CForce 1000 Top Speed (Compared to EVERY CForce Model!)

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The CForce 1000 Overland is the highest performance model of any CFMoto ATV, and at its budget-friendly price lands firmly in the top 9 ATVs for the money.

But since the CForce 1000 is technically a utility model and not a sport model, as are the rest of the CForce quads, how fast can it actually go?

This guide will review the CForce 1000 top speed and how it compares to the other CForce models, along with several ways to make these utility ATVs faster.

CForce 1000 Top Speed

Powered by a 963cc V-Twin engine with an output of 79 horsepower, the CForce 1000 top speed is between 75 and 78 mph.

That’s pretty darn impressive for a utility ATV at its price point.  

When hitting the top speed on the CForce 1000, owners may notice that the RPMs drop off at 75-78 mph even though it feels like the quad wants to go faster.

This is because it is restricted by an electronic speed limiter, which will not enable the CForce 1000 to go any faster.  This speed limiter can be deleted, which we’ll get to shortly.

How Does It Compare?

Let’s have a look at how the CForce 1000 top speed compares to the top speed of the five other CForce models.

For a more thorough comparison of all of the CForce models, check out this CFMoto ATV Reviews Guide.

CForce 800 Top Speed

The next fastest model in the CForce lineup is the 800 XC.  

Powered by a 800cc V-Twin engine with an output of around 62 ponies, the CForce 800 top speed is between 69 and 71 mph.  

This model is also  restricted by an electronic speed limiter.

CForce 600 Top Speed

Aside from their dimensions, the CForce 600 and CForce 600 Touring share identical specs and are both powered by the same 580cc single cylinder engine with an output of 45 horsepower.

The CForce 600 top speed is 60 to 61 mph, and it is restricted by an electronic speed limiter.

CForce 500 Top Speed

Just a slight step down in performance from the 600 is the CForce 500.  

Boasting a 495cc single cylinder engine with a power output of 38 horsepower, the CForce 500 top speed is between 55 and 57 mph.

Its top speed is capped by an electronic speed limiter.

CForce 400 Top Speed

As the most basic full-size CForce model, the CForce 400 is often overlooked.  But despite lacking some of the accessories available in the rest of the line, there’s not much of a dropoff in speed or power with this model.

This model is powered by a 400cc single cylinder engine with an output of around 31 horsepower.  The CForce 400 top speed is between 51 and 52 mph.

You guessed it, this model is also restricted by an electronic speed limiter.

Increasing The Top Speed of the CForce Models

To increase the top speed of any CFMoto CForce ATV, your best bet is to bypass the speed limiter by way of having the Electronic Control Unit tuned.  

But there are some other ways to increase the speed as well.

Tune The ECU

The only way to bypass the electronic speed limiter in any CForce model is by having the Electronic Control Unit tuned.

Main Street Cycle offers aftermarket ECU tunes specific to each of the CForce models and is highly recommended by owners.

Having the ECU tuned will delete the electronic speed limiter, but will also benefit your machine by triggering the radiator fan to engage at a lower temperature to help prevent overheating, and ensure the ATV is running at the optimal air to fuel ratio.

Optimizing the air to fuel ratio is especially important if taking other steps to increase the performance in your machine, such as upgrading the air intake and exhaust systems.

Upgrade The Intake and Exhaust System

The more air in and out, the more power the engine will be able to generate.

By upgrading the airbox and/or air filter, more clean airflow will be able to make its way into the engine.

But this added airflow into the engine will also need to exit just as efficiently once used up, which is where upgrading the exhaust system comes in.

By increasing the total airflow in and out of the engine, you’ll also increase the amount of fuel that is able to flow to the engine, increasing the power output and top speed of the ATV.

K&N Filters makes a highly recommended air filter upgrade that fits CForce ATVs.

On the exhaust side, RJWC Powersports offers a highly recommended upgraded exhaust system for the line of CForces.

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Add A Clutch Kit

The stock clutch used in the line of CForce ATVs is known to cause poor throttle response when accelerating.

Installing an aftermarket clutch kit should help alleviate this issue, while increasing the speed and overall performance of your ATV.

These clutch kits usually amount to an upgraded spring, weights, and helix and can be self-installed.

RNG Performance and Main Street Cycle both offer clutch kits for the line of CForce models and are highly recommended among owners.

Re-Clock The Secondary Clutch

Owners can also attempt to overcome the acceleration issues caused by the stock clutch system by re-clocking the secondary clutch.

The secondary clutch contains an adjustable spring with a number of different settings that affect the speed, power, and overall performance of the CForce.

This spring is set at B-1 out of the box, but the consensus among owners is that moving to the A-1 or C-1 setting will result in better acceleration and better speed.

CForce Not Reaching Top Speed

If your CForce is not reaching its top speed, there are a few ways you can attempt to overcome this.

Upgrade To Bigger Tires.  Depending on your CForce model, it will come with stock tires between 24 and 27 inches in size. Upgrading to larger-diameter tires should help increase the top speed your ATV can reach.

Replace The Drive Belt.  A worn or loose drive belt is oftentimes the culprit of any CForce model’s inability to reach its top speed. Owners should replace a worn drive belt with a fresh one, and ensure it fits tightly for peak performance.

Run High Octane Fuel.  For the best engine performance, owners should run a 91 or 93 octane fuel in their ATV. Not only will this prolong the lifespan of the engine components, but you should be able to tell a big difference in how well the quad performs using high octane fuel compared to low octane.


With a top speed of between 75 and 78 mph, the CForce 1000 is the fastest of the CForce models.

This top speed is impressive for a utility vehicle, as it rivals the top speed of bigger name ATV models such as the Yamaha Raptor 700, Can Am Outlander 1000, and Can Am Renegade 1000.

Even so, there are some modifications that can be made to make the line of CForce models even faster should owners desire.