7 Common American Landmaster UTV Problems In 2024

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Like their name suggests, American Landmaster is a manufacturer of utility vehicles based right here in the good ol’ USA.  

With a strict focus on American-made UTVs and parts, consumers seem plenty willing to give this less-familiar brand a chance to earn their approval with one of their gas-powered or electric UTVs.

And while it seems many owners are highly satisfied with their vehicles, owner feedback has identified several Landmaster UTV problems that affect these models as a whole.

Panhard Bars Wobbling and Squeaking

The panhard bars on either side of Landmaster UTVs that run from the body to the rear axle are known to wobble and squeak over time.

These panhard bars are sometimes mistaken for part of the suspension system, but are not actually that.  They serve to keep the axle located laterally under the vehicle’s body when cornering and enhance the handling of the machine.

The stock panhard bars on American Landmaster UTVs are prone to deteriorating and loosening over time, which can lead to the feel of sway or wobbling in the steering at higher speeds.

This may also be accompanied by an annoying squeaking sound from the rear axle area.

While a common occurrence, this is surely not normal and the panhard bars should be replaced.  American Landmaster seems to be aware of this issue and should replace all related parts under warranty.

Squeaking & Rattling

Squeaking and rattling is another common occurrence in American Landmaster utility vehicles.  

This can be pretty uneasy on the ears, but can also be a major drawback for those who purchased an electric utility vehicle expecting silence or who use theirs as a hunting vehicle.

This squeaking and rattling happens even in the newest of units and tends to originate from various parts.  The most common offenders are the:

  • Rear Bed & Tailgate
  • Frame & Body
  • Shocks

Rear Bed & Tailgate

The rear bed and tailgate tend to rattle more than they squeak.  Much of this comes down to the tailgate not fitting as tight as it should when closed.

To alleviate the rattling and squeaking from this area, owners can install a heavy rubber bed mat to fit into the dump bed.   Additionally, installing weather stripping between the tailgate and bed should help as well.

Frame & Body

Much of the squeaking comes from the main body and frame of Landmaster UTVs.  

A best practice to eliminate this squeaking is to meticulously comb over every nut and bolt attached to body and frame and ensure they are fully tightened.  

After tightening each nut and bolt, applying some grease to each should significantly reduce the amount of squeaking you hear.


The front and rear shocks are another source of this squeaking.

To help eliminate it, owners should spray the shocks down with WD40 or PB Blaster every few weeks.  Put an added emphasis on the top of the rear shocks where they are not actually bolted in when applying this spray.

Doing this is especially important after doing any water riding or washing your vehicle.

Gas Cap Leaking

Another common Landmaster UTV problem is the gas caps being prone to leaking.  After filling the tank with gas, you may notice gas leaking out.

This happens when the threads on the tank where you apply the cap and the threads on the gas cap don’t exactly match, leading to the cross-threading and leaking.

There are a few simple solutions to this problem.  

The first is to have American Landmaster supply a new gas cap, as they seem to be aware of the problem.  

The second is to simply purchase a new gas cap on your own dime.  The stock gas cap made for Club Car golf carts and UTVS fit all Landmaster models and will solve this problem.

Lastly, owners have found that if you really wrap your fingers around the gas cap in order to defeat the clutch in the gas cap, you’ll be able to tighten it a bit more so it doesn’t leak.

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Excessive Cabin Heat

One of the more common complaints with Landmaster UTVs is excessive heat in the cabin.  

This heat is a result of hot air from the radiator and engine venting into the cabin, and hot air from the engine warming the underside of the seats.

While it can be looked at as a convenience during colder months, it’s the opposite during warmer months and can make driving on hot days pretty uncomfortable.

While there is no permanent fix, there are some workarounds to reduce this heat by 75% or so.

Automotive Fan Under Seats

Installing a small automotive fan under the seats is a simple and inexpensive fix.  

This should help with the air circulation in the cab, especially in the area of the legs where the heat can be rather bothersome.

Adjust The Windshield Or Remove Doors

For those who have installed a windshield or any kind of side doors on their Landmaster UTV, adjusting these in the summer months will help with this heat problem.

It may not be ideal, but removing the doors will greatly increase air circulation and lower the cabin heat.

And adjusting the windshield to a cracked or fully open setting, or removing it altogether, will have some of the same positive affect.

Install A Heat Shield

The most effective way to reduce cabin and heat under the seats is to install a heat shield.  

You can find various heat shields online that should fit Landmaster models.  These heat shields fit under and behind the seats and are said to cut down on the cabin heat by around 75%.

You can also get creative and make a heat shield on your own using roofing rubber or a windshield sun deflector.  These would just need to be fitted under and behind the seats and should have much of the same effect.

Drive Belt Noise

A number of different L7, L7X, and L7XL models have experienced a squeaking noise from the drive belt.

This is most likely due to heat from the exhaust manifold leading to deformed or sagging belt covers, which then leads to noise from the belt itself.

This problem can be alleviated by installing an L7 Heat Shield Kit on affected units, which can be performed by your dealer and should be covered under warranty.

You can find more information on this problem and the installation of the heat shield on this technical service bulletin.

Parking Brake Not Holding

The parking brake in pre-2022 Landmaster UTVs is known to be weak as it is a single rear disc brake.  Owners find that their vehicle may still roll even with the parking brake engaged.

American Landmaster put out a technical service bulletin on this issue for pre-2022 models, and owners can have their parking brake updated by their dealer.  If still under warranty, this should be covered.

The update removes the old parking brake system and essentially converts it from a single rear disc brake to four disc brakes, one on each wheel.  This way, when pulling the parking brake handle, you’ll have the same braking power as you do with the brake pedal itself.

This updated parking brake has been installed in all new 2022+ Landmaster UTV models and makes a big difference for the better.


To Landmaster’s credit, they’ve been more than willing to step up and help owners who have experienced these issues.  And they release tech service bulletins on their website to notify and assist dealers and owners in overcoming any common issues identified.

While these common Landmaster UTV problems are troubling, it’s important to remember that any line of UTV and ATVs can have their issues.

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