Massimo Buck 450 Reviews (Great Value Or Problem Child?)

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Reading a review of Massimo’s full line of UTVs, it’s easy to understand why they continue to grow in popularity each year.

Their expanding line of UTVs even lands a model on both the list of best cheap side-by-sides and best UTV for the money for this year.

One of the latest in Massimo’s line of UTVs is the Massimo Buck 450. 

This guide will offer a detailed Massimo Buck 450 review, including:

  • Build quality and performance
  • Design and durability
  • Key features and accessories
  • Buck 450 vs Buck 450X
  • Top speed
  • Cost
  • Pros and cons
  • How it handles
  • What types of driving it’s best suited for
  • Where Massimo UTVs are made

A review of the Buck 250 and a full rundown of the Massimo T-Boss 550 will help show you how they stack up with the Buck 450.

About The Massimo Buck 450

The Massimo Buck 450 is a utility task vehicle manufactured by Massimo Motors. 

It is perceived as one of the better values on the UTV market among consumers who desire a vehicle that offers both the ability to perform work tasks and a moderate recreational capacity, but also the inclusion of many accessories otherwise considered add-ons with the more popular UTV models.

Like other Massimo vehicles, which are manufactured in China and made with Chinese parts, they are looked at with some doubt by consumers.

But the many owners who have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with their Massimo machines would beg to differ in this regard. 

Build Quality & Performance


With its 352 cc engine and claimed 25 horsepower, the Massimo Buck 450 is tuned more for torque than speed and acceleration. 

While it is not intended to be able to keep up with the sporty UTVs, it can easily power up steep inclines or through soft terrains like mud and sand.  

The engine is manufactured by Linhai Industries out of China, who also produces engines and parts for some Yamaha machines. 

It is fuel-injected and mated with an ECU, which assists in providing fault codes that point to the likely causes of any engine issues that may surface.  

Engine TypeFour-Stroke SOHC
Cylinder ArrangementForward-inclined single-cylinder
Displacement352 CC
Torque (ft-lb.)28.6
Horsepower25 HP
Bore x Stroke Ratio80mm x 70mm
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
Engine CoolingLiquid Cooling
Fuel Capacity6.9 Gallons
IgnitionECU (Engine Control Unit)
Battery 12V 18AH
Spark Plug TypeDR8EA (NGK)


The Buck 450 is shaft-driven with an encased belt that drives the shaft.  An encased belt helps prolong the belt life by shielding it from water, mud, and other debris. 

The gear shift is right-hand operated and located on the dash. 

As the clutch is centrifugal, when stopped and leaving the machine in gear it is essentially in neutral and can roll, so use of the cable-operated parking brake is necessary. 

There is no Park setting in the transmission.

Since the Buck 450 makes use of a wet clutch, it is essential to use an oil approved for wet clutches rather than a regular motor oil. 

Drive SystemShaft Drive w/ On-Demand Four Wheel Drive
And Locking Differentials
Transmission TypeAutomatic CVT
ClutchWet, Centrifugal

Tires & Brakes

While the Massimo Buck 450 is not the ideal vehicle for serious off-roading, you wouldn’t know it by the factory tires it’s fitted with. 

Those tires are made of heavy duty 6-ply nylon and feature .79 inch treads that provide adequate grip in any terrain

The hydraulic disc brakes are more than capable of slowing the vehicle in any terrain.

Front Tires25 x 8-1/2
Rear Tires25 x 10-12
Tread Depth.79 in
Wheels12-inch cast aluminum
Front Brake TypeDual Hydraulic Discs
Rear Brake TypeSingle Hydraulic Discs
Parking BrakeMechanical Disc


The Massimo Buck 450 makes use of Double-A (or Twin-A) Arm front and rear suspension, enabling a smooth ride even on bumpier terrains

Its impressive ground clearance gives plenty of room when dealing with logs or rocky terrain, while the lengthy wheelbase offers stability and easy cornering.

Turning RadiusOuter: 16.1 ft / Inner: 12.2 ft.
Wheelbase74 inches
Ground Clearance11 inches
Front SuspensionTwin-A Arm Independent Suspension
Rear SuspensionTwin-A Arm Independent Suspension

Dimensions & Capacities

With its 54-inch width and weight of 1,113 lbs landing it on the smaller side of UTVs, the Massimo Buck 450 has no trouble maneuvering through tight wooded areas or winding trails. 

Though standard models come without power steering, its compact size makes it easy to handle

And despite its smaller nature, the Buck 450 is capable of performing all kinds of work tasks with its 1,000 lbs towing capacity and 400 lbs cargo bed capacity.

Length111 in
Width57 in
Height76 in
Seat Height33.5 in
Cargo Bed (LxWxH)28 in x 41.5 in x 12 in
Dry Weight1,113 lbs
Load Weight Capacity661 lbs
Towing Capacity 1,000 lbs
Cargo Bed Capacity400 lbs

Exterior Features

The exterior of the Massimo Buck 450 is both appealing and practical. 

There are six different color options to choose from including red, blue, green, camo, quicksand, and tactical gray.

Many features that come standard with the Buck 450 are only included with the upgraded models of many other big-name UTVs. 

These include a full tilt-out windshield, dash controlled 3,000 lb winch, hard top roof, netted side doors, adjustable tilt steering wheel, side mirrors, high and low beam headlights, turn signals, brake lights and seatbelts.

Massimo Buck 450 Vs Buck 450X Golf

The Massimo Buck 450X Golf is essentially a slightly bigger Buck 450 that features a fold down back seat in place of the dump bed to offer more rider capacity, along with a footrest and grab bar. 

