9 Common Massimo UTV Problems And How To Fix

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Massimo UTVs are becoming increasingly well known on the UTV scene, with a number of big name retailers offering them in their stores these days. 

Improvements to their overall quality in recent years make Massimo UTVs quite underrated, and also makes them some of the better values you’ll find among side-by-sides.

That said, there are still some common problems that tend to recur in Massimo’s line of UTVs that you should be aware of before opening your wallet for one.

The following are the nine most common problems and drawbacks you may encounter as a Massimo UTV owner:

  • Windshields rattling and bowing
  • Loud noise in the cab
  • Rough idling or stalling in idle
  • Transmission problems
  • Overheating
  • Fuel pump issues
  • Lack of support and service options
  • Warranty process is frustrating
  • No-start issues

This guide will detail each problem along with proven ways to fix and overcome them.

Windshields Rattling and Bowing

One of the ways Massimo works to stand out from some of the bigger-name competition and makes for one of the best UTVs for the money is by making their UTVs flush with accessories.

One of these accessories is a front windshield, which is included on many Massimo UTV models like the T-Boss 550.

While this makes these models more ready-to-drive from the get-go, these stock windshields are the source of some frustration.

They’re not of the highest quality, and are known to bow in the middle when driving at higher speeds.

But even more annoying is the tendency for these windshields to rattle while driving, especially in off-road terrain.


The only real fix for the bowing windshield is to replace it with a stronger one.

There is a more simple fix for the rattling though.  You can simply grab some weather stripping and apply it around the rolls bar areas where the windshield connects.

This should minimize the rattling a good bit.

Loud Noise In Cab

One of the most common complaints with Massimo UTVs is the excessive noise that exists in the cab while accelerating, especially at high speeds.

This noise is from a combination of both the engine and muffler, which is amplified by the plastic parts that make up the cab area.

If you’re riding with a passenger at high speeds, good luck hearing anything they say to you.

Aside from going with a quieter UTV like those from Tracker, there are some steps you can take to muffle this noise.


The solution that seems to make the most impact is to install a sound deadening mat underneath and up the back sides of the seats.

You can also trim the pieces so that they’ll fit on the underside of the engine compartment, center consoles and other areas that tend to amplify the most noise.

This should work to minimize the noise in the cab area and make it possible to hold a conversation with your passenger while riding.

Massimo UTV Rough Idling & Stalling At Idle

If you own a Massimo, at some point you may experience sputtering, even to the point that the engine will sometimes stall while at idle.

The two main causes of this in Massimo UTVs are the fuel injectors and the throttle bodies.

Fuel Injector

For many past fuel-injected Massimo UTV models, there’s no inline fuel filter, only a screen.

This has been changed in many of the newest models, but results in quite a number of bad fuel injectors in models with only a screen thanks to clogging.


If you’re experiencing the symptoms above, check the fuel injector by folding up the seat and removing the cover underneath to expose your throttle body.

You’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver in order to remove the four screws that hold the cover in place, so it’s more simple than it sounds.

Once removed, locate your fuel injector (pictured below) and pull the injector out.  You’ll then want to inspect the spray pattern of your fuel injector when you turn the key switch on. 

A properly functioning fuel injector will spray out a fine mist.  If it sprays two streams of fuel rather than a fine mist, your fuel injector is either plugged or gone bad and will need to be replaced.

Gummed Up Throttle Body

Another cause of these issues in Massimo UTVs is the throttle body becoming gummed up with carbon deposits and other grime on the inside.


You’ll need to thoroughly clean your throttle body to alleviate this by following the steps below:

  • Remove the throttle body from your Massimo vehicle.
  • Use a can of WD-40 Throttle Body Cleaner to spray it down.
  • Once sprayed, scrub the throttle body down real good using a scrubbing pad or a toothbrush.
  • Be sure and spray and scrub the shaft bearing area inside by opening the electronic controlled throttle blade with your finger.
  • When done cleaning, test the throttle body before reinstalling it by hooking it back up the its electrical connections.
  • Turn the key to the “on” position and confirm that the throttle blade opens slightly. If so, you’re good to reinstall it.

Massimo UTV Transmission Problems

Transmission problems are another common source of frustration in Massimo UTVs, and generally come in the form of a grinding noise when shifting gears or the gear shift not wanting to budge when attempting to shift it.

This usually happens when shifting into High or Low gear, but can happen when going into Reverse as well.

These issues almost always point to the shift linkage having transferred out of place, which happens when the nuts that hold it in place vibrate loose over time.


You’ll need to adjust it back into place, first removing the seats and center console to locate it.

Once you do, hold the turnbuckle in place and make sure both locking nuts on either end are fully loosened. You’ll need to rotate the turnbuckle either clockwise or counterclockwise to readjust it back into its correct position.

You can test its position by shifting gears to ensure there’s no more grinding or sticking. Once you’ve got it in the right place you’ll need to tighten the locking nuts to hold it there.

Massimo UTV Overheating

Overheating problems are a very common issue in all Massimo UTV models. 

This overheating in Massimo vehicles can pretty much always be attributed to one of the following:

  • Fan switch not triggering in time
  • Airlock in the coolant system
  • Blown head gasket

Fan Switch Not Triggering In Time

The ECU in Massimo UTVs is factory-installed so that they fan switch won’t kick on until the engine reaches temperatures of around 220 degrees.

The engines aren’t capable of withstanding temps much higher than this, and so many times by the time the fan kicks on, it’s too late to keep the engine at a temperature it can withstand for a prolonged period.

This leads to plenty of overheating in Massimo machines, and is especially troublesome for those who live in warm climates or at higher elevations which exasperates the problem.

You’ve got a couple options when it comes to fixing this:

Flash The ECU – The best option (but more expensive) is to have the ECU tuned or flashed, which should lower the temperature at which the fan kicks on to a more sustainable 190 degrees or so.

Toggle Switch – Additionally, you can install a toggle switch that bypasses the fan switch and gives you the option of turning on the fan as you need by the flip of a switch on the dash.

Both options should minimize overheating.

Airlock In Coolant System

Airlock in the coolant system is another main cause of overheating, and usually happens as a result of your engine overheating or being close to overheating.

When an air bubble forms in the coolant system, it usually works its way to the water pump and prevents it from properly pumping coolant to your engine.

Once you’ve got airlock in your system, you’ll unfortunately experience overheating until the air is completely bled out.

You’ll need to bleed the air, and keep an eye on the bubbling from the radiator fill area as you do.

When the bubbling subsides, the air should be bled out. But if the bubbling won’t stop, you may have a blown head gasket.

Blown Head Gasket

If you’ve blown a head gasket, your UTV will continue to overheat until it’s replaced.

You can purchase a test kit to confirm whether your head gasket is blown, and then replace it if needed.

Massimo UTV Fuel Pump Issues

As an owner of a Massimo UTV, over time you may notice a lack of acceleration or some of the idling issues touched on earlier.

These can be signs that your fuel pump has gone bad, which is a common occurrence in these models as well.

Fuel Pump or Fuel Pump Relay?

If you suspect your fuel pump may be an issue, you can test it by removing the hose and cranking up your vehicle to see if fuel will spray out.  If it does, your fuel pump should be in good shape.

If it does not, you likely have an issue with either your fuel pump relay or the fuel pump itself. 

Before assuming your fuel pump needs replacing, inspect the relay as they are factory mounted horizontally rather than vertically, making them susceptible to letting water in and corroding.

The fuel pump relay is located just above the fuel tank.  It will have a plug attached and be covered by a rubber housing. 

Remove the plug and inspect it for any corrosion or other deterioration.  If it appears to be in bad shape, you can order a replacement online.

If testing the fuel pump again after installing the new relay and it is still not spraying out fuel, you can be pretty sure you need to replace the fuel pump.

Lack Of Support & Service Options

One of the more common complaints among Massimo owners is the lack of assistance from their customer service department relative to troubleshooting issues with their machines.  

And as a less-known and smaller manufacturer, Massimo runs into the same issues that other similar smaller-name brands like Hisun UTVs encounter with a lack of dealers and service centers.

This creates a headache for owners, as depending on where you live you likely won’t have many options in terms of dealers and service centers to choose from when having something covered under warranty.

Not only can the options you do have be a good drive away, but some of them can be hit or miss in terms of the quality of the service they provide.

On top of that, for some folks it can be hard to even find a mechanic outside of the dealer you bought with to service these machines, as many are just not familiar with them.


Be mechanically inclined and able to wrench on a vehicle yourself.  That’s really all that you can do here.

Massimo UTVs can make for great values, but you should consider how willing and able you are to be resourceful when making repairs on your own before pulling the trigger on one.

Warranty Process Is Frustrating

Massimo offers a one-year warranty on each one of their UTVs, which is said to cover “any repairs, replacement parts, and labor needed”.

The warranty is about in-line with the rest of the industry (aside from Kawasaki Mules and their awesome three-year warranty), but you’ll find that some of the parts that take the most abuse while off-road riding are not covered.

And for those parts that are covered, repairs can be a slower process as replacement parts from the factory sometimes take weeks or even months to arrive.

Bear in mind that most of the time, your machine will be sitting in the shop unable to be driven during this wait.

The warranty claims process is not exactly efficient either, with approval through dealers taking an extended time and frustrating owners.

This is one of the drawbacks with Massimo ATVs as well.

Massimo UTV Engine Won’t Start

No-start issues are another of the more common problems you may experience at some point as a Massimo owner.

This can range from your vehicle cranking but not starting to not showing any sign of life at all.

If your Massimo engine won’t start, it’s likely due to one of the following:

  • Valve Clearance
  • Spark Plugs
  • Battery/Battery Cables
  • Starter Solenoid

Valve Clearance

Your intake and exhaust valves are the most common cause of a no-start issue in Massimo UTVs.

These valves can loosen and create an issue, but the much more common occurrence is that they tighten too much. Both negatively will affect your valve clearance.

If your valve clearance isn’t maintained, you’ll experience compression loss and your vehicle likely won’t start.

The proper valve clearances can generally be found on a placard up under the driver’s side fender of your machine, or in your service manual.

Be sure both valves are set at their proper clearances, and make adjustments if not.

Spark Plugs

If your spark plugs become fouled or covered in something like coolant or fuel, they won’t provide the spark needed to start your machine.

Check them to be sure they’re still in good shape, and replace them with a Bosch iridium spark plug if not…these offer the best performance.


This is really the first place you should start, as battery issues are common and offer the easiest fixes.

Check the battery terminals, wiring and connections to ensure there is no corrosion or damage that would be affecting the power from the battery.

Check the voltage of your battery as well to ensure it’s getting 12+ volts, which is required for the fuel injection to function properly.

A best practice is to hook up the Battery Tender Plus to your battery when not in use, as Massimo stock batteries are known to drain if not.

Starter Solenoid

If you simply hear a clicking when you go to start your Massimo, there’s a chance your starter solenoid has gone bad. Check the connections first.

If the connections seem good, you can test it by laying a screwdriver across the lugs and trying to start the engine.

If it starts when you do this, your solenoid is likely faulty and should be replaced.


While some of the common problems experienced with the Massimo UTV can be addressed by taking ongoing proper preventative measures, others are completely out of owners’ control.

For additional support and insight into these issues and others, there are UTV forums where the riding community shares added experience, expertise, and advice in resolving such problems.

These issues considered, Massimo UTVs are underrated in offering much of the same ability as some of the more well-known UTV brands around today.  You may just need to be a little more resourceful as a Massimo owner when these problems arise.