CFMoto CForce 600 Review – The Most Popular ATV

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CFMoto’s line of CForce ATVs have experienced some serious growth over the last five or so years, both in terms of popularity and quality.

The most popular model in the line is the CForce 600, and reading through a review of the line of CForces it’s easy to understand why.

Not only does this model appeal to riders of all experience levels, but it’s evident from CFMoto owner reviews that they listen to feedback and continue to implement needed changes to increase the quality.

This guide will review the biggest changes in the CForce 600 for this year, along with reviewing this model’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole, including:

  • Build quality and performance
  • Design and durability
  • Exterior features and accessories
  • What CForce 600 owners love
  • What CForce 600 owners don’t love
  • Key upgrades for 2023 and beyond

About The CForce 600 Models

The CFMoto CForce 600 is made up of two different models.  There’s the CForce 600 standard model and the CForce 600 Touring model.

The two really only differ in that the CForce 600 is a two-up model with the inclusion of a rear passenger seat, making it the slightly longer, taller, and heavier of the two.

Aside from that, most of the rest of these models’ specs and key features are the same.

The CForce 600 models offer an excellent go-between option for experienced and inexperienced riders, making for excellent entry-level machines while also providing enough performance to keep experienced riders happy.

And while the CForce 600 models are some of the most handsome you’ll find in the very competitive 600cc class, they’re also some of the least expensive.

To top it off, CFMoto continues to listen to owner feedback and implement changes for the better – which they’ve done for these models in 2023.

CFMoto CForce 600 Main Upgrades For 2023:

The CForce 600 models have gotten a number of upgrades for 2023 which land them firmly on the list of the best values in the ATV industry for this year.

Increased Engine Performance

The engine is all-new for 2023, with a much-needed gain in horsepower and torque putting these models on a more level playing field with the bigger name competition in the 600cc class.

One of the main complaints from 2022 and before was that these models were underpowered, and that has been addressed with this engine enhancement.

Two Drive Modes

Similar to CFMoto’s line of UForce utility side-by-sides, the 2023 CForce 600 models also now feature two different drive modes for riders to select from – Work Mode and Normal Mode.

Normal Mode gives you the full range of performance when it comes to acceleration, speed, and throttle response.

Work Mode dampens the throttle response some, putting more of an emphasis on low-end torque and power to knock out the toughest working tasks.

Insulation Around The Exhaust

In an attempt to shore up one of the most common problems with the CForce 600, CFMoto has begun installing insulation around the exhaust system.

This has seemingly helped to cut down on the excessive heat from the exhaust making it uncomfortable on riders’ legs in past models.

This issue also occurred in the CForce 800, which was updated as well.

CForce 600 Review – Build Quality & Performance


Both CForce 600 models are powered by the same 580cc four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a max power output of 45 horsepower.

The all-new engine was upgraded for 2023, with an additional 5 HP and two more ft-lb of torque added compared to the 2022 models.

The engine provides excellent low-end torque and power, enabling these models to power through pretty much any terrain including mud, snow, water, and steep hills.

Steep, sandy terrain will slow it down, but it still performs admirably here.

While past models were a bit underpowered compared to some in the 600 class, the upgrades for 2023 and beyond put these models right up there with the biggest name competition.

The one complaint with the engine is that it’s still quite loud, with some noticeable engine vibration at top speeds.

Engine Type4 Stroke
Cylinder ArrangementSingle Cylinder
Displacement580 cc
Horsepower45 HP (6,500 RPM)
Torque38 lb-ft (6,000 RPM)
Engine CoolingLiquid Cooled
Fuel DeliveryBosch EFI
Fuel Capacity4.75 US Gallons


The CForce 600 models each have selectable 2WD and 4WD, with a fully locking differential that you can lock in 4WD.

You decide when to manually lock and unlock the differential, which is a big plus compared to the gimmicky automatic locking differentials found in some competitive models.

The locking differential provides the added traction you need to make it through any terrain.

The engine is mated to a fully automatic CVT transmission with a centrifugal clutch system.

One drawback with these models is they tend to suffer from a lack of throttle response between 0 and 15 mph.  

But once you top 15 mph, the mid-range and top-end acceleration and speed is excellent.

You can also select from Work and Normal drive modes in these models, with the acceleration and speed dampened a bit in work mode and the full range of performance available in Normal.

Drive System2WD/4WD w/ 4WD differential lock
Transmission TypeFully Automatic CVT
GearsP – R- N- H – L


You’ll start to find some differences in the standard and Touring models when you get to the suspension.

The CForce 600 has a 50.5-inch wheelbase, while the Touring 600 has a lengthier 58.3-inch wheelbase.

