” models feature rear-facing bench seats that can convert to a flatbed.

They are available in six different colors and are among the most affordable of Massimo’s utility vehicles 

Massimo MSU

Massimo’s line of MSUs have dwindled recently, with only the MSU 850 and MSU 850-5 still available brand new.

If you’re looking for a used UTV, you may come across any of the following:

  • MSU 400
  • MSU 500
  • MsU 700

The MSU series was Massimo’s most popular line for some time, but appears to be being sunsetted for the newer T-Boss and Buck lines.

The MSU 850 and 850-5 are big, powerful models meant to take on tough working tasks.  

Like all Massimo utility vehicles, they offer 4WD and come standard with many bells and whistles.

They are available in seven different colors and have one of the most appealing builds of the Massimo lines.

Massimo Warrior

The Massimo Warrior line may as well be the UTV version of a Humvee, both in appearance and the impressive power they possess.

While there used to be Warrior 800, Massimo currently only offers two Warriors:

  • Warrior 1000 MXD
  • Warrior 1000 MXD Crew

These are the most powerful utility vehicles offered by Massimo, but they aren’t just made that way for work. 

The Massimo Warrior offers sneaky good speed and plenty of recreational ability, being made to go almost anywhere. 

Whether it be rock climbing, shallow water crossings, or the steepest most mountainous terrain, the Warrior is made to get you through it.

They’re the biggest and most expensive models Massimo makes.

Massimo UTV Prices

With a number of different models to choose from, Massimo UTV prices will obviously vary a bit.

While as a whole they are some of the cheaper UTVs in the market, the price of the bigger and more powerful models is not that much less than you might find with some of the more familiar models in the class.

The table below shows the prices for each model.

Massimo Buck 250$5,999
Massimo Buck 250X Golf$6,299
Massimo Buck 450$8,999
Massimo Buck 450X Golf$9,299
Massimo T-Boss 410$7,999
Massimo T-Boss 410X Golf$8,299
Massimo T-Boss 550$9,999
Massimo T-Boss 550F$9,999
Massimo T-Boss 550X Golf$10,299
Massimo T-Boss 750$12,499
Massimo T-Boss 750X Golf$12,799
Massimo T-Boss 1100D$15,999
Massimo MSU 850$13,999
Massimo MSU 850-5$15,999
Massimo Warrior 1000 MXD$18,399
Massimo Warrior 1000 MXD Crew$21,999

Top Helpful Owner Reviews (Positive & Negative)

Positive Review One

“This thing passes the eye test!  Easy to operate and bigger than expected.

The only negative that I’ve observed is the gearing and starter is off a bit.  Sometimes it will not start if the gear is not locked into position.

I’ve had to change the gear from H to N to get it synced with the starter.  Not a big deal.”

-Bill K., T-Boss 550

Positive Review Two

“This UTV went on sale at the end of the summer, and I jumped on it. It looks to be a good value for the money with all the features I need.

The UTV is made in China, with final assembly in Texas, and that is what keeps the price low compared to the big-name brands. 

I use it to run around my 8 acres doing yard work. No trail riding is planned. We’ll see how she holds up, but so far so good.”

Jeremy Y., Buck 450

Negative Review One

“Avoid this company, no service after sale. I have a 4 year old unit with <2000 miles on it. Front Diff failed. The housing cracked and a piece fell off. 

Massimo’s response to me requesting to buy the part…”We do not stock that or know when it will be available”. Be warned and spend a few extra dollars for a known brand.”

-Alan H., MSU 500

Negative Review Two

“Purchased a New Massimo Buck 450 in 2019 to use on Ranch. From the day Massimo delivered it there were issues with it not shifting gears, brake switch went bad, and the parking brake not adjusted right to name a few.  

We only had 1 service center here and took it into them 3 times.  They said Massimo was terrible for service centers because they won’t pay them to diagnose the real issues.”

-Skipper A., Buck 450

Final Thoughts

Massimo UTVs come more well-equipped than similar models from the bigger names in the industry, and generally at a lower price.

And while there is value in that, consumers should take into consideration the fact that the common consensus among owners is that Massimo customer service is sub-par and the one-year warranties offered don’t cover all parts.

Additionally, you may need to be at least somewhat mechanically inclined and willing to perform maintenance and some repairs on your own, as depending upon where you live there may be a lack of service centers and mechanics willing to work on these machines.

That said, Massimo UTVs do offer plenty of strengths including excellent performance and durability.  And they won’t be outdone in the appearance department, either.

For more budget options, check out the following before you go: