5 Common CFMoto UForce 800 Problems (And How To Fix)

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Now that the UForce 800 has been recently phased out, only the UForce 1000 and the UForce 600 remain standing as CFMoto’s current utility side-by-sides.

Reading a review of the CFMoto UForce 800, you’ll understand there were a couple of main reasons for the model being discontinued.

One of those was the fact that this model suffers from a number of recurring problems that drive owners up the wall.

There are five of these common problems that tend to occur in many UForce 800 models, including:

  • Engine location causing excessive heat
  • Engine location causing excessive noise
  • Gear shift sticking
  • Starter relays causing no-start issues
  • Main fuse cutting out power to the vehicle

While not deal breakers, we’ll detail each problem and proven fixes so that you can take care of them on your own when they occur.

Engine Location Causes Excessive Heat

The UForce 800 makes use of a mid-mount engine, meaning the engine is located further up towards the middle of the vehicle than it is in either of the UForce 600 or UForce 1000.

It’s actually located just beneath the bucket seats directly under the center console area, so you’re basically sitting over top of the engine.

Because of its location, the heat from the engine tends to vent into the cab area from the center console area.  It also warms the undersides of both bench seats.

The good news is you’ll be nice and cozy during your winter rides.

The bad news is that during the warmer months, this heat from the engine warms the cab and seats enough that you’ll feel like you’re in a sauna during extended rides.

This is also an issue in the UForce 1000 and a problem in the UForce 600 to a certain degree, but the UForce 800 is on a whole ‘nother level – and not in a good way.


Fortunately you can combat this heat by installing a heat shield, heat padding, or something that will have a similar effect.

Installing a heat shield or padding under and behind the bucket seats will help to cut down on the heat in the cab and under the seats by a good bit.

You should also install some automotive heat insulation and use self-adhesive to the undersides of the plastic center console area, which will cut out much of the heat venting into the cab.

Engine Location Causes Excessive Noise

The mid-mount engine in the UForce 800 also causes another issue, making it extremely loud in the cab while riding.

With the engine basically right under you, good luck hearing your passenger when you’re accelerating or riding at close to top speed.

Now look, UTVs and side-by-sides are meant to be loud vehicles, so you’d expect some noise while riding.

But to not be able to carry on a conversation while riding?  C’mon.  The decibel level needs to come down a bit, and there are some ways to make this happen in the cab.


Unless you opt for a model with a quieter engine like one of this year’s best electric side-by-sides or one of the whisper quiet Tracker UTVs, you’ll need to make some slight modifications to your UForce 800.

Installing sound deadening mats both under and behind the seats is a start.

You may also want to install these mats in areas like the undersides of the engine compartment, center console, side doors, and roof to cut down on them echoing the engine noise.

The good news is that these sound deadening mats should do the trick and muffle the noise, while also helping to cut down on the heat problem mentioned above.

Gear Shift Sticking

Another common issue with the UForce 800 is the tendency for the gear shift to stick when trying to shift into gear or back into Park.

The issue was pretty common in newer machines and should subside over time as the gears and components break in.

But it can also occur over time due to extended use of the Park setting.  

The prolonged pressure of the Park setting doesn’t seem to bode well with the stock transmission, and after long periods of use can lead to the gear shifter becoming tougher and tougher to shift.


It’s highly recommended when realistic, to leave your UForce 800 in Neutral rather than Park and make use of the parking brake instead to keep it in place.

This will cut down on the wear on the tranny from the use of the Park setting.

Also, putting some slight pressure on the brake when shifting should help with a sticking shifter.

If you’re in the Park setting and the gear shifter doesn’t seem to want to move, giving it a little wiggle should sometimes help to unstick it as well.

Starter Relays Causing No-Start Issues

Occasionally, you may find that your UForce 800 will not not start back up after shutting it off.

This is obviously a big problem as it can leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere and in need of a tow.

When this happens to your unit, you can be pretty sure that it’s because of the starter relays, which are known to be problematic in this model.

The two starter relays are hidden up underneath the trunk liner under the front hood, and it’s quite common for them to either wiggle loose from their connectors.

When these starter relays wiggle loose, your UForce 800 is not going to start back up until they’re securely reconnected back in place.


The immediate fix when this happens to you is to locate the two starter relays and ensure they’re firmly connected.

If they appear to be connected already, many times just giving them a slight wiggle will do the trick.

But you may just want to disconnect and then reconnect them to be sure they’re firmly in place.

Assuming the starter relays are the cause of your no-start problem, your vehicle should start right up after doing this.

The long-term fix is to replace these stock starter relays with some higher quality aftermarket ones so that this doesn’t continue to occur.

Main Fuse Cuts Out Power

The main fuse in the UForce 800 is known to blow easily, cutting power to the entire vehicle and causing it not to start.

A sign of this being your issue is if you’re in the middle of a ride and all of a sudden your vehicle just powers down, won’t start back up, and there’s no power to the electronics.

You may check all of your connectors and they’re all in place, your battery may be getting the necessary voltage, and you may be stumped as to what the problem is.

You can be pretty sure your main fuse has blown, which is unfortunately more common that it probably should be in the UForce 800.


The 40-amp main fuse is located under the passenger seat, and CFMoto actually sends a spare in the same holder so that you can replace the fuse when this happens.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms above, try replacing the fuse.  This should solve your problem.

Since this is a common issue in the UForce 800, be sure you always have a spare fuse on-hand so you don’t get stranded.

Final Word

You won’t find many UTVs or side-by-sides that don’t run into some recurring issues, and the UForce 800 is no different.

That said, while this model does have some downsides, overall it makes for a pretty solid off-road vehicle.

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