Both models are equipped with independent Double A-Arm suspension set-ups in both the front and rear, offering 6.3 inches of travel up front and 8.3 inches in back.

The suspension travel is slightly less than what you’ll find in most of the rest of the 600cc class, but the ride is still plenty comfy with the suspension soaking up bumps well.

The 10.6 inches of ground clearance is about average for the class, but offers plenty of lift to navigate rutted trails and clear most obstacles with no worry of bottoming out.

Wheelbase50.5 in (600) / 58.3 in (600 Touring)
Ground Clearance10.6 in
Front SuspensionIndependent Double A-Arms w/ preload adjustable springs
Rear SuspensionIndependent Double A-Arms w/ preload adjustable springs
TravelFront – 6.3 inches, Rear – 8.3 inches

Tires & Brakes

Both models are equipped with the 25-inch tires on 12-inch alloy wheels all the way around, with the tires being new with a slightly different tread pattern for this year.

The tire and wheel combinations are plenty attractive and lend to the rugged, off-road capable look of these models.

But the stock tires still leave some room for improvement.  

The tires tend to make these models feel a little squirrely at high speeds on dirt trails, which is a common problem for the CForce 400 too.

And while you’ll have plenty of power from the engine for slick surfaces, the traction provided by these tires is nothing to write home about.

I’d highly recommend upgrading the tires to something like the CST Stags or Maxxis Bighorns to provide more stability and traction, and sizing up to 26-inchers as well.

The hydraulic disc brakes in front and rear are excellent and can stop these models on a dime without locking the wheels and risking losing control.

Front Tires25 x 8-12
Rear Tires25 x 10-12
Wheels12” Cast Aluminum Alloy
Front Brake TypeHydraulic Disc
Rear Brake TypeHydraulic Disc


Like all CForce models, the CForce 600’s feature big, bulky build styles.  They’re a bit bigger dimension-wise than most in their class.

Even so, they offer a surprisingly good turning radius, able to maneuver fairly sharply on tight trails.

The CForce 600 Touring is slightly longer, taller, and heavier than the standard model to account for the added space and rear passenger seat.

Both models offer an impressive towing capacity of 1,500 lbs, and can haul up to 175 lbs between the front and rear storage racks.

CForce 600CForce 600 Touring
Length81 in89 in
Width46 in46 in
Height48 in53 in
Dry Weight870 lbs915 lbs
Towing Capacity 1,500 lbs1,500 lbs
Front Rack Capacity75 lbs75 lbs
Rear Rack Capacity100 lbs100 lbs

CForce 600 Exterior Features & Accessories

One of the biggest pluses with the CForce 600, and really all of the CForce ATVs for that matter, is that they come loaded with standard accessories.

These accessories make them off-road-ready right from the jump, and include the following depending on the model:

  • LED Headlights
  • LED Tail Lights
  • 3,000 Lbs. Winch
  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Digital Dash LCD Display
  • USB Charging Port
  • 12-Volt Power Outlet
  • Steel Storage Racks
  • Two Inch Hitch Receiver
  • Side Mirrors
  • Hand Guards
  • Front & Rear Storage
  • Rear Passenger Seat (Touring)

What Owners Love

  • Flush with accessories usually only included with specialty trims of some bigger-name models.
  • Body styling is attractive with colors that really pop.
  • Their beefy, wide stances give them the look of true utility ATVs.
  • Power steering is standard and excellent, offering the perfect amount of assistance so that riders get good feedback but no jumpiness on the trail.
  • Some of the comfiest seats you’ll find among any ATVs.
  • Selectable 4WD offers excellent traction, with manual locking differential adding to off-road capability.
  • These models are versatile, offering a great mix of working ability and recreational appeal.
  • You have the option to select from Work or Normal Modes.

What Owners Don’t So Much Love

  • Delayed throttle response at lower speeds can make for a jerky ride upon initial acceleration.
  • Gear shift is known to stick from time to time.
  • Gear shift can dig into your leg while riding due to its location.
  • The digital display doesn’t warn you when the parking brake is engaged.
  • Heat from the exhaust can be uncomfy on your right leg, but has been addressed in new models.
  • The fuel gauges are known to fluctuate and be inaccurate while riding.
  • The stock tires don’t offer the best traction or stability at speed.

This guide to CForce ATV problems will shed more light on some of the general drawbacks found among the full line.

Final Note

The CForce 600 saw some very welcome changes in 2023, which ultimately increased the overall quality of these models by a good bit.

And the best part is, the price didn’t increase along with it, making these models some of the best ATV values you’ll find.

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