The back seat does convert into a flat bed of sorts, but lacks the dumping ability. 

Additionally, the Buck 450X Golf measures in at a length of 119 inches and a width of 59 inches.  Aside from that, it’s almost an exact replica of the Buck 450.

Massimo Buck 450 Top Speed 

Powered by a 352 cc engine with a claimed 25 horsepower, the Massimo Buck 450 top speed is advertised as 35 mph by Massimo. 

However, many owners report hitting closer to 40-45 mph in their machines depending on the terrain and load weight.

Massimo Buck 450 Cost

The list price of a Massimo Buck 450 falls between $9,300 and $10,500 depending on the model. 

The Buck 450X Golf is generally around $1,000 more expensive and usually lands in that upper range of around $10,500.  

As newer machines, even used models don’t fluctuate in price much to this point.  Many used models are listed for between $8,000 and $10,000. 

The minimal number of units you will find priced less than that generally mention a non-cosmetic issue that affects their running condition and will need to be fixed. 

Massimo Buck 450 Pros & Cons

Massimo has gained more familiarity with consumers in recent years as they have partnered with the likes of big name retailers such as Lowe’s and Tractor Supply through which to offer their utility vehicles, such as the Buck 450.

While feedback is that these models can’t compete with the likes of the Kawasaki Mules and the Honda Pioneers of the world, the overall sentiment towards these models is positive.

But there are some drawbacks well.


  • One of the best values in the UTV market, the Buck 450 offers similar ability but comes with more accessories than much of its competition.
  • Installed three-setting windshield, hard top roof, full-coverage netted doors, winch, turn signals, brake lights and side mirrors come standard unlike with most other UTVs.
  • Ample storage areas including a dashboard storage compartment and glovebox.
  • Dump bed fitted with hydraulic assist springs to assist in lifting.
  • Tailgate is sturdy and features a one-handed tailgate release.
  • Adjustable tilt steering wheel for any sized driver.
  • Factory tires give it adequate grip for any terrain, including snow.
  • Compact size makes for easy handling.


  • Prone to body squeaking after some use, most likely due to the soft mounts under the dump bed.
  • The windshield will bow in the middle at higher speeds and rattle in some terrains.
  • Lack of selectable rear differential limits ability to make tight turns unless on grass or gravel.
  • Stock battery tends to drain fairly quickly, especially when supporting added electronic accessories.
  • Headlights tend to be too dim and may need to be replaced by a lightbar for better visibility when driving at night.
  • Fuel injected Massimo UTVs like the Buck 450 don’t have an inline fuel filter, only a screen cover, which can lead to issues with the fuel injector.
  • Lack of assistance from Massimo customer service, as well as a lack of service centers willing to work on Massimo machines may force owners to be self-reliant when making repairs depending upon location.
  • The one-year warranty does not cover some of the items that are more susceptible to regular abuse and prone to failing.

For more on these drawbacks and how to overcome them, check out this guide to the most common problems with Massimo UTVs.

Types of Driving the Buck 450 is Best Suited For

As a compact sized UTV with a less powerful engine, the Buck 450 punches above its weight. 

It offers solid maneuverability on tighter, twisty trails and a smooth ride across bumpy terrain.  It has enough power to make steep ascents with lighter loads.

All things considered, the Buck 450 is best suited for casual driving, work tasks, and transporting one or two riders to a fishing hole or deer stand. 

But it does have the ability to do some light recreational driving as well.  Drivers of all experience levels will have no problem operating it.

Types of Driving the Buck 450 is Least Suited For

With a solid ground clearance of 11 inches and impressive factory tires that provide good grip in all terrains, the Buck 450 should have no problem clearing rocks or logs. 

But you’ll want to keep any obstacles on the smaller side as an 11 inch ground clearance still makes it susceptible to bottoming out over larger rocks, boulders, fallen trees, or steep gullies.

If you’re carrying a heavier load, this machine may struggle up steep hills at more of a creep. 

And while it fares well on tight trails due to its size, at 57 inches in width it will not be able to access any public riding trails that mandate a vehicle width of 50 inches or less.

How does it handle?

You would hardly know the Buck 450 lacks power steering as its lighter weight and smaller tires help to compensate. 

In 4WD and with the front differential locked, the steering is a little heavy, but outside of that it’s a breeze.  And there is no noticeable kick to the steering wheel in bumpy terrains.

The machine feels nice and stable when cornering and when ascending or descending steep terrain. 

If you’re driving on a hard surface, the turn radius is not great due to the permanently locked rear differential.  It does better on softer surfaces though.

About Massimo

Until 2018, Massimo UTVs were made by China-based manufacturer Hisun Motors Corporation. 

That partnership was then ended and replaced by a collaboration with Linhai Corporation, another China-based manufacturer. 

This move was made, according to Massimo Motors, with a focus on better engine performance and customer service in mind.

The engines and other parts for Massimo’s UTVs, including the Buck 450, are manufactured in China. 

The UTVs are then assembled and tested at Massimo’s headquarters in Garland, Texas, just outside of Dallas. 

The assembly and testing process taking place in the United States appears to have helped improve quality in recent years.


Coming fully equipped at a lower price point than many of its counterparts, without sacrificing for comfort, the Buck 450 makes for one of the better values on the UTV market these days.

But it is important to consider whether you’re willing and able to make mechanical repairs on your own due to a potential lack of service options and the commonly experienced shortcomings with Massimo customer service.

That said, if you’re looking for a practical UTV that can help accomplish work tasks and provide transportation across various terrains, while also providing some light recreational abilities, the Buck 450 is well worth consideration.

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